Rebirth Turn


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Lu Yan wasn´t a second- or third-tier actor, not to mention a big hit, he wasn´t even half-red.

In fact, he has a good appearance and good acting skills, but he always lacks a little chance. However, every time an opportunity comes, it will always pass by for one reason or another.

Lu Yan always thought it was his bad luck, but only later learned that it was the villain who was to blame. He has always regarded the other party as a good friend and brother, but never thought that others would only regard him as a stepping stone.

Once reborn, he will no longer be dominated by others, and his own destiny should be in his own hands.

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The turn of rebirth
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dd737 rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Sigh... this story really hit the spot for me. It's not great, it's a cliché rebirth story. But, I could say that this novel is one of my favourites now.

The MC career is smooth sailing. There is almost no drama or challenge to MC's life after rebirth. Overall, this is a novel that will make you feel good. I recommend this novel for those who are tired of face-slapping kind of rebirth story.

What I really love the most from this novel is the relationship between the MC and ML. They... more>> both excellent men and I could only sigh as a single dog. Their love story is stable and mature. It was really satisfying to see this kind of relationship after reading too many yandere-ish ML/MC. Though, they both possessive to each other at certain extent, and it's not too much. Just the right portion.

Really, if anyone have recommendations of danme with similar relationship dynamic as Lu Yan and Su Mo, please tell me 🥺

Ah, also thank you for the translator-sama for your hardwork. I ended up mtl-ing this story just to pass the time, but ended up finding gold haha. I will certainly re-read this after the translation is completed. <<less
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peachtoplease rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a gem of chinese showbiz novel!

Lu Yan was betrayed by his best friend in last life. He had a car accident then rebirth to when he was in university. He start his new life with his polished skills that couldn't be used in last life. SuMo is a successful CEO and one of his subsidiary is entertainment company. He chased LY very politely and not forcing him at all (guys this is rare for CN ceo vs actor novel) They took their time to build a good relationship.... more>> That's the main reason I rated this 5 stars although the main plot are general. LY is reasonable, frank and hard-working, he was raised by single mom too. The detail about showbiz is good too. If you like showbiz novel, you can't miss this story at all cost.


-When they have a relationship, LY never intend to hide his sexuality and relationship from the start. Although he want to publicized it when he was successful enough to be worthy of SM. I kinda impressed with that.

-LY dad family, I just love how he deal with them. He never want to get in touch with his scum dad family because he think It's a disgrace. It's very much real as I'll do that too if I were him.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
qeesa rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I’m giving this 5 star for 2 reasons:

  1. Gong protagonist
  2. Smut
It‘s been a while since I‘ve read a long-ish danmei with smut in the showbiz category (the other ones off the top of my head are „Superstar Aspirations“ and „Fanservice Paradox“). I love Su Mo‘s approach in his love for Lu Yan and I find their relationship to be a bit relatable to me, since I am also around their age (25-ish) and how they manage their relationship between careers are pretty similar to how I do irl.

It’s a pretty comfy and... more>> chill read and if you’re around my age-demography, I think you’d enjoy this a lot. <<less
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lightmoon22 rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: c48
The story is very ordinary

- the most strong aspect about it is the couple relationship

the MC toke his time to know and fall in love with ML, The ML was very respectful when pursue the MC and he never rush him.

... more>> -The most boring aspect about the story is work

it's repeated process from the beginning to end with the same dialog

the thing that make me stop reading this story, like so many rebirth stories the MC don't find it wrong taking future opportunity from other people, which is common things in a lot of rebirth stories the key is how the MC go about it

the MC take a role in a movie which he know will won a big time and the lead actor in it will receive also big importing awards, that why he accept the role later he meet and work with the person he take the opportunity from him the MC felt tiny guilt about it and nothing else, he give himself many excuses that what he did is nothing wrong with it. I felt sorry for the person whose future luck was stolen from him especially known that role was turning point for that person. I couldn't feel the MC after this

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urpapi rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I mainly prefer reading dog-blood novels than fluff 'cause I wanna be abused definitely not a masochist. Well, anyways.

Imma give this 5 stars!!!

As I said, i prefer reading abusive plot a lot 'cause I find fluffy a bit boring and cliche but was hooked up by this novel, at first I said 'Why aren't ya' going to get revenge? Aren't the purpose of Rebirth is to make those ppl rip what they sow' and so on. What the hell, anyways I kinda understand when the plot progress, I like... more>> Mc's attitude A LOT he's calm, rational, hard working, and sexy and ML is patient, know to play his cards well and would do anything for his lover it melts me 'cause ML has some characteristics that suits my taste... like OMGJSJSHHSNSJSJ. Although the Mc's career is so smooth that I doubt life, what can I do? it's a novel shshhaushs.

Over all, It's good although I read it in chinese site and with the help of google although translation kinda confusing It's still good.

What I'm dissatisfied about is the spicy scenes! they did it a couple of times and it was suuuupeer cliff hanger, when I read the first and second passionate scene I was like 'Ohhh lala~' and when the third scene passion come and it was describing the scene and was cut off by (...) The next morning when Su Mo wake up etc.

┴┴︵╰(‵□′ )╯︵┴┴

But I didn't lose hope and thank the heavens 'cause when the next detailed one I read they did in the car (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ✧ I dunno if I remember wrong or right there's only 5 or 6 detailed bed scene.

Well definitely recommend if yer' into fluffy plot w/ smooth sailing career and in love department too with a little ups and down. <<less
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WallEyeKnee rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I originally was going to give this a 3 stars when I reach chapters 20s. It was the same old route Reborn character comes back and get his revenge and rebuild his life. This is what I expected but the what my expectation is the faceslapping and more. But by chapters 20s don't even think about faceslapping, the MC never even struggled at all, it wasn't even that little villain who got stomped in one chapter who did MC in. It was the the freaking elevator who caused an accident... more>> which made MC missed an important event in his life. Then comes all the introductions and back ground stories of these cannon fodders directors and actors that we don't really needed, because they take a whole chapter and more. Even the Films background stories and dialogues, character analysis doesn't need this much space. I find myself skim through these because it wasn't important to the novel at all. Since they keep making films anyway. You don't even remember what they were because they will be hardly be ever mentioned again. So it was a repeat cycle than you eventually skim through alot and find it abit untolerable.

But here's the fun parts which I find myself up the the 5 stars review.

Omg MC is actually the Gong and the domineering president is actually the bottom, how rare is that, I was pleasantly surprised, I been reading alot of these types of stories the only one time when this happened. It was great MC is taking the lead and it was great.

MC always gives ML some good romantic moments, you always see these people usually do the eat together, go to movies, go to hotel PAPAPA and that's it but MC provides you singing live to ML in a studio with his love song, plays violin for him personally, take time to bring costumes to their room to play ancient marriage scenes with ML, professing his love in public in all sort of clever ways without making ML uncomfortable. I love it.

MC and ML has such a good dynamic and chemistry, alot of times I would get bored of people saying the same things and boring uninteresting love words. But here the interactions between the two feels so sweet, comfortable and pleasant. I never get bored of their interactions, it always feel refreshing. I love them both alot.

Also a major fact, MC actually win more than couple awards, I mean how rare is this, usually we get one or two right at the ending and thats it and called it a wrap. But here there's progression and a sense of achievement! You really see how MC grow by watching his achievements, you don't feel it like it's repetitive, it feels refreshing.

You know also ML change from domineering president to lovey lovey housewife it was really interesting. They are so sweet together, there's never misunderstanding or anger between the 2. They are go so well together. One of the best couples in this kind of genre! (The author also try to make them a comedy duo later with extra !s he keep adding to their sentences, that I didn't take them serious anymore when they at some point lol. <<less
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