Rebirth to Eighties: The Villain’s Mother Raises Her Cubs Daily


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Jiang Ran, a heir to a family of traditional Chinese medicine, has developed new medicines and won numerous awards, but what she wanted was cooking and eating delicacies.

After years of diligence, Jiang Ran finally won the National Food Contest, but she transmigrated into a book. She was divorced by the male protagonist of the book and eventually died on the street.

The original owner in the book has fat head and big ears, oily pox on the face, lazy and selfish.

Before she divorce by the male lead, she bullied the male lead’s parents, siblings, and after the divorce, took their son to the streets.

Jiang Ran who transmigrated in the book: “…”

Jiang Ran transmigrated in the book.

In order to avoid tragic death on the street, she cook food, open restaurants, save people diligently, and treat more illnesses.

She paid off the money that the original owner owed to her in-laws and raised the son who would become the villain in the original book.

As for the husband?

“When will you come back, and ask for a divorce!”

Male protagonist:

Pei Huai is about to graduate and is going to go home.

But he found that the content of the letter sent by his younger brother and sister had changed recently.

Brother: Sister-in-law cooks so delicious! Like sister-in-law!

Sister: The clothes made by my sister-in-law are so beautiful! Like sister-in-law!

Pei Huai felt that things were not like it should be, so he decided to go home and have a look.

As soon as I entered the house, he faced a bright and beautiful face: “Husband is back? Did you come back for a divorce?”

Pei Huai said shamelessly: No, I am not!

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kawaii12345 rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: c425
This is a hard review for me due to the fact it's very hard for me to separate out the dubious content from the overall novel.

Non spoiler warning /advisory from the first 2 chapters. The MC is human trafficked, used as forced labor and a forced bride/ r*pe victim by that family.

From later in the book

... more>>

She bonds with her rapist and that family later in the book despite the fact that they destroyed her looks deprived her of educational opportunities and did nothing to stop the human traffickers that kidnapped and sold her.

When she does finally reunite with her family she shows complete disinterest. There's lots of reactions but hers is off the wall. Especially since parts of the family treat her as a thief looking to grab family property.


Trying not to be biased, but the character development and reactions are simply unbelievable. She's from current era China and effectively gets whisked back to 8th century or so. (Rural China in the time period) What's more she's had 10 lifetimes worth of anger shoved down her throat and there's little to no exploration of her dealing with it.

The rest of the characters left me equally flat.

The plot you can probably guess from the summary. It's nothing special and I can't say it was anything new or handled particularly well.

The writing is the saving grace. It's well thought out, well organized and very comprehensible. If only it dealt better with the subject matter and could bring a little more reality to the characters. <<less
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Enmea rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Ch 476
Tbh I read the previous review and didn't want to read the novel but since I did... I'm not sure if I'll be reading all of it or dropping it midway, which I'm most likely to.

From the very beginning of this novel, I'm sure I don't like the FL...I might as well absolutely despise her.

She may become the best person ever but her actions, right from the very start, are inexcusable to me. The OFL might have been a pig for all I care but she was no villain, rather... more>> it's the ML and his family who deserve to rot in hell.

OFL was abducted and sold, surely it wasn't the fault of ML or his family but they still kept her as a child bride, they can be forgiven for not allowing her to study owing to their poverty whatsoever but ML can in no way be for marrying and abandoning OFL... it was his family's fault he was married to FL not hers. If he couldn't bear her he could very well have run off before being married. He knew she was lazy and greedy already so no way was he cheated into the marriage.

FL being from the future instead of having her views straight, blames OFL right from the start for everything that happens. If OFL were to be blamed for what happens it would be at most 10% her fault and 90% that of undeserving ML and even his family. <<less
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September 10, 2021
Status: c580
I like the plot development (ignoring the settings of the characters and story) although it's not that original, if not for the settings of the ML and OFL, I would have rated it with 4 stars.

... more>>

the MC has supreme "Chinese" medical skill, can cook and design clothes that no one can ever make, easily got red of poverty and become supper rich then bought a courtyard in the capital and continues to become more rich.

it has the same problem with other novels, everyone around the MC is overly depending on her to succeed and there is no rivals at all

something that usually bothers me in most of rebirth in the past novels not only this one, there is no competition, the MCs always succeed easily, no matter what they do people will accept it and buy it no matter the price. if what the MC makes is totally out of the era how can people accept it easily and if it could be made why can't others duplicate it or create something better.

Most of the chinese MCs usually "borrow" other people's stuff, I don't think I have read about any MC creating something original or work hard to develop what they have without cheat. even if it's original why can't it be remade since it could be made in the first place. usa was the first to develop nuclear power but it's not the only one now. same as other stuff but in most chinese novels I read characters lack creativity.. or brains, even the MC is nothing most of the time without cheat or plot armor


And like many other novels I read, the story settings and plot development are messed up, and by messed up I mean that the plot development has little to do with the character and story settings.

Characters with those settings and personalities shouldn't act this way or lead to this kind of plot development (at least based on my understanding I don't know how it's in china or other places). I don't like it when writers treat the settings of their novels as mere decorations for 'originality' that can be changed at will or even ignored. the writer tried to justify things later but it only made things more awkward for me.

I totally don't like the ML at all and the OFL was blackened more than she really is.


With the personality of ml, his family shouldn't be able to force him marrying someone he doesn't like. even if we say he is forced, he should hate the MC and look for divorce by all means but the moment he saw the beautiful MC who can make money, his so called feelings and hatred dissipated in mere seconds and he turned into a loving husband and father... really.. I'm speechless

his so called love and faithfulness is no more than a joke in my eyes, wasn't it mentioned that he married his love after divorcing the ofl.. yeah I know that wasn't his true love it's just a spare tire love

I don't mind people with different past love experiences (not cheaters, sc*mbags or people who maintain ambiguous relationship with several partners at the same time), it's hard to find your true partner but they should be responsible for their own actions and respect their partners at least

The MC looks like someone with a strong personality. She refuses to have any relationship with the family of oFL and this pretty normal with this setting as they are considered strangers and except for the grandpa no one has shown any enthusiasm for her return when they first knew about her existence and since she can make money and don't need them, things developed naturally

But what is the h*ll is her problem with ML, the OFL became the one in wrong because he is the ML and can't be Wrong? she decided to stay with him because the child needs a father? that sc*mbag didn't even see his child one time since he was born for 4 years

if the writer wanted the plot to move the way it's, he/she should have changed the sittings not just treat it as 2d world so everything is fine and can be changed with few words. yes in reality many females prefer to get in relations with sc*mbags whether because they think they are cool or have the illusion that they are the chosen ones who can change them with the power of 'love' but too bad they tend to get disappointed or even badly hurt later as human nature isn't that easy to change.


another problem is that the chapters are too short, you need to read about 20 to 30 chapters to get something, this one really annoys me <<less
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arisla rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: --
This story is honestly a classic example of how misogynistic Chinese culture can be:

- wife trafficking

- forced to become a housewife and care for all her in laws

- denied educational opportunities

- victim blaming of the FL

And yet, of course the transmigrated FL falls in love with and cares for the family of her kidnappers, as well as treating her original family like crap. Honestly disgusting.
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