Rebirth to Eighties: The Villain’s Mother Raises Her Cubs Daily


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Jiang Ran, heir to a family of traditional Chinese medicine, has developed new medicines and won numerous awards, but what she wanted was cooking and eating delicacies.

After years of diligence, Jiang Ran finally won the National Food Contest, but she transmigrated into a book. She was divorced by the male protagonist of the book and eventually died on the street.

The original owner in the book has fat head and big ears, oily pox on the face, lazy and selfish.

Before she divorce by the male lead, she bullied the male lead’s parents, siblings, and after the divorce, took their son to the streets.

Jiang Ran who transmigrated in the book: “…”


Jiang Ran transmigrated in the book.

In order to avoid tragic death on the street, she cook food, open restaurants, save people diligently, and treat more illnesses.

She paid off the money that the original owner owed to her in-laws and raised the son who would become the villain in the original book.

As for the husband?

“When will you come back, and ask for a divorce!”

Male protagonist:

Pei Huai is about to graduate and is going to go home.

But he found that the content of the letter sent by his younger brother and sister had changed recently.

Brother: Sister-in-law cooks so delicious! Like sister-in-law!

Sister: The clothes made by my sister-in-law are so beautiful! Like sister-in-law!

Pei Huai felt that things were not like it should be, so he decided to go home and have a look.

As soon as I entered the house, he faced a bright and beautiful face: “Husband is back? Did you come back for a divorce?”

Pei Huai said shamelessly: No, I am not!

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Rebirth to '80s: The Villain’s Mother Raises Her Cubs Daily
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kawaii12345 rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: c425
This is a hard review for me due to the fact it's very hard for me to separate out the dubious content from the overall novel.

Non spoiler warning /advisory from the first 2 chapters. The MC is human trafficked, used as forced labor and a forced bride/ r*pe victim by that family.

From later in the book

... more>>

She bonds with her rapist and that family later in the book despite the fact that they destroyed her looks deprived her of educational opportunities and did nothing to stop the human traffickers that kidnapped and sold her.

When she does finally reunite with her family she shows complete disinterest. There's lots of reactions but hers is off the wall. Especially since parts of the family treat her as a thief looking to grab family property.


Trying not to be biased, but the character development and reactions are simply unbelievable. She's from current era China and effectively gets whisked back to 8th century or so. (Rural China in the time period) What's more she's had 10 lifetimes worth of anger shoved down her throat and there's little to no exploration of her dealing with it.

The rest of the characters left me equally flat.

The plot you can probably guess from the summary. It's nothing special and I can't say it was anything new or handled particularly well.

The writing is the saving grace. It's well thought out, well organized and very comprehensible. If only it dealt better with the subject matter and could bring a little more reality to the characters. <<less
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arisla rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: --
This story is honestly a classic example of how misogynistic Chinese culture can be:

- wife trafficking

- forced to become a housewife and care for all her in laws

- denied educational opportunities

- victim blaming of the FL

And yet, of course the transmigrated FL falls in love with and cares for the family of her kidnappers, as well as treating her original family like crap. Honestly disgusting.
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Enmea rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Ch 476
Tbh I read the previous review and didn't want to read the novel but since I did... I'm not sure if I'll be reading all of it or dropping it midway, which I'm most likely to.

From the very beginning of this novel, I'm sure I don't like the FL...I might as well absolutely despise her.

She may become the best person ever but her actions, right from the very start, are inexcusable to me. The OFL might have been a pig for all I care but she was no villain, rather... more>> it's the ML and his family who deserve to rot in hell.

OFL was abducted and sold, surely it wasn't the fault of ML or his family but they still kept her as a child bride, they can be forgiven for not allowing her to study owing to their poverty whatsoever but ML can in no way be for marrying and abandoning OFL... it was his family's fault he was married to FL not hers. If he couldn't bear her he could very well have run off before being married. He knew she was lazy and greedy already so no way was he cheated into the marriage.

FL being from the future instead of having her views straight, blames OFL right from the start for everything that happens. If OFL were to be blamed for what happens it would be at most 10% her fault and 90% that of undeserving ML and even his family. <<less
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Aquarius173 rated it
May 28, 2022
Status: c426
I was reading the reviews for this novel and I saw a lot of people bashing it. I just wanted to say that the family should not be slammed and called child traffickers. Yes, they had a role, but I hope that my following argument can change your opinion.

... more>>

In Chapter 423, Jiang Ran talks about what happened. It isn't translated perfectly because this was pulled from an MTL, but this is a direct quote:


"A person living in the world will never know which one will come first tomorrow or the accident."

"What happened back then was an accident. They couldn't make an early warning and couldn't change things. This is all very helpless."

"But we, always accept what has happened, don't you think?"

"A little girl who was abducted back then, how did a few-year-old girl ask for a living in the hands of a human trafficker, probably you can't imagine. After tossing and turning so far, she was finally sold to Pei's house. This is probably the luckiest thing."

"The Pei family was bought back as a child bride, but it was treated as a daughter-in-law. After these years, except when she was in junior high school, the family really had no money to afford it, and they didn't feel wronged."

"It is because of luck that I can live to this day and come to Beishi well."

"If you were sold to another household, you might be a pile of bones now. What are you talking about when you meet? What forgiveness and not forgiveness?"

"I don't care what she said to me that night. I am a mother myself, and I can understand her feelings a bit."

"But she wants to hit my mother, pointing to my mother's nose and saying things like that, I naturally can't bear it."

Jiang Ran finished this in one breath, and the heaviness and depression in his heart were much less.

There are some things that I really have to say.

Always hold in my heart by myself, no one can understand, and it will not do any good to myself.

The remark just now was not only what Jiang Ran wanted to say, but also wanted to say for the original owner.

This is not a book, this is a world.

When the original owner was abducted, he was still a beautiful girl.

Although there is the author's setting, she will definitely be sold to Pei's house, but on the way from being abducted to being sold, how did she make a living in the hands of traffickers?

People can always say easily about things they have not experienced.

Only because there is no real empathy in this world.

There is empathy, but it is not enough.

You only have to take out what you have experienced, live it out, and put it in front of others enthusiastically, so that others will experience it a little bit.


The Pei family never considered her as a child bride. Yes, she was removed from her education, but that was because they couldn't afford it. Heck, Pei Yang and Pei Shanshan also dropped out of school early even though they are the biological children of Wang Cuilan and Pei Baoshan. And can I just remind you that everyone was afraid of OG Jiang Ran and gave her free reign? OG Jiang Ran bullied everyone and they let her, so they did not "mistreat" her.

This is another quote pulled from Chapter 425 about Wang Cuilan's POV:


"Back then, when I saw you for the first time, I thought you, a little girl, looked really good-looking, better-looking than any other little girl I have ever seen, but you were very afraid of people, in the corner, holding your own The body, that shivering look, makes people feel distressed."

"At that time, the family actually didn't have much money. The trafficker wanted to take you away. I can't bear it! I can't bear to let you go with her. I'm afraid you will be wronged again. So I gritted my teeth and worked hard. It's coming out. I finally bought you."

When it came to buying this word, Wang Cuilan's voice was choked.

"Although, after I bought you, the life at home is more difficult. You can't eat enough every meal, and you always make a fuss about going home and don't talk to people at home, but I don't regret it."

"Although I can't give you the best, but at least I can guarantee that you are safe."

"Later, after a few years, the family finally had some money, but you are going to junior high school. The family really can't afford it. In the end, we let Pei Huai go."

"This is my selfishness."

"Whenever I think about it now, I regret it. Why didn't I let you go? If you go to school, maybe now."


Wang Cuilan bought Jiang Ran from the child traffickers out of concern for her. In the modern-day, we could call the police but do you think they could have done that in a rural village in the 80s. This would have probably been the only solution they could think of. They bought her and yes, this is considered human trafficking. But, what would happen to a cute little girl? There are a lot of creeps in this world and human trafficking still exists. It has always existed and I hate to say it, but it probably always will in some way or another. There were a lot worse outcomes that could have happened to Jiang Ran and Wang Cuilan and Pei Baoshan probably thought of those. They SAVED that child and gave her a life.


If you want someone to blame, you should blame the child kidnappers.

And I saw that ML was called a rapist...


He didn't want to get married to her before leaving for college. He wanted to marry her after he graduated from college. OG Jiang Ran forced him to marry her, it's written earlier in the book.


My question to @kawaii12345 is: Did you even read the book?


The reason she shows disinterest in her blood-related family is because she is not OG Jiang Ran. She has no relation to the Jiang Family other than genetics. Also, they're all selfish and greedy people who did not care about her at all.


And don't say that you were "trying not to be biased, " that whole review was written with a bias. Read the actual book properly before you write a review targeting the novel.

This book was actually pretty good and I am still in the process of reading it, but since the area where I am reading directly related to the earlier reviews I thought that I should clarify somethings to people who actually want to read the book. <<less
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September 10, 2021
Status: c580
I like the plot development (ignoring the settings of the characters and story) although it's not that original, if not for the settings of the ML and OFL, I would have rated it with 4 stars.

... more>>

the MC has supreme "Chinese" medical skill, can cook and design clothes that no one can ever make, easily got red of poverty and become supper rich then bought a courtyard in the capital and continues to become more rich.

it has the same problem with other novels, everyone around the MC is overly depending on her to succeed and there is no rivals at all

something that usually bothers me in most of rebirth in the past novels not only this one, there is no competition, the MCs always succeed easily, no matter what they do people will accept it and buy it no matter the price. if what the MC makes is totally out of the era how can people accept it easily and if it could be made why can't others duplicate it or create something better.

Most of the chinese MCs usually "borrow" other people's stuff, I don't think I have read about any MC creating something original or work hard to develop what they have without cheat. even if it's original why can't it be remade since it could be made in the first place. usa was the first to develop nuclear power but it's not the only one now. same as other stuff but in most chinese novels I read characters lack creativity.. or brains, even the MC is nothing most of the time without cheat or plot armor


And like many other novels I read, the story settings and plot development are messed up, and by messed up I mean that the plot development has little to do with the character and story settings.

Characters with those settings and personalities shouldn't act this way or lead to this kind of plot development (at least based on my understanding I don't know how it's in china or other places). I don't like it when writers treat the settings of their novels as mere decorations for 'originality' that can be changed at will or even ignored. the writer tried to justify things later but it only made things more awkward for me.

I totally don't like the ML at all and the OFL was blackened more than she really is.


The writer talked later a lot about how good and nice the original owner was when she was a child but such a kid became like that when she grew up, I can only blame the people and environment around her, even if the writer try to justify their actions later.

Also with the personality of the ml, his family shouldn't be able to force him marrying someone he doesn't like. even if we say he is forced, he should hate the MC and look for divorce by all means but no, the moment he saw the beautiful MC who can make money, his so called feelings and hatred dissipated in mere seconds and he turned into a loving husband and father... really.. I'm speechless

his so called love and faithfulness is no more than a joke in my eyes, no matter how I look at it I only see him as a greedy hypocrite, wasn't it mentioned that he married his love after divorcing the ofl.. yeah I know that wasn't his true love it's just a spare tire love

I don't mind people with different past love experiences (not cheaters, sc*mbags or people who maintain ambiguous relationship with several partners at the same time), it's hard to find your true partner but they should be responsible for their own actions and respect their partners at least

The MC looks like someone with a strong personality. She refuses to have any relationship with the family of oFL and this pretty normal with this setting as they are considered strangers and except for the grandpa no one has shown any enthusiasm for her return when they first knew about her existence and since she can make money and don't need them, things developed naturally

But what is the h*ll is her problem with ML, the OFL became the one in wrong because he is the ML and can't be Wrong? she decided to stay with him because the child needs a father? that sc*mbag didn't even see his child one time since he was born for 4 years

if the writer wanted the plot to move the way it's, he/she should have changed the sittings not just treat it as 2d world so everything is fine and can be changed with few words. yes in reality many females prefer to get in relations with sc*mbags whether because they think they are cool or have the illusion that they are the chosen ones who can change them with the power of 'love' but too bad they tend to get disappointed or even badly hurt later as human nature isn't that easy to change.


another problem is that the chapters are too short, you need to read about 20 to 30 chapters to get something, this one really annoys me <<less
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Sa____ira rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: c134
When I first started reading it I didnt pay much attention to first 11 ch or something so I completely glossed over the kidnapping part. And didnt realised until I was on 100 chapter. Great development and good story. The setting is awful tho. The not allowing her to study is understandable because they are poor and can only afford the eldest child education so they can have a better life even the ML sibs dont study. The tranmigrator blaming the OC is disgusting. She as a person from modern... more>> era should understand that the oc went though sh*t and is depressed and cant be expected to play lovey dovey with the family. Her treatment of her child is the only thing I dont like about oc. The ML is scum. He hates the oc and didmt like her which ok understandable again but to suddenly change his mind when FL is suddenly beautiful and earning money. The scummy dude didnt even meet his child once. If the setting was different then I would have loved it because you dont often see good in laws in these kinds of novels. So if you can ignore the first few chapters and the characters setting you will like this. It well written and the writing and pacing is good so far. The chapters are small tho so that could have been better. <<less
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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover Slytherine rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: Completed
For a long time, I didn't read this novel. It was coming in front of me so many times, still I ignored it because of the bad reviews. But when I didn't have more novels to read, I finally read it. And damn, I was so wrong about it! This is such a nice novel.


... more>>


The ml's family didn't buy og body as a child bride for their own selfish reasons. They went to see her, and she was scared and so thin, that they felt pity for her. They didn't have money, then they worked hard to earn money to buy her from those traffickers. They loved her instantly, that's why they bought saved her from them. You can say why they didn't call the police. Because they're so poor and weak. And not everyone has the courage to be hero. And they're just powerless, you can't blame them for that. They can't fight powerful crime association.

And you can't disagree with the fact that they treated Og body way better than how real abducted child are treated. She didn't have to be s*x worker or do hard works and treated like a sh*t which real victims faced. If ML family didn't buy her, what she would face was scary to even think about.

Secondly, now coming to education, you all are blaming ML parents for not giving her the chance to study. But you guys keep forgetting that they're poor. And they can only afford one child to study and that's their son. As he can earn money and send it back. I'm not saying Og body can't earn money. But at that time only few women can get education and job. And they also didn't send their other two child to study as they don't have money.

You all are saying, ML is unfaithful. How can he cheat? Why everyone disliked og body? But you guys, just know none like a bad-mannered person who only abuse others. Don't tell me, you all love those who bad mouths you all day? You can't, like that those people also can't. Now coming to Ml, he didn't wanna marry og body. It was her who forced him and drugged him to marry and impregnant her. None likes to do things without their will. Now, you tell me you'll like that person, who schemed against you, impregnant you and marry you with deceit? No right? None could.

If you could do all these then you're a saint out of the world. Anyway, my point is this is a very good novel of childcare. MC cooking, making money, raising her family. It's pretty much of a slice of life. Which is very enjoyable if you like this type of genre.

But it's true I hated the fact he cheated. No matter how much bad she is, she's, his wife and the mother of his son. He should at least try to bring her on right path. Try to understand and make her let go of his hatred. He could send her to study when he had money, so that she could at least fulfil her dreams. But he never did, though it was because the og MC destroyed his family. Still, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I felt very pity for the og MC who suffered because of those f*cking traffickers. Poor og MC. Hope she gets happy in her next life.

Please read the whole novel before giving low ratings, readers. For this, Translators stopped translating the novel. All reasons are explained in the later part of the story. Please read before you speak.

I also agree with @Aquarius173 review. She said things on point. You shouldn't drop this novel for seeing bad reviews.


My Thoughts:

I pretty much liked it. Translations and the story were smooth. I cut one rating for this whole human trafficking case. I feel uncomfortable reading about this, that children are getting abducted and sold like s*aves for money. I wish the author made the plot in the other way. Or all the abducted children including og body (who died) could go back to their family. I wanted to cut another one for racism, body shaming, woman degrading comment, then I didn't for low ratings. As it's common in every chinese novel. Anyway, it was nice. I hope you'll give this a chance without being prejudiced for the low ratings. <<less
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Avrohom rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: c367
It's an excellent story, very well written. The FL is very caring bit not loving at all. I do not know why. Maybe she has the heart of stone. She is super rational, creative, hard working, a go getter, very mature, but she is always portrayed as feeling nothing, absolutely nothing. Well, outbursts of anger, sometimes, of course, when facing mean or abusive people but no true love for anyone. Which is understandable. She has transmigrated into this era (1982) having been an independent adult for years, and into... more>> this family with an instant son whom she immediately sent to the kindergarten and doesn't spent too much time with. She is super busy with working.


The ML, her instahusband, is the creepiest SOB in the history of Chinese literature. His appearances in the first 100-200 chapters were really spoiling the pleasure of reading this novel. He is a victim of his life circumstances, of his parents and his adopted sister slash wife, of the rural customs of his era, of course, and not once, bit twice he is presented with a wife that does not love him or even want him or anything of his at all - the original and the transmigrated FL. Sometime by the middle of the novel he begins to change and behave better, in a more manly way, no longer suppressed by the unbearable guilt of missing the first four years of his marriage and the first three of his son's life, being guilty of horrendous neglect, only sending money dutifully while he was studying and working thousands of miles away from them to pay for his own education and to support his family and parents in the village. Now he is more free and having his own choices, so there is hope for him. But not for the FL so far. She is not feminine in the normal C-novel sense. She is more of an oberbearing CEO male character type, a business mogul in the making. At the same time she is very down to earth, cooking and sewing clothes and shoes, for their large family and for sale, doing huge amounts of manual labor.

I have nothing to say about the original girl in the book into which the FL transmigrated. She is another author's fantasy about China of the 1950s-1960s and this rural setting with their medieval customs and she is very contradictory and probably mentally ill, from PTSD as she was kidnapped and human trafficked and SOLD as an item or an animal, or as*ave, to depression as she was unable to go to school in the village and had to work and regress, resentful and revengeful that the ML as a boy got preferential treatment, the dirt poor family pooled their resources for him, so he went to school and qualified to go to university. So the OG forced that boy to marry her before college and forced him to have s*x with her and got pregnant on their wedding night. Out of spite. And later on she had postpartum depression, eating disorder and a completely warped personality, abusive and mean. She was a fantasy of the other author and a designated villain cannon fodder who reared an incorrigible villain child.

I cannot really judge anyone from the og past, her and her adoptive parents included, because we haven't read that other book, and this book begins with the transmigrated woman taking over and everyone in the family behaves beautifully, very loving, caring and supportive, letting her be the de facto head of the family.

I do not see the peasant adoptive parents as sinners or villains (because they paid money to the human traffickers to release/free the girl but not returned her to the authorities or to her family in the 1960s cultural revolution and the worst famine in history era China) at all. There is no original novel text to judge all circumstances and in this novel nothing is said about it so far. But we know from this novel that the original's wealthy biological parents were not looking for her after the abduction and were not seeking the reunion years later either.

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shugu8rena rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c484
Imo, the Pei family's treatment/tolerance of the OG was already good compared to other novels. To be able to eat more than others and so well you become fat, snatch others food without consequence, treaten/treat the family who raised her with her arrogant dissatisfied attitude (because she couldn't continue going to school coz they're poor) without much resistance, be in confinement for 3 years after birth and do nothing, being served by others for so long, keeping the money of 100 yuan per year to herself sent by the ML... more>> and not care about her child for 3 years but instead order him to find her food is really outrageous. I think she is quite extreme, unreasonable and ungrateful with these acts.


Just want to quote this from C303

"Not only that, but because they didn't let the original owner go to school, they felt owed to the original owner and allowed the original owner to bully them.

Being nice to the people of the Pei family can be considered a repayment of gratitude. "


"At that time, there was actually no money in the family, and the trafficker wanted to take you away, I couldn't bear it! I couldn't bear you to go with her, I was afraid that you would be wronged again, so I bite the bullet. I gritted my teeth, worked hard, and took out everything I could at home, and finally I bought you."

I'm not sure I read the transmigrated FL blame the OG but I can't really blame her. The OG was really too much. She was described as good as a child and changed completely with a very silly reason imo. If you were so good in school where there not free schooling if you were on top or something? If she were that smart she could not think of other options instead of blaming and venting her dissatisfaction on people?

The ml.. What can I say, 4 years did not go home (coz of his studies, part time jobs plus he really doesn't want to because of the OG). Even so this is neglect. Sending money alone is not enough imo. Also, he did thought of divorce but didn't go for it because the FL is now better.. Well who can blame him really, she's not the OG and she's good everywhere so who would want a divorce. He wanted a chance with her and he did put effort, time etc for it. It's a slow burn of getting along which is more realistic.

Okay, it says that the OG was the one who demanded marriage after HS grad of ML. It also says although vague in the recollection of the ML that the first night was definitely not his initiative that even the transmigrated FL didn't even want to think about it. I don't think she was r*ped or forced to be married at all.

I actually liked the FLs attitude towards the OGs blood relatives. From experience I can say that being blood related is not everything. It's really in the character and mutual feelings.

The story isn't that bad. I'm still interested in it. It's almost the same as other rural Cnovels I've read so far. There are tags so you've been warned, most low rating was because it was read differently.. <<less
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