Rebirth to Eighties: Shrewd Little Wife


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Mei Xiaoran, who died young, thought that this was the most miserable life, but she woke up and went back to the 1980s.

Poor families, poor relatives, all proper hand rotten cards!

Mei Xiaoran sneers, who indulged you all?!

Trample on the best, abuse the dregs, achieve the ideals of the previous life, take the whole family against the attack and run for a well-off life.

On the road of struggle, also picked up a handsome man, let’s follow how Mei Xiaoran got on well in the 1980s and created her business myth.

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Rebirth to '80s: Shrewd Little Wife
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admiralen rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c10
Absurdly pathetic MC. She saves a little girl from a murderattempt, then the murderer comes to her house to say she framed her when there are several witnesses that all say the murderer is ridiculous. She gets dragged by the murderers mom to her dads work and their neighbor starts giving the murderers mom a verbal beatdown for being so transparantly evil, then her dad comes out and without asking anything starts beating the crap out of MC, this continues until MCs mother comes out and calls him out on... more>> it, then they just let the murderer get away with it. At home it turns out the dad beat her up because hes pathetic and wanted the murderers father to give him land so he chose to treat his children like dirt and the murderer like his ancestor.

We even find out that the reason theyre in financial difficulty is because father is pathetic and didnt want to be part of the moms household register. Then the MC instantly forgives him for no reason and even covers up for the murderer when the victims family comes by to say thank you for saving their daughter.

Absolutely pathetic <<less
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SuibianRose rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: --
The MC is pathetic. How do you get rebirthed yet you still get bullied by 10 year olds and let yourself get beat up by your lame cowardly father? She was a full grown woman before she got rebirthed for goodness sakes. I honestly couldn’t believe this novel was written by the same person who wrote Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife.

I had to drop this novel because I couldn’t take the s*upidity and idiocy anymore.
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moonless rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: --
dropping this becouse of the toxic culture. MC saves a girls life, but it was another girl who pushed the girl who almost died. Father of MC beats her up to "please" the family of the girl who almost killed someone.

A father beats up his own daughter to try and get some benefits from a rich/powerfull family. And she as the MC dosent even care, acts like its normal to be beaten up. I might find this very disgusting becouse I grew up in a contry where it is illegal... more>> to beat children.

If I saved someones life and my dad beats me up infront of all the neighbors and infront of the evil girl who tries to frame me to say im lying, I would never call that spineless bastard for dad ever again. <<less
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Varsha0907 rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: --
started reading this bcoz mtl was very easy to understand... this is a slice of life kinda story.. the more I read, , the more I like it

MC died in her 40s and came back to when she was still 12/13 years old... main focus is put on family, business management and relationships in this novel...

I don't why but this story really reminds me of REBIRTH TO MILITARY MARRIAGE.... in both these stories, ML started giving lessons (tuitions) to MC... bcz of which their relationship started developing... in both stories... more>> ML's family is related to revolution in china and bcoz of which they held high positions and authority...

At the same time... MCs of both these stories r quite different... qiao nan in rebirth to military marriage was used to enduring and she rarely ever spoke against her mother's and sister's plots and tricks... here in rebirth to 80s xiaoran speaks up and seeks justice... her family is reallly good to her unlike qiao nan's... qiao nan's focus/concern was only her studies.. but xiaoran focuses on both education and money.. since she wants to improve her family's lifestyle

All in all this story is quite nice...i have only read upto 70 chapters by now... will come back to edit this review in future once I m done with the novel <<less
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Ainslee rated it
August 8, 2021
Status: --
I just read some chapters, and couldn't help to testify that the behaviour of parents at that time was indeed as described in this novel, happened in real life.

Nowadays, it would be crime or illegal to beat your children, but at the time of era, it was normalised.

Even if you didn't penned it down in a novel like this author, doesn't mean that it didn't happen. It was simply not mentioned.

Giving a novel low rating was the reader own rights, but at least I felt that I should clarify because... more>> you don't like a certain plot in a novel doesn't make it any less true/fact that it's indeed happened.

MTL 200ish chapters, then skip to latest chapter.

Some of the FL relatives antiques were very exhausting and over the top. I'm honestly amazed of how she can put up with them till the end. Guiding and solving their problems like a good lawyer and judge. Just reading it made me felt exhausted on behalf of FL. If it was any other protagonist, I believe she would've left the family to fend for themselves long ago, like I'd do. <<less
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meiloulou rated it
May 17, 2020
Status: c137
It starts out strong! For now, I like it, but, like many novels, it starts to stagnate after a few tens of chapters.

If you want to while the time away, while you have nothing better to read/do, I recommend this novel. It is not unique, but it is nice and has its own charms. The MC is cute, and not overbearingly perfect or smart.

The only thing I really dislike for now, is the relationship between MC and ML (if he is the ML). I cannot feel the chemistry and I... more>> overall dislike him, and their relationship. Hopefully he is not the ML...

I give 4 starts because of the strong start.

EDIT: I have read up to c155, and I'm dropping the novel for now.


The MC is reborn to her childhood. She has lived to about forty years old in her previous live, and is (of course) a virgin, who knows nothing about love.

When she is reborn, she immediately saves a childhood friend, Ouyang Ling, from drowning in a waste reservoir (??). However, as she is a child, it is hard to save another child. Just as they almost die together, OL's brother (Ouyang Xun, ML) comes and saves them both.

Before OL fell, MC saw that someone pushed her. It was the cousin of OL, Qi Yao. MC accuses QY of pushing her cousin and almost killing her. White lotus QY tries to talk her way out of it. ML initially believes his cousin. Then things get bigger, and QY goes home crying, because many children saw her pusing OL and testify against her.

OX thanks the MC and takes his sister home.

Ever since, QY, who went home crying, is the enemy of our MC. She bullies her everywhere and tries to beat MC up. MC's father does not defend her, because QY's father is his captain/boss (?). In the end, because MC beat up QY with a steel pipe, QY is afraid of her. But why doesn't QY bring some friends to beat up MC together?? This makes no sense.

OX is a white face: elegant, scholarly, handsome, thin, and white. He is a high school-aged child and gets closer to our MC. Her heart beats faster because of him. She blushes and is embarrassed in his presence. However, remember: our MC is FORTY years old. I mean, come on...?!?!

My first impression of OX was already bad, because he defended his cousin. Then, when he gets closer to her, he only causes trouble.

Example: he tutors her in English, and only ever talks with her about school. QY spreads rumours that our MC has young love, because of OX. Then, during the exams, he deliberately chooses a table next to her, and waits until she stands up to hand in her exams, before he immediately follows suit. So, they hand in their exams at the same time. Obvious much?

This is one of many examples of why I don't like this forced lovestory. He does not give her a chance to tell him a clear yes or no, and assumes she is his, because he buys her expensive cookies, etc.

As of c155 I cannot stand it anymore, and I will (temporarely) drop this novel.


I think, if you want to read a lighthearted novel, about the MC pulling her family out of poverty, this is it. For the romance, you'd better choose another novel. <<less
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carollsc rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: c300
I'm liking this novel, it's as others said, slice of life so it's really easygoing without a lot of drama and adventure. I like the MC she's an interesting character and she feels very real, she gives off the impression of being like an auntie And I think it's funny and cute. The story is well written and the mtl is really easy to understand. My only concern is that it's way too long, but so far I'm enjoying it.

Also, she lived a regular life so she wasn't a naive/... more>> virgin 40 year old woman as someone else said in a review.

*edit—> My fears came true. The story seems to be moving too slowly for my liking. This makes it kind of boring. Even though I still think it's not too bad of a story, I don't think it's great either. I'm struggling to finish it and for now I'm dropping it. Maybe when I'm really bored I'll start reading it again. <<less
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May 1, 2022
Status: c605
I cant believe I read this shitty novel up to chapter 605. 🙄🙄 My brains cells died.

The MC is pathetic people keep bullying and offending her and is all talk but no action so that those who offened her keep coming back like pest. She literally does nothing but warning them. Super pisses me off.

Dont read this novel.
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FableCat rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c892
Its good story really. The part where Mei Zhaoran's dad hit her and scolded her in front of antagonist and her mother reminded me of when my own boss scolded us in front of customers. She knew it wasn't our fault but to satisfied the angry ridiculous customers (it was really their fault). Then she waited until the customers went away before we laughed and talk abt it. Then again I find similarity in Korean drama and from a worker experience from US when he and his boss were handling... more>> a customer.

Back to the story. Love between male lead and female lead really slow. The development of the story also pretty slow. Only at the last few chapters that the time skipped very fast as if the writer wants to sum all of it up.

While the female lead changed her life and her family to better condition, she also changed the people around her for the better. The part of his psycho narcistic stalking last life husband who thinks the world revolves around him. Kinda made me wanna roll my eyes. The antagonists in the story kinda similar. <<less
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Goodreadsonly rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c892
I've spent so much time reading this only to get to the last ch of the mtl and realize the author is still writing.

The MC is a smart and business savvy young girl and you just follow her through her life. There are so many substories and dramatically tense moments the way family drama is...i just loved it.

Its not heavily focused on romance in the begining because is an actual child for the the first couple hundred chapters. You see the characters grow and change. Its one of the few... more>> novels that actually care about character development. Later on the MC establishes a relationship with ML and its one of the more realistic takes on romance. It's not passionate but the author describes as the love of an old couple often. They struggle together and fight but theres also really sweet moments scattered through the book.

The mtl is pretty understandable and there are minimal areas where its not understandable. I killed so much time reading this book in quarantine and I'm sad I can't finish it. <<less
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