Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack


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“It’s my first time. I’m afraid of pain. Be gentle…” Fang Xinxin’s body is stiff with anxiety.

Bai Qinghao pinches her dotingly. “We’re just swimming. I didn’t pull you with too much force; how did you manage to flop into the water like that?”

In their previous life, she had been overweight. Her face was covered in acne. Yet, he still forcefully ate her up. Exactly how much did he love her? However, she never noticed his sincerity and blindly pursued a scheming bastard. In the end, she was left blind and half-paralyzed.

After receiving a second chance, she finally understands that her poor appearance was caused by the ‘drugs’ her sister had added into her skincare products. In this lifetime, she chooses to distance herself away from the bastard, to lose weight, and to ‘treat’ her face. She recovers her seductive figure and outstanding looks, treasuring her husband’s love. They then sweetly collaborate to torture the bastard and give birth to a little ‘dumpling’…

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New Chidima
April 17, 2024
Status: c6
OK I just started reading this. I am at chapter 6 and I am choosing to stop here because of a very glaring problem. Well, there are several, but the one that's really irking me is how they are treating the s*xual assault. It's not making sense to me. Women are genuinely assaulted a lot and the way they're writing this it's like she behaved badly so it's OK that she was sexually assaulted Like the ML is still a good guy. That doesn't make sense to me, from what... more>> I've read so far they were engaged as children and she has always made it clear that she did not like her engagement. They were not in any type of emotional relationship that should make the ML feel betrayed. She didn't sleep with the other guy because she was still a virg*n before of her s*xual assault. Yet she deserves the s*xual assault, mind blowing. I choose to stop here. <<less
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Shortk rated it
May 19, 2021
Status: c93
I tried. But then I realized I was skipping every 3 chapters or so to be able to read this.

You'll like this if a. You like the most tr*shy tr*shy nonsensical basic novels. There's no b sorry. It's honestly too tr*shy, even for me. I can tolerate a lot.

The only pro seems that the ML is the only one who doesn't prejudice against fatness.

The con is that everything else sucks. The ML also seems like he has way too much time for a ceo to deal with the dumb bs... more>> play the MC's sister keeps reenacting. The only underlying statement is that if youre fat you are dumb, ugly, unworthy, and your soul owns a debt to the entire world for offending everyone with your existence. Chinese culture I know, but those character attributions to a physical shape is being CONSTANTLY BEATEN DOWN YOUR THROAT as a reader is really low taste. Like ok I get it. I got it. I GOT IT ALREADY. Goddamn. Just shut up and move on with the plot instead of talking about her fatness all the time. Tbh there is no plot because everyone is dumb.

Dropped. <<less
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jkumi7 rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I completed reading this novel elsewhere, however, the work that the translation team does here is impeccable. The quality you have here is another level; had it not been for my anxious and curious persona, I would have waited patiently for the translation to be completed. Believe me, a translation greatly influences greatly in the reading experience.

The development of the novel is decent and well managed, each problem presented by the author is solved over the course of 889 chapters and honestly, this is one of the Chinese novels that... more>> should have more than a thousand chapters with good reason. The personality of each character, including Bai Qinhao (our ML) seems to be set in stone, yet, the dynamics are matured over time according to the interactions and situations related to Xinxin (our FL).

I believe that the author was very careful with the information that they presented throughout novel, and they solved it in an egalitarian way and that kind of left me wanting more. Due to Bai Qinhao's unrelenting love for Xinxin and the fact that she has reborn, their relationship was already halfway through, and along the obstacles, it just matured and became more remarkable. This is an almost realistic novel, as the author considered the lack of equality in the couple's status and went to great lengths to establish Xinxin's place as herself and as Madam Bai in the High Society and in the Bai family. Also bringing Xinxin's difficulty in having children a moving, real and even understandable thing - considering her entire journey in avenging her real family and paying her enemies.

As for Bai Qinhao's behavior, it was certain that he was wrong in taking Xinxin's v**ginity forcibly in a hospital. But considering the sordid and twisted character of several other main characters in Chinese novels that I see being motivated and glorified. Bai Qinhao is the 'quite decent'. In addition, throughout the entire novel, he remained at Xinxin's side, never unnecessarily questioning her, allowing her to grow and providing unrelenting support. <<less
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timma rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c4
Umm if your rapist takes care of you and saves your life later, that doesn't make him a good guy. This relationship is toxic from the start. Honestly this reads like the Mary Sue world's people QT into. It's super unrealistic. Not for me. I don't recommend even giving it a shot as the brain cells aren't the same as before I attempted to read this garbage.
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paopeio rated it
October 6, 2022
Status: c96
Well, this is my very 1st review.

The premise was good actually in a general sense. The story and bickering actually made me laugh a few times.

But I was really getting tired of the characters being st*pid as f*ck haaaaa.

I'm almost in the first 100 chaps, and I can't get over how the ML is so inconsistent. Like he is portrayed as cold, ruthless, and will do anything especially if he is angered or in a bad mood or let's say someone insults the MC but wth when ... more>>

his bodyguards or anyone around him (also the MCs family especially her sister) talk tr*sh about the MC for being fat, ugly, etc etc. it's like, they are not afraid that ML is there and can hear them and they just continue to insults the MC like they are asking for their own death. Is that even realistic? Like he is protective of MC but even his driver can say insulting things about MC and they'll just get a 'shut up' from ML. Hellooo, I thought he was domineering.

That's not domineering enough for me especially if the person you are 'supposed to be in love with' is being insulted as such by other people. Even a driver can insult the MC out loud. Lol

I mean I have read many novels with the same ML characteristics as this but well... haaaaa

Lastly, I hate hate it that every side characters are rubbish. I definitely agree with the other low reviews here. These villains were getting face-slapped in a chapter then in another chapter, they are back doing their villain stuff again like nothing happened???

I really want to finish it but I can't help rolling my eyes every chapter because of this repetitive nonsense drama with MCs family. And to think one review said it will take up to 600 chapters with this family drama........ Just finish them all for goodness sake. I thought the MC can shake the whole country with just a stomp of his foot. Arrgghhh. <<less
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keiyembee rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay I have finished it within 2 days of binged reading (i skip lotsa chaps lol)

The story was quite familiar with 2 famous novels I have read before it was kinda a combination except for the island part (that was a very nice part btw, the struggle is unlike the other novels I read.

I was actually persevering to finish this because I want to see how would the revenge go. Truthfully the problem with the mc's family (those fakes) could have been resolve way more faster like there were... more>> so many times MC and ML could finish her family. This made me very upset and stupefied, well all the problems was actually easy to solve, the hardest being stuck on the island-.- (the one in the island was kinda unsolvable but it only took like a month or so -.- or was it just 9 days 🤔) while the problem of exposing her sister took several months urgggggh.

The ending just like the other typical novel seems rush, she got pregrant (not pregnant journey story btw) deliver the baby then thats it happy family.

I kinda wanted like some more snippets about their family after ya know.🥲 <<less
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haruismissing rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c174
*warning* English is not my first language and my grammar is pretty poor

I wasn't planning on making a review but I got really angry for losing my time with this!

The characters are absolute rubbish they all look like they're brains are made of water

... more>> The villains keep getting face slapped each end of scene and you thing "okay, this is finally their end" but then the next scene they appear again like the previous scene actually never happened and everyone in the story forgot that it happened

Talking about the scenes.... oh God.... Each scene have 30 somenthing chapters just for bickering between the MC and the villains, it would be great if the bickering actually had any important information to the story BUT the bickering is just two parrots repeating each other <<less
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Mogboella rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: Completed
It’s really wordy in the beginning and it feels like there are a lot of useless scenes but if you stick with it the plot becomes amazing. Especially towards the end. 100% recommend if you like

- Moderately OP MC’s

- Great Romance with doting partners

- Rich people drama

The downside is that the villains are way too brainless. Especially in the first few chapters and the MC was tolerating their bs too much. She becomes more decisive latet
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annie.png rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: c61
Okay, I happen to be a BIG FAN of the obsessive ML genre, and enjoy lots of novels where the ML is definitely very r*pey. It's all fiction. However, this is a ROMANCE right? Like holy shit, does ML like the MC? I can accept an ML who is overbearing, brutish, an a**hole, who locks up the MC and even abuses them a little... on the basis that it's stemming from an obsessive and sick LOVE. This guy lets everyone - from his bodyguard to his maids- sh*t talk the... more>> supposed love of his life right in front of him, telling her how she doesn't deserve him and she's too ugly to be in his presence. She goes to the doctor and finds out she's been regularly poisoned... and this crazy rich guy who's supposedly obsessed with her and watches her every move somehow didn't find out? Or is it just that he didn't care? "Oh? Poison? Huh that's crazy. Whatever, at least she's not running away."

Like at this point I just keep reading to keep getting angry T.T Hopefully it'll be better once her "glow up" arc (losing weight, clearing up her acne, etc.) is over. It just kind of feels pointless to have an obsessive ML who is never willing to go to bat for the MC in anything, ever. To get him to defend her on ANYTHING, she has to point out that "really, they're insulting/disrespecting you" and that's supposed to be him while he's in love with her! It's not like a plot where he hates her and is putting up with her, only to slowly fall in love. This is supposed to be the infatuated ML!


But again it's probably just to highlight how differently she'll be treated later by the people around her and how "he stayed the same", but oh my god I needed to get this off my chest. <<less
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chande rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
This is typical revenge face-slapping novel with an OP, beautiful, and Mary Sue MC and a super rich, handsome, cold, and Gary Stu ML. There's really nothing new in this novel but still, face slapping novel still had its own charm for me.

However, like other dog blood novel with similar plot, this novel also had many flaws :

    • I don't care whatever reason that ML made but rap* was a big no for me. Moreover, ML did it in the present of other people (MC's crush) so it's a bit disturbing for me.
    • This novel was seriously dragging. Just to get rid of MC's fake families, the author spent a total of 600 chapters. MC could finish them off earlier but she chose to toy with them and treated them like a clown.
    • On the other hand, the final chapters were a bit rushed compared to the previous chapters. It's like the author was impatient to finish this story as soon as possible.
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Fathom rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Kind of a mediocre story that's good for a one time read. It's a Chinese story, but it feels very non-Chinese and amateurish.

The premise is interesting. A Rebirth Do Over type of story. Truly, in the first life, the heroine is really irrationally s*upid & naive. However, there are a lot of repeating slap in the villain's face events that get too repetitive. FL remembers the past, so she reverses all the traps that she was caught in the past. Always beating the bad guys by luck & skill.

After seeing... more>> the ML dying a horrible death trying to save her, she finally realizes how foolish she was to fall in love with a scum guy and not love her husband who has loved her even when she was obese, facially scarred, blinded & paralyzed. It seriously took that long for her to realize all the truths.

This time, her rebirth lets her get revenge on all the villains, and finally return the love to the ML the way he deserves.

Despite it being a Rebirth Do Over story, some supernatural elements were thrown in. Telekinesis, hypnotism, levitation, invisibility, walking through walls, photographic memory and etc by the FL. These elements seem kind of out of place. The story would have been fine without these supernatural elements. But whatever.

Of course, after rebirth, the FL uses her future knowledge to invest & plan her own fortune, which is kind of understandable. Some parts of her knowledge seem a bit too exaggerated though. Her sudden educational geniusness, her beauty, designer geniusness, business acumen, calligraphy professionalism, 10 language proficiency, martial arts, survivor skills, gun fire accuracy, professional singing skills & etc. That's not even counting all her OP supernatural characteristics. Oh yes, let's not forget that so many guys instantly fall in love with her as well.

These are normal aspects in Rebirth Do Over stories, but because the FL was just so plain s*upid in her first life, it's too beyond unbelievable that she leveled up on so many skills when she was either too fat, blinded and paralyzed in her life before she died. Even ignoring all the supernatural powers, when did she learn all the other skills before her death? Also, from obesity to model skinniness, wouldn't she have a lot of extra stretched skin? Also, if her face is full of acne, why would her face be covered in scabs? I was a bit confused by that.

In any case, her first life will really aggravate & annoy readers on her s*upidity. While her second life, readers really can't help but pity the ML for loving her despite her looks or weight.

In the end, she does redeem herself, and everyone gets their happy ending. This is what counts, I guess. All the mysteries are also solved. <<less
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