Rebirth of Wild Fire


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With the memory of a Level 200, Tier 3 Mage. Lu Yang returned back to his life ten years ago. Destiny made a joke with him. He was betrayed and everything he worked for was taken away. He had to get it back.

The game’s money making methods, dungeon strategy, legendary quest, equipment source, secret blueprints, combat skills. He knows all. See how a reborn player with his brothers swept the country, burned the world and created the legend of The Fire God!

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Rebirth of Violent Fire
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hanglekuk rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c200
If you've read Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World you've read 80-90% of this novel. Replace Thief class with fire magician. Add some ramping (mobs can't hit you while you kill them from above) to grind levels and I guess that's about it. The rest is about the same as above novel (at least in first 200 chapters). Recruiting old friends / best players and getting his revenge. Training some weird OP body techniques in RL, etc. Establishing alchemist shops in key locations to provide some key potions,... more>> etc. <<less
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Scholar Occult Cauldron
Scholar Occult Cauldron rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: --
It hasn't been that many chapters, so I cannot say for sure. But, and I repeat BUT, if this is another generic second chance VR game with the MC only getting benefits I will change this to a 1 star. I hate it when the "super high grade AI" that supposedly runs these games doesn't do something to screw the MC 1000 times over. It shouldn't just be finding OP gear, mad leveling and crushing the enemies. It ought to be the MC's skills and ability to control the avatar,... more>> something that slowly diminishes as the player base matures. <<less
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Mahiro9 rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c746
I've read the raws until the latest chapter so far.

Despite having the same tropes and clichés of the second chance + vrmmorpg tag, this novel doesn't frustrate me unlike most of them as this novel executed those said 'tropes' well. Most of novels of the same genre would bore me out after 300 chapters despite being an enthusiast of the genre, but that's not the case on this one.

As someone who finished 'Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World', I would even say this is better than that in... more>> terms of execution and pacing.


- Strong but not bullsh*t-level strong MC. Because of his 10 years of knowledge and experience, he's the strongest in the game but even with his "devil heart" he can't deal with an army all by himself. (Even after c746, his devil heart only counts as a piece of high-grade legendary equipment)

- The MC always steps up his game after every wars he go through, there is clear progress and doesn't seem like he's taking 'two steps forward and one step back'.

- The MC is not stupid and shows his clever traits properly like a real man with actual 10 years of experience. He's a master in the game and it shows through his mechanics, he also use strategies and tactics that he used or have seen used in his past life. He even let his nemesis recover from defeat just so they would pour more money in the game which would allow him to lead them to bankruptcy.


- The supporting and secondary characters are a bit underdeveloped, they aren't shallow but not complex either.

- The romance, I don't know if it's because of the machine translation but it's confusing how the MC proclaims the girl as his girlfriend but the girl never confirmed nor denied it, albeit they act like a couple sometimes, they act like siblings most of the time.

- Plot armor too stronk. The MC knows too much bugs to abuse, and he must have a very good memory to remember 10 years worth of information so clearly.


Most of the MC's problems with his nemesis before chapter 650 is that they are very rich and uses their money very well. Though it picks up after chapter 650 where the distinction clears up between the MC who is knowledgeable in the game, loots, blueprints, etc. And someone who just throws money at everything.

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December 8, 2018
Status: --
THis is a great novel to read if you want a OP MC on a game this is a must read but there is just one problem the MC for some reason keep helping a little girl from his past but she doesn't know him yet and he just keeps helping her when she didn't even earn any of that makng look super creep´like giving items or helping her sh*t team run a dungeon reciving crap from her sh*t friends.

No problem the MC wanting to help his brothers and friends... more>> but for crist sake they must know him first before helping if some stranger just show up and wants to give you free stuff you would problay think he wants to ass rape you.

UPDATE Well after reading the raws a bit I realise the MC desarve verything that happend to him because of a girl he doesn't even like and just thinks as little sister he keeps eating crap from her friends and even helps upgrade a guy t=from that group that spits on the MC every time he opens his mounth, all that just because he wants to help her only? MC desarves to suffer and be betray he doesnt have a spine to tell these people but don't even care about him to f**k offor better kill them PK all of them but whatever. <<less
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