Rebirth of The Heavenly Demon (Jang Young Hun)


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After defeating all the enemies of the Murim Alliance, the Demonic Alliance and the internal enemies; Chunha Jin, the master of the Murim Alliance who held the title Strongest Under Heaven brought forth peace to all of Kang Ho. But one day he dies unexpectedly.

Once he openes his eyes, he is in a body of a twenty year old youth named Byuk Lee Dan. How will the man who once held the title Strongest Under Heaven live this new life? And what will his death entail to Kang Ho?

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Wan Saeng Cheon Ma
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Fanya rated it
April 5, 2017
Status: c64
This is a story about a 70yr old martial world leader who reincarnates (in the same time/world) into the body of a 20yr old scoundrel. It is interesting because the MC was not a 20/30yr old from another world and he didn't inherit the memory of the kid when he reincarnated, so the difference in mentality between this MC and other reincarnation MC is what made this novel interesting to me. The reincarnation is not something used to explain his fortuitous encounter then thrown away later, he himself is OP... more>> due to his life experience (not just high cultivation level and talking treasures).

I can literally hear him going *tsk tsk* and grumble to himself the more he finds out about the 20yr old's past. Because he's a 70yr old expert, he knows what he wants to do and how to get here (fortuitous encounters due to life experience rather than ancient treasure). There's no harem and he's not oblivious to women, he acts appropriately to women his (now 20some) age and none of that "hero rescues beauty, beauty falls for hero regardless of age" thing. There's no paragraphs of world building, just a little explanation here and there when needed. There seems to be a conspiracy behind his death with hints sprinkled here and there but no grand reveals yet.

The events are similar to every other novel, the fun is in how he deals with them. He's clever and ruthless when needs to be, but reasonable and fair. He's not perverted and gives a lot of thoughts to what he's lacking. He also cares for his subordinates/family a lot, people that are not just side-characters that get thrown away after 20 chapters but we get to know bit by bit on a human level. It is well written, well translated with a good plot (that I hope will continue) and going at a steady pace. If I change my mind, I'll update this review. <<less
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keklel rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: c10
1. Start of the story is not particularly fresh or original. It's the same old rehashed "beautiful fiance wants to cancel the engagement with reincarnated kid" plot that's present in literally every single reincarnation webnovel ever. 2. As*hole pedophile kid who beats up servants and insults people for no reason has an as*hole dad who is willing to wipe out a clan just because they beat up his as*hole son for being an asshole. And this is the main villain for the first 10+ chapters. 3. 70 year old reincarnated... more>> kangho-veteran gets angry at petty insults and neither thinks nor talks like he's 70 years old at all. 4. The banter between the MC and his servant rapidly becomes tiresome and boring. And that is 90% of the conversation in the novel. The other 10% consists of the villain insulting the MC's clan. etc. It's very cliched and there's nothing special about it that sets it apart from other reincarnation cultivation xianxias. After 10 chapters there is nothing interesting happening other than some as*hole wanting to wipe out MC's clan because of some minor disrespect - very typical xianxia cliches. <<less
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JoKeS rated it
April 9, 2017
Status: c7
The beginning of the story is great. This story is where a powerful person suddenly dies, but this person is somewhat immune to poisons and can know if he is poison or not, but he still don't know what is the cause of his memory deterioration, and suddenly died. The MC is revived as a 20 year old man, which is a SCUM. The good thing in this story, well for me, is that he revived in the same world and same genaration with the time of his death.

Can't... more>> wait on how the story will progress. 😊 <<less
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icarusburnt rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: c50
Not like your usual novels, this reads more like a classic kung fu flick, there is no living for hundreds if thousands of years or teleporting through arrays. But stays through with all the stories on internal energies, and levels of measure are based on how many years are spent gathering energy, unless you could find a Rare Herb.

The male lead, is calm and in complete control, and the romance while not apparent is there for all to see.

Definitely one of the better Wuxia novels available
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8Psycho rated it
April 26, 2017
Status: c124
Great piece of work.

Protagonist really mature and rational. You will not see usual (for OP MCs) flaunting of power that was supposed to be hidden.

But that is also source of regret, only slight though, as novel seems to be closer to spy novel, rather than martial arts novel.


Added romance genre, it is pretty slow, but its there. It might turn into harem too, with low probability though.

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vp131 rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c89
Nice storyline and developed characters. Novel has good female lead who knows where the help stops and where her own efforts should begin.

Story is not the most original work as you can see bits of cliche here and there but it's definitely interesting.

I am very much looking forward to this novel.
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June 15, 2017
Status: c56
"I'm so good. My self-created techniques are so good. Only I would be able to do what I did since I'm so good."

That's pretty much this novel. This self-praising MC who's actually more annoying than most novels with non stop audience praising.

It's smooth to read. Since the author knows his level. That said, the overall tone is, for me, childish. MC's character, the jokes, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people dig these novels and I don't mind. I simply like MCs who actually act like their... more>> ages added up. That said, I'll be dropping it.

As for the recommendations? I guess I can recommend it to those who like stuff like TTNH (and the author's other works), TDG etc. Not really for those who prefer novels reincarnation / time travel novels like Reincarnator, The Human Emperor, etc. <<less
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Keimichi rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: c89
For once, a reincarnation/transmigration story where the "old man" actually somewhat acts like an old man. I still think he could be smarter in some case and be less in a rush, but generally speaking he is doing pretty okay in being an actual old man rather than a wish fulfillment character.

Story is pretty well paced and the important characters do have character nuance (rather than the simple good vs bad), and the story takes time to lay down the inner conflict of characters rather than have them favour the... more>> MC because author says so. (Not to say there's no cliches and papercutnoard characters, but it's much less present than your typical CN).

In terms of the narration, one thing that could have been done better is the narration consistency. The story is written in first person, but often it changes. Such as the MC narrating with "I"and then suddenly the MC is being referred as "he" in the same scene. Or, the narration seems to know what the others are thinking even though it is told in first person. First person narration can be really great when done well, but at this point, it would make more sense to write in in third person instead, since the whole point of first person is to limit the perspective.

Sad that the translation stopped at chapter 89, hopefully it will be picked up again someday. <<less
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riida rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c39
Wow, I have to say, this title is mature in many ways and offers a very different experience from most others on this page.

I'm not gonna say much, because one should defenitely give it a try, but the main character has a never before seen sense of propriety that's almost perfectly balanced and badly written situations that feel forced are almost non-existent.

It's a bit early for a rating, but it's so solid and enjoyable that I can only recommend it, as it shines among the pathetic waste on here (which... more>> is almost everything to be honest) <<less
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1withdanerf rated it
May 26, 2017
Status: c38
I give this novel 5 stars solely for the interactions between MC and his manservant, I was in stitches. The other parts of the novel aren't half bad either. The MC reincarnating into a young trash body is actually done semi-realistically, none of that acting like some greenhorn brat when you've already reached the apex before. Overall, very entertaining!
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teufel rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c34
You really should not trust reviews where a person has only read 10 chapters and has no concept of proper pacing. This story is so much more than an engagement cancellation.

I enjoy the gradual build/development of this novel, and the mentality of the main character is actually very refreshing. He truly gives off the feel of someone who has already lived a life following his principles, and is willing to start anew. What he shouldn't know, he doesn't (like the feelings/motivations of people he's not close with, any skills beyond... more>> the climb to his leadership position, etc...)

This is not for people who don't like character-centric stories, or people who prefer nonstop cliche action. <<less
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MondoX rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c89
The story is like your typical Chinese reincarnated web-novel, but better written. Chinese wuxia/xianxia have their jianghu, and Korea has their Kang Ho, but both refer to same thing. Someone complained about the early antagonist, and the complaints have merit. However, those early antagonists are dealt with by the MC early and are not dragged on for several chapters like most Chinese web-novels. Actually, the MC deals with most of his enemies as soon as he can, which it can sometimes become become anti-climatic, which I do not have a... more>> problem. The MC does act as someone unbecoming of his mental age at times, but unlike most Chinese web-novels, the author does not ignore this fact. As the story progresses, the MC realizes that he is acting differently and his smiling more and it is not certain if it is attributed to taking over a youthful body or him wanting to change subconsciously and he does question his change several times. So, in most martial arts cultivation web-novels, many cliques will appear, so it depends if the story or the characters catch your attention.

Since this site showed the chapters as dead links (luckily I found them somewhere else), I hope that it was not dropped and may continue in a different site. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: c49
This is better than I expected! It should be tagged "clan building" or "kingdom building". This novel is not all about cultivation as it focus more on storyline, which is why its not wasting any chapters. By 49 chaps, I can already enjoy a lot plots and We need more! Lol

The MC and every single of character have its character! Their everyday conversation is very interesting and should be tagged "slice of life".

... more>>

One of his subordinate even share his first love experience and it make me realize "oh, cultivators are also human".


The other strong reason I really like this novel is because the MC is mature, filial and not into "harem" so far. His reasoning to gain strength and hide it also very likeable. The way he solve some problem without taking its credits are very enjoyable to read, remind me of limitless sword god.


I have to say, this and ze tianji, are the only ones which have arranged marrige that doesnt lead to revenge plot. This prove that not every close relationship family is made from political strength only. But ze tianji is not having much comedy as this.

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frostcrystal rated it
September 30, 2018
Status: c89
This was a pretty fun ride! The main thing that sets it apart from other transmigration stories for me is that the protagonist revives on the same day and year of his death and has to deal with a lot of the political and social fallout, leading him to rethink his previous life's work from a different perspective.

Sadly it hasn't updated for awhile and it looks like it may not in the future.
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SayMrrp rated it
August 7, 2017
Status: c87
A beautifully calm story that contains hints of humor. I like it~

MC's interesting. He acts old and young at the same time. He's mostly mature, but sometimes he jokes around. He's a slightly ruthless, but good guy. It's nice that he's changed a bit and learned more than before. Having a reincarnated/transmigrated MC that actually learns, changes, and develops is interesting.

The bromance is strong. I like how the MC has the opportunity to meet up with some old buddies and make new ones. MC's servant/sword fodder interacts with him well.... more>> It's amusing.

The fighting styles are varied, but not too complex. It feels realistic. MC gets slightly OP, but he's probably not the strongest anymore. He 'levels up' quickly, but not in an exaggerated way. He's gotten lucky, but it's only been a couple of times.

I got slightly annoyed by how MC kept going "If it wasn't me/If I wasn't the strongest, It would have been impossible" at the start, but he eventually stopped. It only happened once in recent chapters.

MC's raising his own force, but they don't get too much action. He still gets the most attention, which I like.

The romance is nice. It's not the focus, but it's there. Heck, I'm not sure which girl he's going to get since he's currently uninterested. The way the love interest (s) fall for him is nice, it's not too fast or impossible. The cliche of divorcing isn't really cliche here; it's done slightly differently. Besides, the fiance isn't annoying. I actually like her... I'm surprised...

A hint of mystery is present in the novel. We still don't know who's the real big baddie or how the MC transmigrated.

Love how the MC hides his identity. <<less
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Stop staring at my username
Stop staring at my username rated it
June 26, 2017
Status: c68
Mostly him being able to do things others cannot because "it's me, the once strongest man in the country". I find these parts a bit annoying but the plot is quite interesting, I want to know the mystery behind his death and his journey in discovering what he could not when he held so much power. Oh and the MC acts quite like his age, he doesn't become a rash youngster all hyped up for revenge/ trashing everyone like in some other novels. It's like age regression physically and mentally...

On... more>> a side note, I actually don't like the female lead

no matter how much of a scum the previous him was, it did not warrant her the right to BEAT HIM TO DEATH. It's stated in the novel that she beat him till he nearly died, so it's not explicitly stated... but if he didn't die how did the MC take over his body? Given how strong she was, she could have controlled her strength...

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pjrc8899 rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c45
Old master at the top of martial world dies and reincarnate in the body of a young and wretched playboy. The reputation of the new body is very bad and his fiance wants to cancel their engagement. He has a conflict with another young master from an enemy family. There are clues that the old master's death was not natural. Will the MC seek vengeance?

Everything in the beginning is totally cliche and do not inspire the reader. That would be it, but the rhythm of the story is kind of... more>> different from the norm. The plot is quick but the feeling is slow and nostalgic. It is reason enough to give this novel more chances to prove itself.

Fortunately, by chap 45, one can say that it deserved the chance.

The MC do feel like an old man that has reincarnated and it isn't difficult to relate with him. The story is centered on the intelligence and personality of the characters. Although the MC will probably settle the accounts of his previous life, vengeance is not an important theme at this point. More like strategy and politic on one side and a search for understanding of certain aspects of life in the other.

At this point one can give to this novel a rating of 4 for its quality. Will it please everyone? Probably not, because of the above mentioned rhythm. The word 'intense' do not apply well to this novel. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
September 17, 2018
Status: c89
Honestly it's pretty good and has potential. I like the MC personality and it's a really unique read since there's mostly CN martial novels. A KR takes a different approach of things. It makes me question if it's really a Wuxia because the way it started was very Xianxia. The romance is also good.

But the story quickly deteriorates. Everyone accepts the new change in MC too easily. The Cultivation stages are no longer explained, even if he kills I don't really understand it. There is little information or background story.... more>> Simply not much to work with. It's incomprehensible that he doesn't reveal his identity to his subordinates but then again maybe the Author does reveal it later on? But it's highly doubtful since he was alive when the original body was still alive. It would ruin everything he'd built up most likely.

I cant help but wonder how good Scholar Reincarnation could be since it's obviously better then this one. I wish more KRs would be translated. It might take years for this one to be translated, or maybe never. It saddens me when I think about it. Just a single year is a... long time. <<less
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iamgboy08 rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: --
Aside for transmigration, everything else is normal. Even though its still impossible for normal human to accomplish, but since the MC is the previous strongest under heaven, its understandable.

There's a lot of bromance moments in this novel, but not to the point of cringe inducing moment, overall its a good novel.
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