Rebirth of Glory and Splendour


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From the outcast of the imperial family to the emperor, Wei Chongrong’s path to the throne took thirty years.

In his previous life, everyone thought that he shouldn’t exist.

Only his youngest uncle was good to him, so he went through fire and water for him.

But what he ended up waiting for was the poisoned wine poured for him by the youngest uncle’s own hands.

Starting over, Wei Chongrong, who is familiar with the future, finds that the road ahead is still bumpy.

The battle that is bound to be lost is about to happen, and the scourge of witchcraft is close at hand.

What can he do to save the Eastern Palace and the imperial family, and to save Jun Hua, to whom he is indebted for a lifetime?

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7 Reviews

New Sun_day
Nov 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Originally I was reluctant to continue read this because I was too attached to the early setting in Fuyu, I thought they will stay there for the rest of the story, and I also kinda ship him with scummy man Helian Zhuo at first, the large amount of characters introduced and the lack of ML also somewhat a turn off too, but curiosity kept me going, so I just follow along and don't have any expectations, though the ending are very favourable and satisfying for our MC Wei Zhao so... more>> I was kinda happy.

As many said this novel has a pair of MC that's father and son, the son were reborn from his previous life where everything went chaotic and many people died so he tries to work hard to prevent that in the future, the story told the adventure of this duo as they travel back to their homeland and are welcome back as Prince Qin and his son, the conflicts mainly revolved around military campaign to reclaim or expand lands with some inner political court conflict between the royal family members, or other country royal family, and in the second half focus more on the son MC with his love interest, which I'm not to keen on caring too much. So yeah, I keep reading for Wei Zhao and happy that at least things are good for him in the end.


Wei Zhao actually has another love interest later in the story and give birth to a daughter with him (i guess the readers already got a hunch on who it is😉), sadly they didn't appear much and just got a few scenes with minimal dialogue, but in the end after he retire he lives a relax life and travel along the country with his hubby <3


Regarding the twist in the royal family..


Unsurprisingly the whole royal family are full of semi incest cousin couples. The previous emperor Wei Su likes Jun Lin and he gives birth to twins Wei Zhao and Jun Qing, which basically made WCR and Jun Hua direct cousin... Jun Lin is Empress Ji nephew which makes Wei Su laid w/ his own nephew in law... Jun Lin half brother Jun Feili marry Wei Ming, Wei Su's son from Empress Ji, which makes Feili the emperor son-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew-in-law, and his husband cousin... Princess Yuankang's husband is her direct cousin too, the son of Wei Su's elder sister, and she match her daughter also with the daughter direct cousin, Wei Ming's son.


Correction and more thoughts


Okay so after reading the chapter abt Wei Su's past it's not really incest with Wei Ming and Feili, cuz he's not related to Ji Yang at all (JL mother, JW sister). But the Wei Su and Jun Lin relationship give me the creep, I'm not sure cuz I mtl, but I think Wei Su groom him? They were eight teen years apart and their relationship start when JL is around 15-16 I think. I think originally the one Wei Su want is Jun Lin's uncle Ji Qing but when his advances are ignored he then pour his attention to Jun Lin, the relationship between the Ji siblings and Wei Su are very close and familiar too, which makes it more disturbing what Wei Su doing with their son and nephew. Then Jun Lin then gives birth to Wei Zhao and Jun Qing at the age 21.


All in all I got no big complaints, just minor annoyance that there's too many characters introduced, there's even a few that just pop up with no introduction at all, and the unclear fate of Wei Mao too, idk what happened to poor Wei Mao : (


And maybe Jun Hua, he's very cute but I'm a little disappointed he's portrayed like typical 2d character, he's like an anime school girl who's the love interest of the protagonist, coquettish and spoiled, I feel it's no different if he was a girl, I also don't remember him doing anything significant besides sticking to Wei Chong Rong, his existence remind me of the females in Naruto, in which their roles are just to be the wifes and decoration to the male characters and nothing more. Compare to him, Jun Lin, Jun Qing, and even Huaixi are more interesting to read.


Kudos to translator too for the frequent consistent update despite the long content in each chapter

Over all my personal rating is 4.0.

(aaargh I feel so bad I press the star button a few days after I post the review 🥲. I thought it wouldn't appear and NU would just treat it as unanimous, please do not let this 4 star discourage you who want to read and to make your own judgement) <<less
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New takame
Nov 17, 2022
Status: Completed
One unique thing this webnovel is it has TWO main characters. The dad and the son. Whatever others had to say, I think it's nice to the see the duo working together and for once, see familial love progression as a main thing (instead of romance).

But OFC both had their own love stories that will develop throughout the story (more about the son, w/c is the official MC). Generally the story is all about the political struggle of the royal family and in the first arc, the dad's tumultuous love... more>> life was intrinsically bound with politics and son's life. It's like a whole family drama that happened to be royals. I want to do a heads up, however, that this is ancient royalty, so cousins and such fell for each other (even if they mostly learned about their blood relation later). As for the r*pe, it is as the translator has said. It was just a part of Dad-MC's past that was detailed in the book...

but it was only a minor part of the story as his process of escaping is emphasized more. The enemy country king is so like a typical scum gong and YES! I admit I mildly ship him and MC-Dad but at the same time, I also hate him and am so glad Dad was able to get away from him.


Another interesting point for me is the Inception-like flow of the story where everyone including minor characters get to reincarnate and had chance to change their alternate world ending into HE. And it wasn't just mention. It's literally part of the story. Generally the relationships are all quite healthy and large factor of it is the series reincarnations. It's a rebirth for a chance to work on their happy ending. <<less
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Oct 10, 2022
Status: Completed
YunYun the translator is here :) Some important points about this story first. One: the r*pe tag does not happen between the MC and the ML, or to either of them. I know it’s a deal breaker for many people, so I will just mention it. Everything that happens between the MC and the ML is completely consensual. However, if this tag can trigger you, you’d better skip this novel. Also, take a look at other tags, they all happen.

Second: the summary plus the seme protagonist tag can make this... more>> story sound like another “The Wife is First”. It is not. If you want another “The Wife is First”, you won’t get it here. The MC actually is reborn when he is just three years old. I don’t usually like stories where the MC is reborn as a child, because it is often boring, and also because it is often creepy, an adult man in the body of a child. This one didn’t seem creepy to me; the MC was extremely emotionally deprived in his previous life. In his whole life there was just one person who apparently cared for him, and this person even didn’t know how to show it. And the person who showed his care was just using the MC and eventually killed him. So for him to become a child again is being able to actually have a childhood, something that he didn’t have in the previous life. He is not overpowered either, mostly because he doesn’t have memories/knowledge of the events during his early life. The changes he causes are more like the butterfly effect, sometimes even happening without his knowledge.

Actually, at least for half of the book the MC is probably not even the protagonist of the story and more like a focal character. The real protagonist (and the reason why I love this story so much) is Wei Zhao. The MC’s father (one of his fathers, as it’s an mpreg story, the men here can take a special pill to get pregnant). Ah, Wei Zhao, my girlish heart is beating so hard when I’m thinking about him! The heroic prince who was betrayed by his own country’s general, captured by the enemy and tortured and r*ped by the enemy monarch. The MC is the child of this r*pe and is raised in front of Wei Zhao’s eyes as a constant reminder of his humiliation. In the previous life Wei Zhao basically ignored the MC and then died tragically. In this life an accident happens that brings them closer, and since then little changes start and grow bigger and bigger.

If you like young dad/sensible son interactions as much as I do, this story will make you very happy. There is so much father-son love, the love that develops despite the tragic past and the present difficulties. Wei Zhao is also very good. Hehe, he is brilliant. Like those "protagonist-aura" and "proud-son-of-heaven" characters are brilliant. Except that he is not annoying. The combination of his brilliance with his extremely tragic fate in the previous life and just as tragic past in this life is pretty explosive. Anyway, the possibility to escape the disasters of the previous life for many, many people happens thanks to Wei Zhao even without him knowing the events of the previous life (and the MC can only do very little to warn him).

The first half of the book is Wei Zhao-oriented, and the second half is the MC and the ML’s story. The MC is very nice, a simple and sincere guy. He was not in love with the ML in the previous life, and naturally he doesn't fall in love with the ML in this life at once (especially taking into account that the ML isn't even born yet when the MC is reborn). It happens slowly and later. But there is a deep bond between the MC and the ML from the beginning. There are some adventures, romance, fantasy elements and politics again. There is also a twist that I found extremely endearing. The author actually didn't cross out the world of the previous life, like, you know, a draft that wasn’t good and was crumpled and thrown away. She gives that world a chance, too, and how it happens, you’ll know when you read.

This is a story with very many characters and there is a lot of politics involved. Not some very complicated intrigues, mostly the angle is how political events influence the life of people caught in them. There are also some secrets of the past that are slowly revealed. And oh well, since it’s the story where men can become pregnant with some effort, it’s a bit messy as to the origins of some characters turn out to be surprising (or not).

It’s an old story, written in 2015, so it’s not as polished as the novels are now. There are plot holes, there are too many characters, there is some strange stuff the author mentions for no reason. So don't expect perfection. But for me, it had some raw power that made me read it for days and feel the urge to find out what happened next, and to feel worried, distressed and happy for the characters. Yes, and Wei Zhao (fangirling madly). <<less
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Oct 12, 2022
Status: --
I love this story. What surprised me the most was Wei Zhao's origin.

Their father and son relationship make me jealous and happy.

I personally like the ending.

I don't know how to write a review. You can check the translator's review to know more about the story.
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Oct 22, 2022
Status: c30
I was curious and impatient, so I tried to mtl but had to give up when the action moved to the capital. Too many names, too many details. Mtl can only give a very general idea of what's going on. So I'm going to wait for the respected translator to untangle this mess for me. The lore in this one is very rich. It is a fantasy world that is based on historical events and many characters mentioned in passing have historical prototypes behind them. But it's still a fantasy... more>> world, and all the main characters are unique personalities.

I agree that Wei Zhao can be considered the main character, at least as far as I have read, together with Yi Yin/Wei Chongrong. Their father/son relationship is very touching. They made me very worried about them, but at some moments they made me laugh, and sometimes I was moved to tears. Yi Yin/Wei Chongrong is extremely cute. Cute without trying to be cute, you know. He was probably not the smartest adult in his previous life, judging by his end, but that's what makes him a very convincing kid. My heart melted when he was all protective about Wei Zhao. And the other way round, the way Wei Zhao protects him is extremely sweet. I liked the Crown Prince too, he seems like a very decent guy. I also like how there are real feelings in the imperial family, brothers, sisters, parents and children love each other, even though it doesn't mean they always understand each other. I'm looking forward to reading more, so far I enjoy it very much. <<less
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Oct 28, 2022
Status: Completed
The novel started out extremely good. It had me captivated until the MC grew up. After that, the story became boring. In a nutshell, the royal families and their friends just married each other; keeping it all in the family. There is not one MC, but several MC. The author tried to “flesh” the characters out but miscalculated and ended up making 1/4 of the characters the “MC”. This novel is made up of several stories put together in one. Each story is about a specific character and his/her plight... more>> to fame, then put all those stories together and you’ve got a novel with several MCs. That’s not all of it, towards the end ALL the characters of the past and present are living parallel lives. 🤦‍♀️ This novel is a mess. <<less
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Oct 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Overall, the story is good. I like it, until WZ's origin revealed....*sighs*.

Warning : I finished by mtl, even though I can say my understanding of mtl quite good. mtl is mtl. might be wrong.

For small details why? behind the spoiler.

... more>>

MC & ML are cousins... (right? as WZ & JQ are brothers *sighs*)

And in a chapter regarding, their children.

Hmmm, even tho it's not mutual but, kinda bordering incest?

Which is kinda made me feel complicated ^^;;;

as it's not my cup of tea.

Maybe this should be in the tags also? (edited 2022/10/24) now aldy in tags list.


Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Thank you. <<less
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