Rebirth of a Supermodel


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In his past life, Ming Yu struggled in the European and United States fashion circles, eventually becoming the well deserved king of the catwalk.

After dying from a serious illness and being reborn, Ming Yu was surprised to find:
Huaxia stars shone brightly, there were successful names everywhere!

In this better world, on a more vigorous and brilliant stage, the first supermodel tries to reproduce the glory of another world!

Interviewer: May I ask Mr Xi, this year Ming Yu said he would surpass you. As the number one global supermodel, what is your opinion on this?

Xi Ze: This is a bad question. My family has very strict rules.

Home Owner Ming Yu: …….

The pair of black-hearted husbands will sweep the fashion industry, conquering the world.

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Trọng Sinh Siêu Mẫu
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Katerina rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: c128
So, here's what I thought when I decided to read this novel: Oh, it's by Rainbow Turtle? It must be promising! It's cuz I really love Game, Loading and The Earth is Online that I wanted to try this novel.

Trust me, Rebirth of a Supermodel might seem promising at first but when you gradually advance to around 100 chapters, the story goes downhill. I don't really mind if the author wants to use a premise of both MC and ML being black-bellied but the ML is just too cruel for... more>> my own tastes. I've only reached chapter 128 before I stopped reading, but I guarantee that ML won't change his behaviour of being cruel to people anyway, this is very much a given.


There was a time when this celebrity guy acted a drama with MC. So MC and this celebrity guy didn't have a good relationship cuz celebrity guy is more or less just being jealous of MC. They were filming on wire and both MC and the guy were hanging on the wires. Then something bad happened. Apparently the celebrity guy made a mistake after being too entranced with MC's acting so the wire on him was pulling MC towards him and if they collided, they would have to face greater danger so MC pulled the guy to him and sacrificed his hand so they won't end up being injured more. What happened next is that the guy broke his leg while MC had a flimsy injury on his hand but ML was so angry cuz of MC's hand and the fact that the celeb guy posted on his social media acc that MC was the cause of his injury and that celeb guy was still unconscious which is a lie. So ML brought his bodyguards to the celeb guy's room and beat him up black and blue, but never on his face, just on his body. After that, ML invited makeup artists to give celeb guy some makeup so he would look healthy when in reality, he's not. And then ML posted on social media that the celeb guy is fine af, so the fans started attacking him.


In the first place, I know that the guy was the root of the accident but the author wrote his mistake as accidental so I don't blame the guy but what I find very unlikeable about ML is when he's just being ruthless. I'm pretty sure MC is aware of it but he's turning a blind eye towards it.

I usually have no qualms over celebrity novels except that I still am not very fond of the "lick lick MC" part where the fans just started to spam "lick" even though I know that's pretty much reality lol. And I forgot to mention how inhumane MC's advance in the modelling world is. But then again, this is fiction so whatever. I don't have much problems overall, it's just I hope the MC and ML would go through character development a lil bit more, especially ML. Since I'm still on chapter 128, I don't know anything past that but I hope ML would actually find a friend who isn't afraid of being friendly with him. When you're a friend with someone, you don't get constantly afraid of him. There's literally two types of people around ML, first, people who's afraid of him and that's why they just obey him, and, second, beloved MC. That's all. <<less
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arschlochhhhhh rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: Completed
I am done reading it a week ago but KYAHAAAH seems that I can reread it again for the third time! Love the wicked MC-ML tandem. Ming xiaoyu--our mushroom and Xi xiaoze are one of the best BL couple 😍 they always making me eat a pile of dog food!! 😌
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ImReallyTired rated it
March 14, 2019
Status: Completed
This was an absolutely amazing Yaoi novel. Although it took a little while for the MC and ML to finally have s*x, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The MC is so scheming, which is one thing I love about him. The ML, to me, was the perfect match to the MC. I kinda wished this was in the omegaverse so that those two could have babies. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this novel to those that like a good yaoi novel. For me, it's not too long and not too short. Also the... more>> smexy scenes were very detailed, which is something I do not see that often in chinese Yaoi, since usually, it doesn't describe the smexy scenes that well. This is at least in my TOP TEN favorite yaoi novels. <<less
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March 13, 2019
Status: completed
One of a few books that kept me so entertained that I pulled through and finished it in one sitting. Honestly the dynamic of the couple and the fluff is too much that I related to CP fans so much. It’s goodbye that Ming Yu didn’t be rely so much on Xi Ze and actually got to where he is with his own strength and some help from vindictive Xi Ze. The vinegar in this story is too much I loved it
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JohnnyCakes rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: Completed
A really interesting, fresh rebirth-troupe novel. The main character isn’t childish, petty and stuck up (like some rebirth novels).

Personally, I found this book very enjoyable and never got bored of it through all 237 chapters. It was satisfying watching the character grow as the story progressed, and I liked how the reader wasn’t bombarded with...”making love” scenes.

Also, I found the novel humorous at times, and rather cute.

I will most read this again, if I can find the time.
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ararisha rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: c237
Rebirth of a Supermodel, in essence, tells the story of an overpowered MC that transmigrates to a parallel universe where his goal is to climb to the peak of the fashion industry as a supermodel. Along the way, he meets ML who, of course, is already sitting at the top of this pyramid. The inevitable happens, and we readers are brought along in a rather predictable path of story conclusion.

Pros/Cons: There are clear strengths and weaknesses to this series. Predictability was its biggest flaw, character development was practically nonexistent... more>> since both MC and ML was overwhelmingly perfect almost from the get-go. If you're in search for a series rife with angst, ingenious plot lines, heavy romance with eternal conflicts and misunderstandings, pronounced character growth... likely, this is not the series for you. However, even with these major flaws, it was undeniably a pleasurable read. The author saved this series with the wonderful pacing in the development of the MC and ML's romance. As a result, their strength of character and predictability actually turned this series into a casual, low-tension, fluff piece filled with humor and adorable moments.

Added Considerations: The translation was well done. I also quite enjoyed the way the author incorporated internet slang and fan culture to the MC and ML's relationship. It added elements of fluff I have yet to see in other novels. The translator's emoticons dotting throughout the series also added hilarity.

Favorite Quotes/Snippets: As an example of how the internet/fan-culture added to the likability of the MC/ML's romance, without giving too much away, try to remember this snippet below. You might not have too much of a reaction now, but when you come across it in the series again, reevaluate how it affects you.
"At that time, there was a lovely little mushroom who wanted to become the tallest plant in the model forest. He wanted to go beyond the forest’s tallest metasequoia. He was laughed at by many small stones and shells. But this small mushroom didn’t give up and tried hard to move forward.
Once the metasequoia see this silly and cute small mushroom, his heart was moved and the two slowly came into contact with each other. They came into contact and the metasequoia said, “Small Mushroom, your body is so soft. I like it.”
The small mushroom said, “Metasequoia, you are very tall. I also like it.”
The metasequoia immediately nodded. “If you like me then become my wife. I can show you the more distant scenery. Come on, sit on my shoulder. Only you can sit on my shoulder.”

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moonyice rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: Completed
SO SO GOOD!!! I love the mushroom husbands soo much T_T going crazy trying to find something similar that lives up to this much cuteness.
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Lucis rated it
January 19, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the best novel out there their love story is just so heartwarming it was simple nothing fancy in their love it felt so natural and smooth and real and perfect I felt sincerity and I love the MC and ML so much sincerely

... more>>

when the ML genuinely cried after witnessing the MC's sad first life when he died of sickness and how much he struggled my heart broke and I cried but at the same time I was so happy because it showed his love like sincere and beautiful feelings of love for the MC I was like "dont worry MC have you now you're happy together I'm sure until death do you apart you will take care of him better than anything else and protect him and love him" so thank you ML <3


i wish them the best cause theyre perfect for each other I love them one of my favorite couple <3<3 <<less
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rilakkuma rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: Completed
The CP was good~

I liked how many people supported the pairing despite how famous they are. Even the obsessed fans were willing to accept the MC and ML being together
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K99MY rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: Completed

I prefer Superstar Aspirations over this. Reason: This novel doesn't have much drama or angst in it (at least till chapter 99). I'm more into heavy plots than the typical slice of life drama... that's why I can't give it a full 5/5 rating.

Nonetheless, the novel isn't bad or anything. It's cute & very funny. The ML is hilarious in an awkward way and the MC isn't weak (which I personally like to see in a MC or shou). Therefore, their relationship is healthy & unproblematic.

When it comes to the... more>> plot....I never was that excited over it cause nothing crazy was happening. I think after around chapter 100 (?) it got better (drama-wise) but it's not like the problems which appeared were solved differently than the previous ones & that difficult to erase.

But for that you got to see their relationship and also much insight on their jobs which made keep reading this novel despite having some less exciting moments.

So at first I would have rated this novel a 3.5/5 but after finishing it, it's definitely a 4/5 for me. ^^

In the end it's just a preference of mine of liking angst more, so don't let this keep you from reading it because the novel is still very good and I enjoyed a lot. <<less
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iamlost rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: Completed
This is quite a good read, but for those who don't like OP MCs and smooth sailing stories, you might not like this. Love the MCs for flirting shamelessly... the dog food was well-fed to the readers _ (;3/
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TomiNdumplings rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: Completed
I just binged this in about 3 days and I have to say, as a slight closet fujoshi who currently has a very strong attachment to their phone aka the internet, this is hands down one of my most favorite BL yet.

The main character is a strong willed black belly type character but has faults as well allowing for the character to be more human and adds little tidbits of comedy... more>>

As an example, while our beloved MC is an amazing model their handwriting apparently looks like a dog wrote it except for their signature and is terrible at acting (though he does improve over the course of the story)

He avoids falling into the more stereotypical Japanese uke/shou category where they whine a lot and are constantly rejecting the seme/gong appearing weak and honestly a little pathetic as a result (don't get me wrong I enjoy reading those stories too). At the same time the MC also doesn't get stuck in the typical black belly Chinese romance novel cutouts like the Non-BL Hidden Marriage for example (again don't get me wrong I also enjoy reading those too) in those the MC is often shown to be more omnipotent like being really pretty, good at fighting (was some sort of underground boss), also great actor, also great model, etc. I personally found that Rebirth of a Supermodel's MC to be a lot more human.

This is a little less true for the ML as he is more of the typical ML cutout character (aka super handsome, super cold, super rich, some sort of industry bigshot unattainable by the common celebrity etc.) but there are still parts that make him more human as well: the constant eating of vinegar, the cute back and forth conversations full of dog food for the single dogs aka PDA, and apperant fear of all furry creatures (?) I particularly enjoyed the extras where we get to see a little more into the MC's and ML's characters

especially the side account extra and the MC's past extra


All of the characters have little bits of charm that make them feel more human overall, I won't go over all of them so you can discover them for yourselves.

Despite all of my praise, I decide to give 4 stars instead of 5 (if I could I'd rather give a 4.9). The reason behind this was because I felt that the story had a rushed ending, perhaps it was partly due to my habit of reading into the wee hours of the morning, but I found that there were parts of the story that felt like the author has dragged out an ark and then directly skipped 5 months. The lead up made it feel like something big would happen at the end but there was no big bang, I felt like just two chapters ago a yearly contract was just renewed then all of a sudden the year had already gone by and the contract expired.

Now I might be saying this but I still think that up until the ending the story was well written, it captivated me into reading more and more, the story was interesting and new how to build up anticipation, the author almost always seemed to follow up on the events that happened prior allowing for everything to sum up nicely. (excluding the part where it seems God X decided to give up on Small Mushroom's handwriting...)

Truth be told, I'm the type who'll read the ending first to decide whether or not I'm going to read something or not (and before that I'd go over to the forums to read the spoilers and before that I'd read the reviews...) and when I read the ending, despite not knowing who all the characters were or knowing exactly what was going on, I was completely taken by the ending (it may have only been a teensy bit of my inner crossdressing fetish...) Though I admittedly didn't go to read the story properly right after that, I came back later and made sure to read every chapter for start to finish and even reread the last chapters.

If I could, I'd give a 4.9, only marking off that one tenth because the ending felt rushed, that how good I thought it was.

Of all the BL's I've read I can confidently say this one is one of the most memorable, if someone asks for a recommendation this will definitely be on the top of my list!

Oh and P.S. the first kiss seen was pretty juicy if I do say so myself and the smexy scenes weren't all fade to black (thought there were only two) !!!!!!!! (°□°) / I loved the emoticons used by the author, I'm not great at coming up with them so the one above is the best I can do, they seem to particularly favor table flipping and shrugging though...

I decided to give a 4 instead of a 5 because I wanted to show that although the story was amazing there were still some flaws, I felt there were parts where the author could've slowed down or sped up.

I find that not a lot of people mention this but the translation quality was great, only a few typos here and there (Translators thank you for all of your hard work~). <<less
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Max24 rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: Completed
I love this BL, this is novel is full of ML alpha-but-weak-to-his-wife vibes and I’m living for it. MC is a top supermodel reincarnated into a lesser, low-tier model in an alternate future world and strives hard to make it back to the top despite having the most golden of golden thighs being at his beck and call. And who doesn’t love an MC who can actually function by himself. The fluff level is overflowing and the romance between MC and ML is loyal. Seriously no cracks and it’s awesome.... more>> 10/10 read. <<less
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Scaranpannoir rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: c237
10/10 this is a story I'd certainly recommend and read again in the future.

The MC is a hard-working person and I really admire that about him, while the ML is... All I can say is that my first impression of him was meh.

But then everything changed. Like, really changed. There were some sad undertones in this story, but it's overall a fluffy and warm, and comedic story. I like the banter between the ML and MC and the reaction of their fans X3 those are the best.

The face-slapping is also... more>> great. :3 <<less
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Acidelia rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: Completed
A very good read! The characters are likeable and very humourous. The relationship between the two male leads also build at a good pace, their interactions together will turn you into mush! What has hooked me into the story however, is the funny commentary by author of the world's reactions to whatever the MC does, the fans reactions to me are very relatable!

For me, the character's road to being the greatest supermodel gradually lessens as the focus of the story begins to revolve more on the character's relationship, which is... more>> fine for me but not if you're looking to read a story about overcoming hardships. MC uses skill and ability he has developed in past life to gain a foothold in the fashion industry.

The ML is one of my favourites! Not too overbearing or too shameless like most semes (though he does have some of those moments) but rather, very thoughtful and works earnestly to build their relationship.

Characters/Relationships: 5/5

Plot/Writing: 4/5

Humour: 5/5

Vinegar Spilt: 4/5

Use of emoticons: (*≧∀≦*) <<less
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NanairoHana rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: Completed
It is a very good danmei book. I love MC (Ming Yu) and ML (Xi Ze) very much.

They both didn't fall in love at the first sight.

Yet, the more they interact the more they feel like the other are made exactly for them.

ML is quite overpowered with his power reach (fame, money, connection). However he is not overbearing, more common than not, MC had strong say on whether ML can intervene or not with his counterattack plotting. ML respects MC wishes. His strong feelings always resulted with him carrying around... more>> vinegar jar and being a walking air-condition. But the same also applies to MC.

MC had strong goal and clear ambition. He yield to no other, even ML in order to accomplish it. It focuses heavily on entertainment world especially modelling and acting (lol evolution of the prettiest vase flower so worth it!). So there you go. Many face-slapping and karma (pun intended) is a b**ch moments.


They had clear and healthy relationship. No dub-con exist. When they feel like it, they just do role-play that both consented >///< By the end, you can feel that the supermodel Xi Ze comes into existence just to ensure his life intersects with Ming Yu, the love of his life. He walks in the long dark runaway alone for 25 years until Ming Yu (25 years being born in a wrong world) died and rebirth into new life. Now he founds his Muse, he retired and pursue his passion (designing) just like his love did (modelling). The end is very satisfying and the extra give justified closure to their long journey.


My favourite phrase from this book:


『 The world kisses me with pain but I sing a song.

You sing the song to the world and the world promises you a new life. 』
How befitting the phrase is for Ming Yu rebirth journey and Xi Ze undying love that awaits his new life <3


I also wants to give a shout out to the translator Rainbow Turtle that is very diligent and often spoils their reader with multiple updates release. Her/His dedication is very much appreciated by this reader <3. I totally fall in love with this author that now I'm following her other book RiaIM. <<less
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vasiliassy rated it
September 23, 2018
Status: c217
Damn I though when I reach ch 50+ it will be same like other star celebrity plot novel but when I read ch 150+ It really give me blow at the creativity or author at giving an excuse to make MC become top supermodel and creativity at her own supermodel world.

I more like the birth of CV superstar at giving the otherworld China ambiance when the old Chinese empire didn't meet bitter history like us.

But still I like hiw rigid author make this story 😍
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EOsakwe rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c136
Okay this is completely and utterly amazing. There was no smut but it was heavily hinted. I can’t wait for this to be complete. I love Xi Ze and Ming Xiaoyu.
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Devil Heart
Devil Heart rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: c129
~\(≧▽≦)/~see this down to earth cute emoticons you will see this a lot more than you imagine in this novel the story is verrrryyyyyy cute ♥♥♥ very funny it was on a appropriate time I like the MC very much no I love him gyaaa compare to OP MC this MC is really more likeable more human he has weakness and he really struggle to fix it but his weakness (acting and cooking) really make him more cuter arrghhh o (*≧▽≦) ツ┏━┓ I like MC and ML pairing sure ML... more>> was on top of the world but it doesn't look like he's too inhuman and godly all the character are alive even MC fans lol and each of them are so cute when they're supporting little mushroom (MC's nickname given by fans) ~ \(≧▽≦)/~ I especially remember when all the important cast in the movie squating in the corner teaching MC acting hahaha (MC started it and gained little mushroom nickname) it was so funny o (*≧▽≦) ツ┏━┓ it was totally recommended ♥♥ <<less
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ikitty03 rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: --
This story is about a dead soul stuck inside a new body of Ming Yu. A young teen model. The dead soul used to be top model in his late 20s. It does not tell what his real name is. He also can remember Ming Yu life. No one think he was a different person. He made himself big in a couple of months. Xi Ze is a top model fell for Ming Yu beauty. Both of them instantly like each other. Well its more like Xi Ze got involved... more>> of Ming Yu life. Ming Yu like Xi Ze perasonilty. This story is good. It tell about their life, tell about their characters, and how they fall in love. A story cannot be good with a describing the characters detail. I gave it 4 star because I want more of the love making bed scene. <<less
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