Rebirth of a Star: Another Day, Another Drama


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Chen Meimei was 180 cms tall with rolls of fat all over her body. When she walked, she would jiggle left and right, like a big pumpkin.

Fu Bainian was a handsome man with a tall, slender build, and wherever he went all eyes would follow him. He walked in the spotlight and lived like a movie star.

When their parents proposed marriage, Fu Bainian sneered and thought to himself, ‘she’s a toad wishing to eat swan meat’. He firmly rejected any thoughts of marriage.

But then…

“Hey look, President Fu’s following Chen Meimei again!”

“Isn’t President Fu slapping his face at this point?”

Great President Fu had a bitter expression on his face. He had no choice! Who decided to let the person that he’d secretly loved for so many years be reborn into the body of such a fatty?!

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Saiyademon22 rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: --
Personally I like the intention of the author but as you read further the plot becomes twisted and inconsistent for me.

Here are the reasons:

... more>>
  1. She fell in love/like with the ML? (TOO DAMN FAST!!!! As in right after they married w/c is after chapter 20)
  2. They got hitched just like that.............. (no contract, no boundaries or rules or anything, he just pop the question and she said yes, as if she can't do better than him) I understand it was an arranged marriage w/c turned to fall to marriage then a fight about divorce (because during their honeymoon he saw a person w/ the same face as the FL before she died and no questions or investigation of who the women was or is asked, so he asked for a divorce the following day, WHAT A D**K)
  3. The ML is too shameless, unfaithful and down right irritating. He propose a marriage to fend off any bees and butterflies because he was [in love or in lust] with the face or appearance of the FL before she died, but then he CONSISTENTLY flirt with other women in front of not directly at her wife's (FL) face, and then act ignorant and innocent about his actions he tries to explain (explain my a**) that it was never his intention even after he knew the FL previous identity.. (this is not revenge or anything check my first reason, but it seems that he knows that she was reincarnated in his chubby fiancee/ wife's body)
  4. Yes she still quite chubby until you reach 1/3 of the story but still......... there so much drama on the ML part...I don't know if the author is joking with the readers for portraying this type of ML. HERE IS WHY: Later on they act lovey dovey> the next day there is a scandal w/ other women> the ML tries to explain his reason and depend himself > the FL forgives him and accuses the women for clinging to him> act normal and repeat the same cycle all over again.... (First of all it isn't just the women's fault to be that provocative, they have to have seen actions on the MALE!!! part to continue their provocation toward the wife/gf. If a man does not encourage this infatuations or actions on other women then unless they are b**ches or has some screw lose, they'll get the message especially if the man does and act protective of their lover. in other word this ML IS PLAIN TRASH, SCUMBAG & A****LE)
  5. The FL is too soft and the author loses the FL identity and integrity as the story progress, she becomes a lovesick fool like the previous owner of her body. (see the cycle above) at first I was liking how she was determined to prove herself and be independent, show her skills and talent in showbiz but right after they got married she change a lot, she became totally dependent on her husband (the scum) and almost all her actions are that of a jealous and careless women. (remember she wants to prove herself to the world not to prove she is better in front of the ML, that was her first intention and then after that she just fell)
  6. She almost became what readers and author define as cannon fodder, her actions does not match what she is intended to be as a capable, strong, determined and independent female lead she was before.
  7. later on the story is just a sick cycle (see above #4)
In short I just got tired of a weak, soft, jealous and careless women the FL turned out to be, the story should have ended long before it's due and they should have divorce and she should have LIVE her life than become a somewhat of a cannon fodder in other stories.

The ML is a scumbag (see the spoilers). The focal point was how the ML is in love with appearances rather than character. how easily he was swayed w/o finding evidences or truth leaving the FL is horde bit and pieces of what is left for her.

For me I feel sorry to the FL, she DESERVES a better partner, a better story/life and a better use of her real character. <<less
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Snowwhitefox rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: Completed
It started out as rom-com transmigration which quickly derailed into melo-melo-melodrama. I was like, what the heck am I reading??? I MTL'd to ch 140s and then picked and chose random chapters until the end to read.


It has a happy ending, she died again and restarted to the point before she died the first time and killed that Shen Wei'an chick and got together with Fu Bainian. (The real) Chen Mei Mei is still alive as well.


I vote this... as... a waste of time.
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LIght Novel San
LIght Novel San rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c3
The story is pretty interesting but as you dwell in the story, I can only feel discrimination, unfairness and fake love.

I can still accept it if there's a touch of fantasy in it like the woman he loves is from thousand years ago or an immortal that suddenly reborn but seriously? The woman that transmigrated is of the same era and just transmigrated into the body of her fatso fiancee. The woman is called Goddess Lan, also known as the slim pretty but the fiance is so fat that he... more>> hated her. Now, the goddess lan suddenly transmigrated to fatty meimei then he's gotten hyped up to continue his pursue?

I don't mean to offend anyone but the 'love' is loveless and just act base on appearance. I'm not saying that I don't look on physical appearance but there's more than it that meets the eye. The premise is good but the ML is really heartless and if you read closely you can feel a tinge of naivety.

Maybe the problem lies within me being partial on both sides but, I feel pity in chen meimei.

And after reading the synopsis for 2nd time, I felt nothing like love but ignorance.

In my opinion, the character of this ML is nothing but a trash, a total scum. <<less
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Aurinne rated it
October 25, 2018
Status: c41
I know there's still a lot to go, but a LOT has happened already.

Should you read this? If you just want something mild, not too straining and LOVE the genre without being picky, then (so far) it's an acceptable time-waster.

Would I recommend it? Not really. It started out promisingly but quickly became bland, lukewarm, inconsistent and unsatisfactory.

... more>> Pros:

  • The MC? It's nice that, apart from her incredible acting ability, she's quite normal - not stupid, but not a genius or possessing myriad skills etc. And not always able to brilliantly deal with everything. Similarly, she actually has to deal the past actions and reputation of her current body's previous owner and carry that burden continually. People don't just suddenly forget everything and bow down and worship her because she's changed her behaviour.
  • The MC's family, while not playing a HUGE part so far, is not horrible to her. For once, she isn't the trash who has to battle her hateful family. The drama focuses on rivals in the industry (one of which is carried over from her past) or love rivals.
  • I don't think I, personally, have read an entertainment industry rebirth/reincarnation story with a female lead (or not for a long time), usually the female MCs end up in some ancient China-type world, so that's a little refreshing.
  • The translation is by Volare Novels, so it's a reliable standard.
  • Readability - it's fairly smooth reading, nothing really bogs it down.

  • The MC. She started out intelligent, composed and reasonable, but she's quickly become bland and inconsistent. I don't really feel I have a handle on what her personality/character is SUPPOSED to be, actually. I do admire authors who give their characters realistic variation in behaviour (sometimes generally-mild people do fire up, for instance), but this doesn't feel like that; it just seems like she's randomly calm and composed, meek, coldly calculating, aggressive, weak-willed etc. According to the mood of the author rather than the personality of the character or the circumstances. Beyond all of that, I don't feel strong enough charisma or anything really engaging about her for me as a reader. I don't hate her, she's just becoming ho-hum.
  • The ML. Is even more meh. Essentially, he fits the C-Novel ML stereotype - powerful, handsome, desirable, attractive, clever, overbearing, cold to other women, possessive etc. - At least, those are the traits we're told he has. However, when reading anything he says or does, he feels like an empty shell. I have no sense of presence or charisma from his character at all. I guess we're supposed to find him swoon-worthy because he's been single-mindedly devoted to the MC since her original incarnation, but the result is that he's horrible to anyone who isn't her and the MC in her reincarnation was quite cruelly and unnecessarily hurt by that. While the MC may forgive him, I haven't. His other overbearing behaviours are probably also supposed to be swoon-worthy. Well, I've never enjoyed that aspect of C-Novel MLs anyway, but at least they ARE usually charismatic, charming and likeable enough for me to bear with it. This ML is so bland I just get fed up and disdainful - his overbearing acts usually feel unnecessary, with no reason not to communicate normally. The author just puts him through the motions of what they think the cookie cutter ML should be.
  • The plot's becoming too busy/messy already. Multiple rivals (some mysterious) are popping up one on top of the other and, rather than making everything exciting and intriguing, it's feeling unfocused. Indeed, the MC doesn't feel like a protagonist at all but merely a main character who is running around ineffectually.
  • The one useful skill that she DOES have from her previous life, her acting, doesn't get much attention in the plot. It's there, but it's more like it's a given that she acts well, let's focus on drama with the rival co-actors.
Well, like I said at the start: If you love the genre and are not picky, this is a readable time-waster. If you want something of a good standard, then it's probably a waste of your time! <<less
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acoleman2 rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: c80
Gonna keep this short, mild spoilers ahead:

  1. Basically popular actress reincarnates as overweight stalker; not an original idea and not well executed, author couldn't figure out how to make her a good actress so just made everyone around her incompetent, almost no focus on the actual skills and nature of showbiz
  2. Character interactions are too one-sided, only focus is on MC so characters don't develop their own personality except antagonist and love interest... and their personalities are awful.
  3. Romance basically consists of MC gets treated like crap, swears she won't go back to the person who treated her like crap, decides to go back to the person who treated her like crap
I binged a large number of chapters, and quickly got sick of it. I don't recommend it.
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Kucing kucing
Kucing kucing rated it
September 6, 2018
Status: c23
The plot and character developments are weak. Everything seems rushed. It is like we are jumping from one scene to another a bit too fast


Suddenly getting kidnapped, ML just out of nowhere getting an idea a burning villa got to do with FL

Suddenly in a bf&gf relationship, the next moment already married?

FL suddenly likes ML? At which point did she liked him?

The police suddenly came barging in the right room with guns just because of a scream from FL, because she's too shocked seeing ML in the same room?

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Toyo rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: c50
I thought I liked the FL quite a bit but her acceptance of ML is difficult to digest. It makes me question her self-esteem. This is the first time I have started reading a story where the ML is so unlikable. I cannot ship them. I am continuing with the webnovel only because of my faith in Volare.

Edit: I am stopping at Ch. 69. I will come back to it some time in the distant future.
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