Rebirth and Counterattack: Bringing a Mysterious President Home


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She was originally a first-rate assassin but was killed by a pair of paramour and jezebel.

But now, she has been reborn as an ugly monster and gained a stupidly handsome president as a husband.

No matter how handsome he is, she won’t succumb. She hasn’t had her revenge yet, no time for romance!

A piece of divorce agreement paper made the president cling onto her.

From then on, her president husband spoiled and doted on her endlessly.

Mocked? Hubby will come to the rescue!
Bullied? Hubby will come to the rescue!
Out of money? Hubby will give more!
Career not doing so well? Hubby will help save it!

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cookieconquerer rated it
June 15, 2017
Status: c242
Ok, I'm not gonna lie, the translator's ire for this story peaked my interest, so I google translated/slogged through up to 242 and honestly, it wasn't horrible. (This could possibly be because of my inner engrish --> English editor I've acquired through my extensive reliance on google translate, so possibly google rolled over the truly heinous parts of the story. This is my interpretation of the story based on g-translate, I don't actually read chinese.)

So, I have a pretty good idea of why the translator thinks the story failed.

Word... more>> vomit with many spoilers below.



So we go from transmigration -> woo reasonable heroine with brain! -> ML has powers? And is also an Assassin? -> Subplots with family and basically every other female in the story hating her guts, FL becomes assassin again but is always somehow weaker than the men sent by female haters -> FL has superpowers? -> Decision to focus on revenge despite saying she'll wait to consolidate her strength -> Everybody and the kitchen sink knows she's switched bodies and are somehow OK with this. -> More stuff thrown into the story because why the eff not

Essentially, everything but the kitchen sink is in this story. You start with a standard transmigration, homie A goes into homie B's body, simple. Then it turns into she was an awesome assassin (who somehow allowed herself to be strapped to a bomb?!) betrayed by her former loved one. Ok, still working in the same theme. Tolerable, not original in the slightest (except PERHAPS the fact both bodies live in the same timezone, were on the same ship, and had similar names).

Turns out homie B's life sucked, she had a giant purple mark on her face (where have we heard this before?) and her family, despite being rich, never bothered to get it removed. Oh, and did I mention she somehow died after intercourse with her husband, which resulted in some blood down below despite not being a virgin -if my google translate was correct-. SO husband and family are complete arses. Nothing new, standard transmigration story still.

Then, we're allowed to get excited, as our girl gets rid of the birthmark (miraculously without a "she was poisoned?!?! Remark) and hands the husband a letter of divorce. Hallelujah, she has seen the light! Finally, a heroine with common sense (although they still live together due to his grandpa but w/e, boundaries have been set). All this before chapter 32 (the chapter the translator said things start to go south.)

Here's where things go awry. Suddenly, the author starts adding more sh*te to the story. Like the ML suddenly can transform into a chibi, then he's a demon king, oh and there's an alternate dimension with demons who may or may not now have a grudge against our girl for knowing about their world. Did I mention he's basically got a personality disorder as he doesn't remember what happens when he's small? (Not that his personality was all that great in the first place, but he does improve. He discovers a protective instinct regarding her and even rushes into a burning building to save her. And he figures some stuff out on his own, like his old lover is crazy and was using him. He even starts to genuinely care for our girl, and without attempted rape (so far) tries to convince her he likes her.)

Our girl? Suddenly she decides to be a stunt double, and gets into elongated fights with various people who decide they hate her on sight and it turns out the female she ends up doubling for was the lover of the ML. Yes my friends, we have an effin triangle, that PERSISTS even after the crazy lady gets sent to jail. Even after she attempts to throw acid on our girl and sets the place on fire. The ML rejects her again and again and like team rocket every time she loses she declares she'll be back, the ML is being tricked! The sister is just as bad, convinced the ML will marry her as well, if only that pesky FL weren't in the way. She uses the standard "let's drug her, that'll show her who's queen bitch" formula every time. If it's not sleeping pills it's an aphrodisiac, etc. (Again, where have we heard this before?) At least our girl this time ends up giving as good as she's given, and the sister ends up being the one embarrassed.

More kitchen sink: our girl, in the middle of the burning building, awakens honest to god superhero powers, and an inner space. Yeah. She also has some little girl living in said space who says something along the lines of "you've finally woken up!" Then the FL wakes up and doesn't know how to access the space and the whole super power thing is forgotten for a while. Because discovering you can walk through fire, UNHARMED, is NBD. W. A. T.

Then, there's a whole arc where she fixes problems at home in her old life, freely admitting she's changed bodies, and through protag armor somehow manages to pull everything off. As in she dresses up as a doctor/nurse and is somehow able to smuggle her old grandfather out of the tallest room of the highest tower Top floor of a hospital. Without incident. Because hospitals totally allow people to come and go freely from VIP wards just because you're wearing a uniform. Makes total sense. Badges? Huh? What are those? Doesn't matter, apparently the ML's friend is coincidentally the top hacker in the world and had the freetime to take down security at the entire hospital, so let's just ignore everything unfeasible and focus on wanting to meet this hacker!*hairflip as they ride off into the sunset*


Honestly, I didn't mind it as a time waster, but if you need continuity, good storytelling, or just want a story that knows where the F it wants to go, this is not for you.

The ML becomes a pretty decent guy though (with unrealistic expectations due to lack of communication between partners, but it's cute in a way when he pouts *shrugs*), so there's that. <<less
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alexfilia rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: --
This novel is alll over the place!

The MC is super weak and an idiot.... The ML is an as*** and everyone else is either evil or stupid sometimes both at the same time..... The MC is supposed to be an assasin but she is super weak and gets into situations where she needs to be saved by the ML a lot....

Oh did I mention it becomes xanxia after a while?.... yeah the ML turns out to be a chibi demon king

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