Rebellious Game


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In Chapter 71, I saw some outrageous news and mentioned it.

Many readers asked where the news was.

I answered: The news happened in xx.Readers from the xx area:

The author says xx is a scam city! She is black in the area! ! Other readers:

Author ‘soriginal words: xx is a scam city **[cp: Witch [Go and stay at will, reject false demining] ** High temperatures, cold waves, earthquakes, landslides, mudslides… food poisoning, gas leaks and explosions, traffic accidents, fires… In the name of accidents and natural disasters, human beings are the competition.

Some people also say that this is an evolutionary game that only advanced humans deserve to survive.

** [The heroine is invincible, does not abuse the protagonist, multiple bystanders can visually witness the disaster, and the supporting characters can end up with anything] [Global evolution + super power recovery + unlimited flow + accident/disaster survival] [Popular science has happened in Western history disasters and accidents, refer to news reports for information] [This article is purely fictitious, and any similarity is purely coincidental! ! ]

* [Someone in XHS posted a message to find the author, but the big data was not pushed to the author himself, but to the author’s best friend, who manually pushed it to the author] [So here I am again]

** [Next book “I am a salty fish in a weird world” 】Tentative [Strange + Unlimited Streaming + Salted Fish Boss + Dungeon Breakthrough + Opening a Store] [The heroine has no cp + infrastructure + apocalypse + unlimited streaming]

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