Real Mother of the Wealthy Family’s Rebellious Son is Back


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Lu Xi dreamt that she would die in a year. After her death, her son grew up to be a notorious rebellious young man due to lack of discipline and died in a racing accident.

Out of anger, she fainted and woke up sixteen years later. The wealthy family was still the same, her husband was richer, more handsome, and more caring than before. But what’s the use of earning so much money if he couldn’t even manage their son?

Seeing Xie Yichao, Lu Xi, with a dark face, pushed him against the wall, “The man surnamed Xie, can you manage our son? If you can’t, I will!”

Xie Heng, seeing his nearly 1.9-meter-tall father being pinned, irritably pulled them apart, “Take your little lover and go have fun elsewhere, stop bothering me!”

Xie Yichao glared at him, “Shut up, this is your real mom.”

Xie Heng: Huh?

His dad was out of his mind, bringing a pretty young woman in her twenties not only to be his stepmom but also claiming she was his real mom?

To avoid being controlled, Xie Heng deliberately opposed Lu Xi.

He skipped classes and stayed out playing until midnight. Lu Xi set a curfew, barring him from entering the house and making him sleep in the garage.

When he got into a fight and injured his head, Lu Xi bandaged him up and sarcastically handed him a cup of walnut milk, “Drink this to boost your brain.”

When he played with motorcycles, Lu Xi had Xie Yichao ride one too, with her on the back seat, following Xie Heng wherever he went, turning his rebellious acts into family activities. Xie Heng: How can I enjoy this anymore!!!

He surrendered. Was admitting defeat okay? Lu Xi was definitely his real mom!

Lu Xi didn’t think much; she just wanted to manage her son and work on her career. As for her husband, she didn’t care much; a superficial marriage was fine with her.

Unexpectedly, Xie Yichao clung to her like a miser, fearing she would disappear again someday! Even more outrageous, the father and son almost blew up the kitchen competing to make breakfast for her!

On Xie Heng’s school parent-teacher conference day, his classmates laughed at how obedient he was in front of Lu Xi, joking that he was afraid of his stepmom. Xie Heng blushed angrily, “Shut up, she’s my real mom!”

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