Raising the Lowest-Ranked Adventurer, the Heroic Girl – Wasn’t I Just a Substitute Old Man?


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In an experiment to create artificial black holes or white holes for energy generation, things went awry. Instead, it opened a portal to another world, but not a friendly one. It connected to the dwelling places of creatures known as monsters. Amidst this chaos, individuals with supernatural abilities, similar to the monsters, emerged. They were known as “Awakened Ones.” Once awakened, they were obligated to serve for five years.

Koosuke Igami, a 35-year-old middle-aged adventurer of modest Class 3 ranking, had been adventuring for nearly five years. He joined a team of beginner high-class adventurers, but he only had three months left until his five years were up, and he could retire from being an adventurer.

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An adventurer with the lowest rank, raising a brave girl~ Wasn't I just a middle-aged man?
Saitei Rank no Boukensha, Yuusha Shoujo wo Sodateru ~Ore tte Kazu Awase no Ossan Janakatta ka?
Saitei ranku no bōken-sha, yūsha shōjo o sodateru 〜 ore tte sū-awase no ossan janakatta ka?〜
最低ランクの冒険者、勇者少女を育てる 〜俺って数合わせのおっさんじゃなかったか?〜
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Fluffums rated it
September 26, 2023
Status: v2c4
What's worse than a protagonist who can't say? A protagonist who also can't stop complaining while agreeing to every request. On top of that, the setting and characters have a lot of problems... Well, there are interesting parts here and there so it gets a 2/5 from me.

Also, the translation from Zetro is full of pronoun errors, major ones that ruin the immersion constantly and especially at important conversations... It's only slightly better than unedited MTL.
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