Raising the Flaming Flags of War


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The hero had been killed during battle, a man was sentenced to death by burning at the stake. The man’s death had saved the kingdom’s dilemma, and brought peace to the continent. Time flows on, and one mysterious child was born in the countryside. His name is Marco. As war broke out once more, leading an army, he had rose to prominence, bearing an appearance resembling the man who had been killed inside the fire.

Associated Names
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Fanning the Flames of War!
Kakei Senki Wo Kakageyo!
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PrinceOfLight rated it
July 24, 2016
Status: --
Well such dark story and yet a bad ass MC. The MC die because killing the hero. Return as a child, making the village prosper, gaining a pawn. Merchant, veteran, and a spy. Wow

Great story.
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SirMajorLemon rated it
September 29, 2016
Status: c0
It's a good story about a mysterious child in a kingdom on the verge of war, it's pretty clear the MC has memories and mystic powers, swag or something but it's not pushed in too your face. The interesting thing is that the story has the MC at the focus but it's not mainly his point of view but the people around him and how his action affect things. And the people clearly know he is not normal, which is nice because is in some novel a MC would do... more>> something outrageous and almost no one would care.

Can you imagine how unnerving it would be to see a 6-7 year kid talk about economics, military and advanced mathematics. Like a experienced veteran. Like wtf and this novel has that.

Great story. 9/10 read it would read again!

No bulls*t Isekai here. Mystic Swag for the win <<less
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August 20, 2017
Status: c27
Reincarnation of the legendary wiseman starting over from scartch.

All I can say is that everything is made too convinient for the MC. And all it sums up to is the word "fate". Now theres nothing wrong with a fated meeting... but in this novel, its just used too much that it feels ridiculous.

All these grown man, officials, knights, or even bandits just prostate to him the moment they see him or talk to him and becomes his loyal blind follower just like that. To a boy thats not even ten... more>> years old..

can you imagine a war bandit thats notorious on s*ave dealing just drop on his knees after he sees a smart alek kid that looks cold on the outside?

The story isnt bad per se, but how easy the author made for the MC is really off putting for me. While it should be done in a more better and more believable way than something cheap as fate.

And its basically an ossan harem.. cause you'll gonna see a bunch of ossan fawning over a ten year old like he is their idol or something. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Halmista rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: c19
A nice story written in actual novel form and not about Japanese people getting reincarnated in rpg-like fantasy world. It's a breath of fresh air. And as the previous reviews have pointed out, each chapter is written in a POV of the people around the protagonist therefore giving him an air of mystery.
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oli0202 rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c6
Too much of a perfect MC, every character only exists to praise him as a virtuous intelligent noble god of war that knows just enough about literally everything it seems

Felt like a bit of a wankfest with every paragraph describing how great the MC is, it may get better later on but this was too much for me
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Senethari rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: c14
I loves me a little something different, and this is the good stuff.

The story is told mainly from the POV of the MC's followers, rather than the MC himself, so there's this great quality, (patchwork quilt? Stained glass mosaic?), a larger story formed from the actions and opinions of these secondary characters. There's no info dump about the MC's past, and as he doesn't spend any time talking about it himself, the reader is the one who pieces the bits together to see the character inside. The secondary characters... more>> are well written, with understandable and sympathetic motivations. Together, it becomes a massive movement towards a future I can't wait to read.

On a side note, it vaguely reminded me of Forgotten Conqueror, which also has a "big villain" reincarnated as a child who goes on to do interesting things, though the focus is more personal OP and less machiavellian strategy. It's not listed on NU, so google it if that's your kettle of fish. <<less
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Shiraori_ rated it
February 15, 2017
Status: c9
I know that reincarnation and transmigration is popular thing with novels, but try not to expect something amateurishly written. The novel is written in a very archaic, poetic style that's often difficult to understand and follow, and it reads like the telling of a legend -- the translation, which is very good, reflects this very well on top of that. It's an oddly old-fashioned style of writing that's difficult to read at times and can tend to be confusing (for a mongoloid like me.)

The novel takes place primarily from... more>> the viewpoint of the people the protagonist, Marko, meets, or in some cases re-unites with. Most chapters are usually self-contained stories of each individual person meeting with him. It's also very important to note that we never see the perspective of Marko himself, and that is probably something that will likely not change for perhaps the rest of the novel. That in itself is something interesting but also is where my problem in the novel lies. The problem is that the story is told in fragments, each a fairly significant time apart, from the perspective of an entirely new person. As a result things tend to get confusing when various events happen between each meeting and we aren't even shown the perspective of the main person tying everything together. I feel like there's too much happening outside of the perspectives of the new characters that I'm so left in the dark I can't be invested in anything that's happening.

I've talked a lot about the writing being confusing and fragmented, but that's the largest impression this novel has had on me thus far. Its unconventional writing style with multiple perspectives on top of difficult material to begin with makes it hard to follow, but I do believe purely because it has such an unorthodox writing style it's worth at least checking out. Personally, it's not the type of thing for me, but I appreciate what's being attempted here. <<less
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Carthix rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c32
Synopsis reminds of of Jeanne d'Arc. Well, I'll rate and review after reading up to current chapter.


The novel is written in a episodic format with each chapter being told from a different PoV. It may get confusing at times while following the story. The author also writes about future events and uses versions of "but that's a story to be told another time" which breaks immersion and is a lazy way to end a chapter. The story also seems to be written in a format that is often just "telling"... more>> you what happens instead of trying to immerse you in it making it a tedious read. I would also say about 30% of the chapters is just the side-characters praising how awesome the supposed main character is.

Overall, this novel isn't really my cup of tea but some others might enjoy it. <<less
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talldude8 rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c38
This is an excellent novel but it's a shame the translation project has been inactive for two years already. The novel is much more realistic and well thought out than some of the LitRPG novels featured here. Some people might not like it since the language use when translated to english is occasionally difficult to understand and "poetic". Also it features an almost perfect MC, but I don't consider this a detriment since it is handled properly.

I hope it gets picked up again someday...
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