Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home


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What happens when an ordinary university student runs into a cute, coquettish little fox? What if the little fox is actually a Cultivator? What future awaits the university student after this fateful meeting? Is he heading towards the path of doom? Or is he heading towards ultimate greatness? Read on to find out! Join us and let us embark on an epic journey where we follow the twists and turns of this human-animal… *cough*… human-demon love story.

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Jia Li Yang Ge Hu Li Jing
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January 18, 2020
Status: c50

It's actually not to bad to read and the first chapters are quite funny. I has such a good concept, but the the author just couldn't put it into a good story.

The main issues I have with this story are:

1. The author constructs a harem that the MC isn't aware of. This story will probably not turn into a harem as sad as it sound since some girls have interesting characters. It's incredibly unsatisfying to read a harem novel that isn't meant to be one. It makes all the female love interests useless. Destined to stay by his side but never become a lover and stuff like that.

2. It's a generic Story where 95% of the male population are horny perverts who'd do anything to get a woman.

3. Most male character are obviously so unreasonable that it hurts while reading. And there are just way to many, one dissappears just for two of them to appear.

4. The MC is incredibly dense and looks like someone who is watching a different film most of the times. His little fox has to tell him that a person wanted to kill him after he fought them.

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DeadOpossum rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c600
The quality of the world building is on the level of Alice in Wonderland.

... more>>

Powerful sects were reduced by officials?

They do not fight in cities because of unspoken rules even if they have the morals of murderers?

They need a special barrier to speak about secret matters because enemies are superhumans and can hear anything, but 10 chapters later they do not even bother closing the balcony.

They cannot kill mortals with spells but it is ok with superhuman strength by hands? (And this rule seems only applies to MC, because 10 chapters later...)


The awareness of the author about how humans act is on the level of a middle schooler.


They need a gigantic sum of money to sponsor a sect, but instead of secretly healing a couple of wealthy people they choose to open a tea shop? How about arithmetics?

MC openly robs a sect, but nobody comes after him even though he lives openly?


Cultivation and battle techniques are cringy.


They cite buddist mantras and do hand signs.


However, the romance is pretty sweet, and the story is pretty interesting.

3.5 <<less
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