Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil


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A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds, always as an expendable villain.

With no free will, every world became a dead end. Every one of his lives ended tragically.

Finally, after wresting control of the Villain System, this ace hacker decided to enact revenge. Even if his very bones were rotten, he’d choose to occupy the very heights of morality, if only on the surface.

Thus, he would change his fate as an abused slag.

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Roxasfleur rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: Completed
Love this story to death! There're lots of world and any kind of profession. What's not to love? I can't even choose which world I like the most. I especially love the ger aa!

The protagonist is cool, cute with characteristics often times resembling a cat, cunning, smart, etc. He may seem to OP but gradually he'll find more hardship. And I really love that the ML always follows the MC around to every reincarnation. "Immortal lover" is really the best description!


Finally after chapter 12 I can't... more>> wait another month for the next chapter and just directly translate the raw in google translate. Even though a lot of bits were passing by (cause the translations were really headache-inducing) I got the gist of the story and that's what matters the most. Ok so moving on to the story

I so LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE 999x this story. The author will tie all loose ends at the ending and it's so worth it! I finally know how and why the ML keeps following the MC around. At the end, you'll feel that this story isn't about 15 separate worlds but because there's cause and effects that's why the story happens as it was. Really worth my time!

Definetely the best yaoi story ever! For you rotten guys out there, this story got every possible fantasies you have! Definetely won't regret it!! <<less
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Fanya rated it
October 7, 2017
Status: c9.12
I didn't read it for the yaoi, read it for the wonderful plot.

  1. Each chapter is an arc with a typical plot (imperial power struggle in ancient China, zombie apocalyse, drama in the entertainment industry etc) and the MC randomly comes into the body of a side character trying to derail the main character. The arcs are consistent in quality in terms of setting/plot/characters, concise with no chapters of fillers.
  2. The different point of view bought to light how some generic MCs that we kind of accept as righteous also have plenty of personality flaws. Our MC reincarnates into people with personality flaws and never at beginning of the plotline, so it's interesting to see how he gets out of the cannon fodder situations and remedies past bad actions (if he reincarnated into a bad person) to live mostly righteously while stay in line with character.
  3. There is an overall plot so it's not just a series of disjointed short stories with no relation to each other. With every story arc, he discovers/gains something and gets closer to his goal.
And lastly the translation is good. There are minor typos but it's a smooth read and I appreciate the translator doing one arc at a time so no weeks of waiting for random cliffhangers. The yaoi element is strong, but if that's not your... more>> type of tea, just skip the 3-4 paragraph where they get deep into it every arc and you'd still get a good story out of it. <<less
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Mikleo rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: Completed
This has to be one of the most amazing BL Novels ever written.

It actually competed with my personal favorite (True Star), they now share the 1st spot in my list of favorite BL novels.

From the beginning till the end, I was thoroughly hooked with this novel.

... more>> The MC was quite unique because he basically doesn't care about being good or playing nice. He's not the type of MC who's domineering and arrogant, he actually doesn't care about the other characters unless you're the one who personally provoked him.

He perfectly fits this description: 'Don't poke the sleeping dragon. You'll die immediately.'

The ML in this novel was very possessive, loving, devoted, and funny.

The ML literally chases after the MC throughout their Different Lifetimes. He had this crazy obsession with the MC. He's literally a Stalker, lmao!~

The Ending was actually kind of sweet because the ML was so devoted with the MC.

If you want spoilers, just PM me. I don't want to post anymore spoilers here. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kailyria20 rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: Completed
L O V E this novel soooo much, I volunteer to have your babies translator (s) lol. Lovely gem you picked up here. No cliffhangers is the BEST part. &Lt;3 I have end up reading it over again from the start while waiting for the next update too. ;)
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Skilvh rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c4.11
Uwaahh~ This is one of the best Yaoi stories in this sites! Not only it has excellent story line/plot, the pace is also very on point~! Love this~! I can't stop my mouth from grinning too widely throughout this series. Hopefully my colleagues didn't see me grinning like a fool. Tehe~ ;p
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Ashie10 rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: c4
I've just started reading the novel but I liked what I read so much, so I am writing a review.

Many novels start promising but later due to many reasons my interest would die out. But... but I sincerely hope that this won't be one of those for me. The premise is fun and the protagonist is the kind of OP I really like - smart, a bit evil and loyal. I am looking foward to reading the rest of it.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
enflv rated it
October 4, 2018
Status: c176
I don’t know how many times I got in trouble for constantly being on my phone and reading this novel, but it was worth it! I feel like it was one of the novels, that made novels with ‘Transmigration’, and ‘System Administrator’ tags more popular. Unfortunately, this novel also made my standards and expectations towards other novels very high. I really want to erase my memories, and reread it! The relationship between MC and ML is really sweet, and often caused me to scream and squeal out loud.

Conclusion: I Really... more>> Love This Novel!

(P.S. : Sorry, if my review made your eyes bleed) <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WhenDogsFly rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c15.13
I FELL IN LOVE! This book was totally fantastic, breaking the normal yaoi stereotypes of the uke being just a powerless, Gary Stu, doll like a creature who is saved by the seme at every situation.

That's why I stopped reading yaoi. But this, this was something. It left me mesmerized at every point, making me wait eagerly for the updates.

And the translator, I LOVE HIM/HER! The amount of reasearch he/she did with a perfect editing, it makes me want to bow down to his/her feet. The use of the right... more>> vocabulary at every place and not even a singe mistake. That takes a lot of patience. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read this wonderful work! <<less
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Jynxlynn rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c13.8
I very much enjoy this story.

The plot varies from simple and fun to absolutely heartbreaking. The main character is interesting and entertaining, and manages not to lose himself even while submerging himself in so many other characters.

I am very interested to see where this all leads and can't wait for the next installment.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blasterwisard rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c12.10
Wow. Just wow.

This is one of the best web novels I have read. The writer is wonderful and the translator has done an excellent job too. (Though the xianxia was harder for me to read cause I don't read a lot of it.)

I couldn't put the book down for 3 days straight. Even at the end of arcs, I was muttering "I'll stop after one more paragraph." Didn't happen.

I don't usually write reviews, but I can't not when a book is this awesome.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hitexh rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: v6
I admit this is good. The world keep changing and fast pace. So it skip the most boring detail you find in many novel. But, its gay world. So sometime, I kind of imagine the MC is cute loli to compansate it.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Loffy01 rated it
August 13, 2018
Status: c176
On the first read of the whole entire novel, I was satisfied and content. The sweet revenge stroked my desire for face slapping. This novel is a great revenge fulfillment story. You feel satisfied about the justice that the main protagonist gets.

But I recommend to stop rereading after 1 or 2 time. When the exciting and happy emotions disappear, logic and clarity will kick in. And honeymoon no more...

Continue reading for the finer detail.

Coming back and reading the story for the nostalgia and fun again, I’ve realized how redundant and... more>> poorly written this novel is.


Over time, the methods that the hacker uses to achieve his goals deviates from his original plan: to take revenge using his own strength and power.

We start seeing usage of eye hypnotism power and miraculous body shaping skills. Wow! I didn’t know humans can hypnotize with eyes and change appearance at will!

One can argue that the hacker really did achieve his goals with his own power by hacking into the system and manipulating its power. Yet, when he unnaturally changes his appearance or use fantastical/somewhat magical hypnotism power to control people, the integrity of his mission (to take revenge with his own power) is lost.

All of the sudden, it’s not fun to read about a character that’s get everything handed on a silver platter (basically). The hard work and planning from arc one slowly disappears as magical powers kick in.

I lament this tragic demise of the hackers original mission.

Now I can’t read the story without picking out the minute and irritating details.

That’s why the reader of this review should heed my warning: don’t reread too much. You’re gonna regret it!

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blrblrb rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: Completed
The first chapter already blew me away. Each world the MC goes into is so detailed and complex. It's like r/ProRevenge in every chapter. And this novel has a little bit of everything in it. Some chapters were hilarious to read, and some were really sad and tragic. I love chapters 1, 8, 9, and 10!

I have to say that MC was too OP in some chapters though. It was too easy for him to win. And the ending was kind of disappointing... Some of the chapters had better and... more>> more satisfying endings. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LadyBlue rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c9.12
Looking at all the five stars reviews, I was desperate to get some alone me-time so I'd be able to savor this gem.

So our MC, a top hacker was forced by God to play the part of a minor cannon fodder in several hundred worlds in several different settings. Slowly he begins to gain control of his mind and decides to play out the role of cannon fodder while simultaneously doing little things that will slowly change the course of the setting.

The first world we began in was very interesting.... more>> We got to see what motivated our MC, got to understand his hatred for "God", his desire to break free of the system and his loneliness.

We watch as our MC breaks free of his cannon fodder ending, gets together with a supporting male character (our ML) and derail the God's world.


Now my problem started with the second world.

In the first world, the MC says how he will stay away from the main protagonist as that was a quick way for the God to notice that he was a virus and get crushed like a bug. In the second world, not only does he single handedly change the protagonist's (the ML) story-line, he does it in a way that can be easily be traced by God. Oh and did I mention he gets together with the protag in happily married kinda way. How is that staying away from the original protagonist so that he won't get noticed by God!!!!

However I was still enjoying the novel so I decided not to sweat the facts.

In the third world it was a xianxia setting with reincarnation.

And in this world, the MC escapes being cannon fodder, ruins the original female protagonist and gets together with a male supporting character (the ML). So pretty much the first world in a different setting


And in the fourth world........ Yeah, I'm not doing this anymore.

I tried to like this novel, I really did. But when I got to the ninth arc, I realized I didn't care for any of the characters anymore, so I dropped it

My point is- pros to the author for managing to think of so many different settings, but I really wish s/he had played around with the story more. MC is always drop dead gorgeous, ML is always obsessed with MC. The world's original protagonists are always jerks. MC is always so cool and intelligent that it's boring. Nothing truly bad ever happens to him. You'd think after ruining so many of God's world, God would at least send a minion or a warning or something but no, nothing ever happens. Each of the worlds is a predictable reincarnation-type story. For people who like pure romance type stories, this is for you. For people who prefer decent plot to romance, look elsewhere <<less
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Allstarall rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c9.12
10/10!!! The stories are all so great and are of all genres. For those grossed out by Bl, don't worry, there isn't too much smut! However, the romance is awesome. SO CUTE, SO SAD, and SO AWESOME. Must I repeat, so AWESOME. The Chinese face-slapping retaliation with cutenesssssss. The MC and the main interest have likable personalities, and even the side characters are very lovable!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FailSafe rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c9.12
Like other reviwers here, this novel made me create an account just to give my two cents, that's how I love this novel. Out of all the BL novels that I've read, this definitely topped my list.

The Plot:

The plot is very unique, it's like a jiggsaw puzzle; with each world representing a piece, each having their own complete, separate stories; but as the story progresses, you can see that they are intertwined with each other, building the main plot gradually down to the last piece, making the main plot... more>> whole and complete.

The Characters:

MC- this MC is the prime definition of a character that wants what they want. He is intelligent, minds his own goddamn business, can be ones worst nightmare, but is kind and loyal to the people who respect and treat him well; He's not a goody-two-shoe that acts like a saint and his "cheat" is also rather explained well in the story and didn't magically possess it just because he's the main character.

ML- oh boy.. This ML. What other works out there that is more than half-way through out the story yet the readers still don't know about his freaking REAL name, let alone his true character? Ironically, this is the exact reason why my interest with this particular character magnifies by tenfolds lol although we still don't really know about the ML's real self, each world provides us with insights regarding traits of him consistently i.e. Being overly possessive, smoker, stalker etc that perhaps coincide with his true self's character. ML is also extremely loyal and head-over--heels to the MC to the point of blind worship XD


I never feel the story to be dragging because of the unique setting. There is not one filler chapter, it's fast-paced given that the MC doesn't waste time dilly-dallying and wants to accomplish his mission fast; but that doesn't mean the worlds are not fleshed out enough to guarantee a satisfying read, in fact, they are well executed.

This novel is addicting, it is one of the very few works that I re-read and not get tired of, and I am rarely the one to do that. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Medusa324 rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c8.25
I absolutely adore this story.


I just have to say really enjoy the different worlds with the main plot over arcing it.


The romance for the MC is just have enough not to be fake but more fluid and realistic at least for me anyway and can't wait to see the last chapters to see it all play out finally.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
vladimir935 rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: c3.4
The story is good for yaoi fans who just want the romance but even that is boring past the first arc. The problem I have with this story is that it's the same story every f**king arc. Every arc begins whit MC possesing a body of some canon fooder and having to resolve the situation he is in to avoid his demise, but what's stupid is the way he solves his problems, it's way to easy and then it focuses on gay romance.

And I even have problem with that. The... more>> yaoi romance in the first arc was OK because the body MC possesed is said to be gay, so I was like if the body he possess is gay, he is too, and his lover that is gay is reasonable too because it was never said or shown that he had a wife/girlfriend etc. But in the second arc where he is a painter he is gay again (then I was: OK he is gay himself) but the problem is his gay lover he was before falling for the MC a married guy who has a kid and has remarried again. Why would he suddenly become gay for the MC? And the same happens in the third arc, I don't know is it the emperor or the crown prince because I stopped reading it midway, but neither of them showed signs of being gay, since MC showed how their stories would have ended, and would you guess it, one of them is definitely gay for the MC. Why can't the author spice it up by making MC girl and making yuri romance or having a normal relationship as a man/woman?

So the story is god for yaoi fans who want the same rehashed romance every 10 chapters but if you want anything else you won't find it here. <<less
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Atsuki Joou
Atsuki Joou rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: Completed
My first BL quick wear read and til date I have read atleast 1 arc of all the fast wears out there and it's still the best!!

Still the best!!! Still the best!!

Zhou Yun Sheng, our OP MC, is by far the most reasonable MC I have seen-read about. Him being OP is described well at the start so you can get used to him really fast!! Best part is how he is almost never OOC and integrates into the story rather than outright destroying it. His real persona as described... more>> in the later parts is that he is definitely the cute arrogant prince type who loves to be doted on, at a sub-conscious level, but also gives his all for the (only) one he loves!!! Yun Sheng is a character you can't help but love, just like our ML!!

The ML is the same throughout and his character is the wild (AHEM!!) and arrogant type BUT also the type who spoils Yun Sheng beyond limit!! His obsession is something that I fell in love with (if my lover was Yun Sheng I'd probably be the same hehehe).... The best and worst thing about him was probably how he was too selfless which was a stark contrast to his obsessive nature but was well integrated!!


I bawled with tears and whatnot when he threw Yun Sheng from that last world and what he said in the Back to the Beginning Arc..... too good to be true. My heart actually skipped a beat for him at that part still I love Yun Sheng more.


Definitely a good read!! You can't help yourself comparing other fast-wears with it... it is that good!! For me it's a classic!!

These days I have started reading other works by the author but it's still the best for me!!

(I have read every arc atleast (!!!) 10 times still go back to read them once in while..I'm unable to help myself.....)

I should mention this here because I really loved, this fact about novel i.e. all arcs are complete... you know how it all ends for the MC which for me is a big big big PLUS point!!

This is a type of novel which can be read by people who do not like this genre...I can even bet that, if you are smn who genuinely likes reading novels, you'd loves this irrespective of you like or dislike towards BL.. it's that good!!

The whole review is me rambling all the way through.. what you really need to know is-----

This is definitely a GOOD READ!!!

Go give it a try.... you definitely won't regret it!! <<less
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Flimichan rated it
December 13, 2018
Status: extra1 part3
Like seriously, I'm speechless. This novel has fulfilled every criteria to be one of the best novels I've ever read - currently, it's my favourite one. Thanks to FoD, my standard for novels is at the summit and I can't get satisfied that easily anymore.

I'm reading it for the third time now and I still squeal at those cute interactions between MC and ML~! The thrilling stories are written so detailedly and for real, I can put myself into MC's shoes and feel the feels.. (I'm crying) Each arc has... more>> got its own unique setting and I really want to give shoutouts to the author for putting so much effort into researching the specific themes in order to embellish their (apparently-) professionally written stories and to the translators for putting footnotes down each chapter to give explanations to readers. This novel is worth reading so much and I guarantee you that you won't be able to stop reading once you've started.

At first, the cover did not seem that interesting but once I finished the first story, I could not hold back myself anymore and I think I finished the entire novel in 3~5 days (I'm not sure though, I stopped restraining myself from reading because I did not want it to end..). I don't have any favourite arcs - because I favour them all! <<less
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