Quickly Recommend me a Vtuber! ~The Beautiful Girl in the Class, Vtuber Throws Me a Superchat~


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――Full dive VR technology has been completed and we can meet Vtuber.

A high school boy, Kazuto, who loves Vtuber suddenly decides to become a beautiful girl Vtuber.

Kazuto has started streaming as the beautiful girl Vtuber Kanae with her own “super-cute female voice” and “game sense” as weapons.

Since then, the number of Kanae listeners has grown steadily, but one day something unexpected happened.

The No.1 Vtuber, “Inori”, is throwing super chat to him. In addition, the super chat is in the upper limit of 50,000 yen and it just incomprehensible comment saying, “Shall I give you more?

In short, Inori was a big fan of Kanae.

With that event, the relationship between the two as Vtubers deepened and finally, the viewers began to treat them as “sisters.”

By the way, the two are actually classmates.

She is actually the girl whose Kazuto confessed to and rejects him.

In other words, she is the girl who says “Eh, do you like me?…I’m sorry..” and “Kanae-chan is cute!! I love you!!” in VR!

――Anyway, this is a super-passing love comedy with extreme turbulence, where real and Virtual World intersect.

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Sassato boku wo ose Vtuber! ~ Kurasu no bishōjo Vtuber ga boku ni supacha o nagete kuru ~
さっさと僕を推せVtuber! ~クラスの美少女Vtuberが僕にスパチャを投げてくる~
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Jade.zero rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: c13
Rough man. At a certain point I had no idea what I was reading anymore.

the VR Streamer premise was interesting and I enjoyed the fact that the MC could sh*t on kids in game, but anything else apart from that was borderline brain numbing. I couldn't understand any of the character interactions, and the dialogue was completely nonsensical; you're probably better off not even reading the dialogue to begin with.

The characters didn't make much sense at all, and the supporting characters was just an amalgamation of mobs who existed solely... more>> for reaction

Ono-san and Michiyuki... like what even was that???


The MC was fairly boring in personality, the FL was overly stereotyped and cliche, the friend character was just there to be there, and the other girl was mentally unstable to be mentally unstable.

Worst part is, I read this for the harem and so far it isn't even a romance T-T. The f**king friend character for some reason gets more pu**y man??? feelsbad.

Anyway, overall it's pretty bad. Save yourself like the 20-30 minutes I used up and look for another novel. <<less
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