Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead


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After successfully completing the tasks of the B-Class World, Lu Yue finally succeeded in entering the A-Class world.

What? The blackening value of the males in the A-class world is above 80!!

Lu Yue: What are you afraid of? Calm down!

This is a story of a drama king and a black-bellied male.

First World: Mafia’s Pet Lover
Second World: Revenge of the Reborn Boyfriend
Third World: Emperor is a Ladies’ Man…

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thisworldofmine1 rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel's really intriguing!

... more>>

The MC is always the shou and sometimes the gong only in appearance (Not action, meaning he really is always the shou!), and there isn't always explicit smut in each arc.

The arcs mainly have tragic endings, but the build up of the whole arc is done seamlessly well and the capture target (ML) doesn't fall in love too easily compared to other novels.

The backstory is unique (albeit a bit dark) and the process in how the MLs fall in love is interesting as they're all different ways. One's quick to fall in love after MC shows his loyalty, the second only falls in love after he finds out that the MC really wasn't lying, and the third falls in love only after the MC is found out to be sincere, the fourth is when the ML finds out what the MC had done in his place, and the final is the real world where the ML is OP and remembers every one of his past life.


I read the MTL version and it's pretty easy to read! The translation's done pretty well too, so I recommend this story to anyone who likes Quick Transmigration stories with some tragic parts! <<less
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DaBrick rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: Completed
The story is really good. Proof? I have just read this story in one sitting.

There's only 5 Arc (including real world) which doesn't took too much time to read (but every chapter is long).

Pair for the arcs:

... more>>

Arc 1: Mafia Boss x Pet Lover

Arc 2: Reborn Boyfriend x Boyfriend

Arc 3: Puppet Emperor (Nephew) x King Regent (Uncle)

Arc 4: Maniac Perverted Psychopathic Serial Killer x Childhood Friend/ Obsession

Arc 5 (Real World) : Main System's Broken Mental Data x President of A Gaming Company


Just like the previous commenter said, the ending is kinda abrupt but ended pretty okay and the stories are all really intriguing. <<less
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Phrille0507 rated it
December 13, 2018
Status: c58
The novel is an okay read if you are bored, Story is about a Shou who travels thru different worlds in order to help Gong from blakening. In every world Gong hates Shou's guts and wants to kill him, But Shou doesn't mind because he is a professional at what he does, and at the end of the day always lets Gong know that he is wrong about hating him, thats the gist of every Arc. Lol Every story arc has a good story but ... more>>

all of them have tragic endings because after the shou completed all the tasks he leaves the world immediately which means dying in that world, I think there is only one world where he decided to stay for a couple of years because his system begs him to do, so that the ML would not end up too obsessive with him.. That is from what I understand thru MTL lol😂😂😂


And I feel like the ending is kinda rushed like I dunno if the Shou really loves the Gong or he just aggreed to be with him just so we can have a HE so yeah. But still its a good read for yaoi fans like me. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
March 21, 2019
Status: Completed
There aren't 5 worlds but 7. The last one is the real world. 4th, 5th worlds don't have an ending after task completion, they simply skip to next world in next chapter. The ending of novel was too abrupt. They slept, ML closed his eyes and novel ended!

Pair for the arcs:-

... more>>

Arc 1: Mafia Boss x Pet Lover

Arc 2: Reborn Boyfriend x Boyfriend

Arc 3: Puppet Emperor (Nephew) x King Regent (Uncle)

Arc 4: Maniac Perverted Psychopathic Serial Killer x Childhood Friend/Obsession

Arc 5: Alpha General x Omega Prince

Arc 6: Mermaid Patriarch x Human Researcher

Arc 7: Humanoid Robot x President of a Company


My views on arcs:-


Arc 1: There was less angst for which I was happy except ML's one-way forcing MC to sleep with him (sort of rape). Soon, romance seems to be progressing very well. If not needed to die immediately to leave the world, it would have been good if MC spent a lifetime there and then die.

Arc 2: Too much angst. ML practically bullies MC and then repents. MC dies not forgiving ML. Makes me sick!

Arc 3: It had a pretty good start but a sudden assassination from third party destroyed all the goodness. And then started a legend of angst. I even cried for the first time (had resolved not to cry knowing that this was filled with tragic arcs) in novel when they started to misunderstand each other. Although the ending in which MC forgives ML doesn't make me satisfied, it still relaxed me from all those tragic ends before.

Arc 4: I hate this arc the most. To me it was all crazy - the start as well as the end.
Arc 5: Although the start made me feel not happy with ML insisting that MC murdered and that all, but the ending of them staying together with each other and ML being bodyguard for MC's sake and MC trying to remove his gland for ML's sake moved me to tears.

Arc 6: I loved its start and the near-end part and truly disliked the middle one. ML was unable to understand MC's thoughts while ML couldn't bear ML's killing look.

Arc 7: Satisfied me most except the abrupt end. If didn't include MC's conversations with 001 then this novel would have been a tragic gem capable for polishing. But oh, there are some abrupt endings, stupid to extreme moves and heartless MC (whom I'm unable to figure out). MC hasn't fallen love properly yet the novel ended made my teeth itch!


Tragic arcs with a heartless MC. Rating: ✺✺✺ (+ ✺ due to World Hopping) <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 27, 2019
Status: c97
another story with rape, confinement and worse... stuff that's hard to read if you couldn't see the MC's inner thoughts about it being his job and all. he's not as funny or shameless as the MC in scum shou or it's clones nor are the stories as emotionally moving as scum gong and it's clones. the MC isn't as smart as FOD nor as cool as Killing the White Lotus. so in the end, what we're left with is a very middle of the road story with a moderately emotionally... more>> broken MC, an OP system with technical issues, a rushed ending and confused chapter numbering (the chapters seem a little messed up, though jjwxc says there are 97 in total but the actual chapters are more like 58 or so). <<less
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Xiochtl rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is good. It is like any other BL Transmigration novels out there regarding the blackening of the MC or ML. I just think that the ending felt rushed, too rushed to be exact.

It's an HE.

There were plot holes in the story (I know some stories do have too but some were passable) that are needing some clarification.

If the ending is not rushed and the plot holes were fixed I'd give the story a solid 5. But it was good. I recommend this story to people who were looking for a new BL novel to read.
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January 6, 2019
Status: v1
Not really my cup of tea.

The translater did a great job.

Kinda sad. I really wanted to like this novel. It's very short, but I didn't care much for the MC.

... more>> The MC is just really fake. I get that he's an actor playing a role, but he's just so carefree and doesn't seem to care anything but the points. To him this is just a game.

Even when the scene is supposed to be tragic, it's not because the MC just doesn't really care. Well I guess that could be a lie. At first he said he didn't care about leaving the world then he was a bit sad, but honestly who knows that could of been an act.

Just couldn't connect with him.

Also the arc is very short so it's a bit too fast paste, falling in love. I'm use to like 100ch of build up.

Anyway this is just my opinion but I know a lot of people like this novel so I would recommend reading it and you will know if you like it or not.

Happy reading <<less
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