Quick Transmigration to Repay the Older Him


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The heroine is bound by the system to travel through various worlds to fulfill the wishes of female characters and have s*x with various older men. The targets are all at least ten years older than the heroine. Themes include incest, non-con and NP (no pairing).

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1 Review

New auroraRMC
Sep 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Spotted this on KnoxT and realized that this was one of my faves from years ago when I was trying out different raws. Just went back and reread the raws along with the translation. Very basic and fast read, there are a couple arcs with 2 people and one arc with multiple, but ultimately it ends up being 1v1 so it's easier to just assume that the previous arcs are separate and there's no connection between the MLs for each world. This is an H novel so expect nothing less... more>> and nothing more. If you're here for brainless smut with 0 lower limit, look no further. <<less
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