Quick Transmigration The Prodigal Son


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The people who know Jiang Zhe all say that he is handsome and elegant, with impeccable character. Only the system knows, that this man is a scum; a beast in human clothing.

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Xu Wen Hui
Xu Wen Hui rated it
January 25, 2019
Status: c1
After reading the first chapter, I'm looking forward to the following chapters. This type of genre seems pretty unique because mostly all the Quick Transmigration stories is either a FL leading or Yaoi.
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femalenovelist rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c20
Finished the first arc. Will give it a "like" but it was a little confusing.


There was no explanation of what exactly was his task and how it was completed. Although I do get that each time he completes a task, he is contributing towards saving his girlfriend's life. Perhaps more details will be revealed in later arcs.

Synopsis doesn't seem accurate as the MC doesn't seem like scum at all. He is a devoted man and knows how to spoil his girl

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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel and The Star Light Shines When He Come is my favorite quick transmigration with male protagonist and adorable female lead. This is Very nice and best novel I ever read. I love their interact, so cute and fluffy between MC and female lead. MC is loyal and strong. Female lead is so adorable.

Recommend this gem novel.
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira rated it
January 30, 2019
Status: --
I finally found what I am looking for. XD
No more female or female-in-heart transmigrators! This is what makes it quite unique so I will follow it until the end.

Well, hopefully, TL-sama won't drop it halfway.
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Tachi Works
Tachi Works
February 12, 2019
Status: c27
Unique because Hetero Male Protagonist instead of BL protag or Female Protag.

Bland otherwise. Vague objective, to take over useless guys and turns their fortunes around.

OK/5 stars: bc not enough antagonism, path too smooth.
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kakistory rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: c50
This is great!

To those who liked romance genre, this is it!

Reading this gave you a warm feeling because the male lead is very accomodating to the female lead.

... more>> Both lead were attracted to each other unconditionally, thus producing a very warm hearted read.


Since it's repeating, just like 7lifetime (i forgot the title), the feeling kinda stretched, bit still will deliver you warmth.

If not for a very simple read without many description towards the end of each scene, this is a very very very great read.

Recommended for ppl who love simple romance without angst. Thank you author and translator, thanks! <<less
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Quhon rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: c50
It's romantic and quit diffrent than other novels with their whole face slapping, this on is slice of life and sweet and a tiny bit bland, thankfully it didn't have exagrating high chapters or it would be hard to read. Every world he traveled was better than the other one.


The one I liked the most was the last world, the part where he almost died and the reaction of his parents where the best.

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FableCat rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c34
A very relaxing read.

True that it doesn't has enemy that need bashing like other novel. It's like a summary kind of storytelling. Just the necessary info. Not many characters to remember in an arch. The ending of the bad people? Author pretty much left it to the readers imaginations. Like it was not worth mentioning at all😂.

The stories up till now are super sweet. Its mostly between ML and FL interactions.

... more>> This story is unique on its own way.

I feel like the objective of his mission is to help tragic side female characters to get happy ending. <<less
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