Quick Transmigration: The Journey of Meat Eating


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Final year student of the Unlimited Flow Transmigration course, Ye Xuan has transmigrated. In order to complete the graduation exam, she must papapa with her mission target in every assigned world.

And so this was the way things came to be, after finishing the pa with one, then she’d have to pa a second one, after the second one’s pa had finished, then she would move on to two pairs…

Such were the times, but when would they come to an end…


Conquered Targets:

Cultivation. Master of Abstinence

Western Royal Court. Distant Elder Brother

Historical China. Sleeping with the Emperor (Empress Dowager X Emperor)

Wuxia. Sleeping with A Righteous Young Warrior (Demonic Sect’s Enchantress X Righteous Young Warrior)

Western Fantasy. Sleeping with A Templar Knight (Nerdy Mage X Templar Knight)

Sci-Fi. Sleeping with the Imperial Major General (Aide-De-Camp X Major General)

Cultivation. Sleeping with A Yandere (Daoist Zhenjun X Demonic Sect’s Yandere)

Sci-Fi. Sleeping with the Rebel Leader (Research Institute Professor X Rebel Leader)

Western Fantasy. Sleeping with the Great Priest (Demon X Priest)

Wuxia. Sleeping with Young Uncle (Sister-in-law X Little Uncle)

Western Royal Court. Sleeping with the Chief Guard (Princess X Chief Guard)

Ancient Times. Sleeping with the Saint Monk (Female Emperor X Holy Monk)

Modern Times (Sleeping with the Exceptionally Smart Mr. Gu)

Current Target: Prequel (Sleeping with the True. Male Lead Mr. Gu)

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