Quick Transmigration: The Guide to Seducing and Abusing Scum


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After reading a series of dog-blooded gong abuse novels mailed to him by his fans, Gu Jinlin was bound to a scum abuse system: if he doesn’t abuse scum, he’ll die.

Let’s all chant: We are very serious about scum abuse! Scum don’t deserve true love!

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November 8, 2021
Status: c34
If you are looking for good faceslaping, scum abusing, justice serving and self improving novel - that is NOT it, at least not 1st arc.

Name of the novel is a lie. Start was promising, MC hit scum between legs and... and we didn't see Scum for the next 20 chapters, when 1st arc only 34 chapters long. Why have "abusing scum" in the title, when most side characters have more sense of presence than scum man? And where is abuse? So, MC hit him, 20 chapters later said some truth... more>> about his behavior, then some more, scum regrets and that is it? Pathetic. And last 5 points of regret was earned in a very bad way (he lied and pretend to selfremove in the eyes of the scum).

MC and ML progression is other story, MC cofessed, get his 1st kiss and his 1st time in bed in the same day??? I find it ridiculously fast, even if MC and ML has some connection in the past (there is zero foreshadowing in the 1st arc, but I'm sure they have), right now they are complete strangers. And what is with MC liked by everyone? At the end of 1st arc 2 more men and 1 girl in love with him, when he even barely spoke with them. Maybe other arcs are better, but I cannot force myself to read it anymore. <<less
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