Quick Transmigration: The Boss’ White Moonlight is Resurrected


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Wan Tong was bound by the “Corpse Collecting System” and travelled through various small worlds. Her mission is to use the big boss’ white moonlight’s body to resurrect and stop raiders from looting the big boss’ luck.

Wan Tong : Didn’t you say that the big boss has no emotional line?

System who brought the white moonlight back to life : →_→

Wan Tong : …. sob, sob, every day I try my best to help the boss deal with the raiders, but the boss is thinking about how to attack her!

PS :

(1) The male lead is the same person, the white moonlight is the original MC, which is mentioned later.

(2) Every world is probably sweet love

T/N : white moonlight = first love

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3 Reviews

New ainn
May 27, 2023
Status: c67
Don't listen to reviewers and read it! I always love a System story where the MC will meet her ML at every world she's in. I don't care what's their story is, what I love is the romance. Yes, it might be boring and simple to some people however I love this straightforward and predestined love story because sometimes I just want a romance with a little bit of conlifct. Just give this story a try. I really hope more story like this with the MC as the first love... more>> of the ML. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 06, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel 100% Not Recommended To Read.

MC is a brainless naive weak helpless damsel in distress girl with a all powerful system who naively circles around the perverted loser weakling big boss ML.

The first arc is the best example of how bad the storytelling is and how ridiculous each presented transmigration story is.

MC fell off a stage while singing and is pronounced dead. Her evil mother discovers MC is alive and hires a useless scumbag Hitman to kill MC. MC hides and luckily hides inside ML’s currently used bed. MC decides... more>> to live with ML (Zero logic just out of nowhere). Then, her fodder scum agent plans to use MC and almost kidnaps her. ML saves MC who still has zero brain. Afterwards more Bs occurs and MC takes ML home with her. ML immediately has wet dreams about the MC and is a petty jealous moron. The story continues to devolve from there on out.

The storytelling is garbage, logic is beyond saving, there’s no romance or heartfelt moments - novel is just utter tr*sh. -900Nonatillion/10 Absolute worst QT novel I’ve read in a while. This review is already extremely generous by not including the plot points of the massively worse 2nd and 3rd worlds. Don’t waste any of your time on this. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 08, 2023
Status: Completed
Hello, I'm rokumi, the translator of this novel. I just felt like dropping my thoughts on why I wanted to translate this novel and why I wanted to drop it at some point.

Why I picked up this novel :
1. It's sweet. Sugary. Interaction between MC and ML is just pure dogfood.
2. Each world is not that long, so it's not boring.
3. The MC isn't Mary Su (who's just super lucky or has super cheat) or a cool strong woman (who just seemed able to do anything by... more>> herself) who made the ML have a very low sense of presence. It's a proper heartthrob romance, with a proper ML and proper MC in their own roles.
4. The MC might be weak and naive sometimes, but she's not hypocritical, she has her own principle, and she could put up a fight on her own instead of just waiting for the ML to save her. She's cute and charming on her own way.
5. It's not a mainstream QT plot (like cannon fodder counterattack, saving the villain or the like), so it's a pretty nice read for a change of pace
6. ML is black bellied and possessive, but he doesn't try manipulating MC or forcing MC against her will. While his way of chasing MC is not really "normal", I don't think it's annoying or disgusting.

Unlike usual where the system just bound with MC it randomly chose, or where MC is practically dead so she has no choice to bind with system to keep living, the MC of this novel bound with system voluntarily. While she doesn't have her memories at the start, she wanted to save the ML on her own will.


Why this novel isn't that good:
1. The actual plot of each world isn't that good. Well, this is a really fatal minus point for a novel. It's best to just expect the sweetness between MC and ML without caring too much about the plot.
2. The real world setting is just so shocking, if not ridiculous.

It's interstellar world with sentinel-guide concept. There are actually some QT with interstellar world as its real world, but who would actually expect sentinel-guide concept in a BxG novel?!


My conclusion : it's not a bad read for a leisure change and pasttime, but dedinitely not something to read when looking for a good story with rich or exciting plot. <<less
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