Quick Transmigration System: Male Lead, Don’t Be Anxious!


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Before she met the system, Bai Yu always thought that she was an incomparably naïve girl who didn’t know anything.

After she met the system, she drags her sore and tired body every day to curse the system and the male lead a 1,000 times, 10,000 times.

– The final conclusion is that the body is fragile. Please cherish it.

This is a story of transmigrating to world after world to guide the male lead, but ends up being pressed under him instead.

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omgquiznak rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c1449
Overall it's a novel that you can read when you are bored. I would say this is a kind of (questionable) good read but not my type of thing.
Bad Summary: (with minor spoilers)
... more>>

The novel starts with a female mercenary Bai yu who dies during a mission. She was tied to a system (forcefully) that brings her to different worlds to complete missions because she had a very strong desire to live. She has to complete missions to get rewards that lets her go back to reality. These missions often include "Getting f*cked by the male lead", "make the male lead fall in love with you", and sometimes a "raise the male lead and make the male lead successful" mission.

The system is called "mao mao" which translates to f*cking "cat cat" in English. Anyways, the system sometimes provides "golden fingers" (or cheats/buff items) for the female lead to complete missions easier.
(Sorry if the choice of wording is different from the translated version)

1. The ML and FL interactions are cute (?) and (mostly) sweet.
2. It's all-in-all a cute little story about the different worlds.
3. It gives little hints about the ML being someone important to the FL in reality
4. Although not original, the plot is nice and the stories are kind of interesting
5. Doesn't make you lose interest immediately after reading.

1. Sometimes the MLs are jerks who have s*x with the FL despite her refusing.
2. Sometimes the arcs end abruptly and you end up unsatisfied
3. There are some places that are messed up. Doesn't affect the plot, but it does sometimes affect the reading experience.

Example: ML and FL are two years apart in that world. Ten chapters later, they are six years apart.

4. The FL was said to be one of the best mercenaries but she becomes useless in the other worlds. The author says her body wasn't healthy or something it's a terrible excuse. Even when her body is healthy and all and there are places where she could use her "fighting skills" she doesn't for some reason.
5. The FL wasn't actually "cold-blooded". Or at least she doesn't take insults well and fights too often. She would slap someone on the face for saying bad things about her. The author makes her out to be cold-blooded but honestly, if she were really cold-blooded, I don't think she would be riled up so easily.
6. The story isn't exactly reasonable. If the author piped things up a little, I understand. But the story is full of unreasonable things.

The FL walks into a place to get a job and expects them to accept her without an education. Maybe she got her hopes up? Fine. She doesn't have an appropriate attire and expects to be accepted? Maybe she thought it would be easier to be accepted? Sure. She got stopped by a man from entering the building because she wasn't well-dressed and the FL started flipping out and started kicking and stomping on the man because he was a little rude (and was doing his job). Now THAT is unrealistic.

If the author tones it up a bit because of "drama", it's fine, but to beat up fight someone because they were a bit rude is not the best "drama" and honestly, I'm sick of it.
7. For some reason the ML often ends up better than the FL despite her having cheats. And I mean overpowered.
8. Their relationship in some worlds are so messed up I feel bad for reading it. (Look at the spoiler bracket for some examples)

Weird relationships I can point out:
Stepmother and son
Stepmother and sons (yes. Sons. Who according to f*cking CatCat, are the same person)
Stepsister and stepbrother x2 (maybe the author has a kink for non-blood related incest?)
FL and a blob of water (slime?) that f*cks the FL using water
Girl-who-dresses-as-a-boy-in-a-boy-band and another-member-in-the-boy-band
Reaper (?) and King of hell
Angel and vampire
Demon King and some random strong god who likes fighting
And it comes with a packaged typical "Domineering CEO makes you sign an agreement to marry him and divorce him immediately after three years because he hates your guts for drugging him and making him sleep with you" for FREE!
I'm not gonna talk about the more "normal" pairs, but stepmother and son? I think even if the son finds out, he wouldn't develop feelings towards his own mother who has raised him for 15 f*cking years. Honestly, those "incest" pairs are weird, Being raised so many years together as sisters and brothers and you see them as your romantic interest? Not my kinda thing.

And I'm also tired of their relationships being "direct opposites". It's kinda annoying always seeing worlds where they're rivals then fall in love or angel and demon, or just complete opposites. It's fine for one or two worlds, but it's constantly appearing.

Pro or Cons depending on the reader:
1. The cold-blooded FL turns into a cute lady who has feelings (i like her more "cold-blooded").
2. The ML is possessive and hates anyone who comes close to the FL.

The blob of water ML (or perverted slime, as I call it) even killed a panther or something because the FL was talking with it.

I think it's more of a con than a pro.

Most of my complaints for this novel is the FL and MLs' personalities. It's not an extremely bad read, I'm just really negative. I wouldn't recommend this but go ahead if you want to read it. Sorry if there are any mistakes. Sorry for having you read my long review. <<less
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June 19, 2020
Status: --
I dont know about the others but I definitely couldn't continue reading this. When I read the synopsis of the novel I was already a little sceptical about the novel but had a let's try attitude and started ... more>>

when I started reading the first chapter I was happy coz FL was a female mercenary but once the arc started and when she first goes to the AUTISTIC ML's house and tries to interact with him they both fall on top of each other and she becomes all shy and stiff and the author describes this as she has never had contact with male species and hence the reaction.... and then I was like what the f#ck wasn't she an assassin or mercenary, isn't she supposed to be calm no matter what???


and just like that my dream of a powerful FL shattered and I don't understand one thing if you are gonna make the FL a sissy then why bother with the strong background...I couldn't go past a few chapters I dunno whether I'll pick it up again any time sooner, maybe when I have nothing else left.. <<less
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summerspring rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: c23 part2
The chappies are split into multi parts so it seems a bit short but it isnt irritating bc its more understandable than the first person who had this story though I appreciate their efforts. Gosh this makes me wanna learn how to translate too T^T. Anyways as of yet the story is still a little mysterious with the MC in the passive seat. She was turned into a lil bunny from a assassin and I dont know if I like that or not but its interesting at least.
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mameko rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: --
I read Diya's review, and I still started the novel. The part where ... more>>

they fall on top of each other

But what irks me more is that in

Arc 1.

Premise is the ML is autistic, MC (unqualified psychologist btw) is assigned to him. MC legit said, if she could provoke an emotion out of him, then his autism is cured.

It screams that she doesn't know what she's doing... I'd rather believe in QWTFOD's ZYS's autistic acting and gradual opening up to the ML than this kind of shock therapy and power abuse. Not the first time that I've read mental illness in Chinese novels, but this one makes me uncomfortable


she observes the surroundings. Notes that he has self harming tendencies based on the additional accommodations scattered thru the room. she steals his rubix cube, wants to break it. And then she f*king takes off his pants? Omfg.

She's doing the harassment. And she's supposed to be a professional in this world.


Idk Took me out of the novel experience. At least in other QT they like resolve the problems of qualifications with like hard work (like a MC studying) or cheat (system tells MC what's up, or even a downloadable skill...) But no, this event just makes me feel so iffy. <<less
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Pachia320 rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: c122 part2
I actually enjoyed the novel because the female lead is so cool and I especially love her polite but unreserved attitude. This is a good novel and I truly, sincerely recommend this to people who love reading quick transmigration.
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Wna rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: c262
Okay.. I only have one thing to say..


I've read the review before start reading the novel so yeah.. just need to think that all of the character are not what they actually are (this maybe confusing but whatever)..

... more>>

just like the MC is a mercenary was it or whatever but since the chapter one I can only think that she is only someone who know many thing so... okay..

Then the ML and MC character in arc 1

The author say he has an autism but I just trick my mind and only think of it as some trauma thing. MC was a doctor but for me she is a nanny.. yup..I not a doctor



In arc where the ML is the king of yama (mtl)

The ending was too abrupt.. it feels like there are some more scene that autir didn't put and the reader can know it since there is a scene where MC know the truth and went to find ML and it end there them just continue with ML pov from the when they first meet but no more after that


And that school bully arc


it is REALLY weird on how MC can hear cannon fodder thought and suddenly know that cannon fodder has a bomb like how did you know???? You say feeling but pls be more realistic


The system is completely useless if I could be honest..


those golden finger thing that suddenly appear out of nowhere and save the MC then why don't it appear again when she died at the end of the arc when she got bomb???

There is too many unclear thing about the system and sometimes I even forgot that it exist


And those one time appear cannon fodder is REALLY unnecessary so I just skip their part or the whole chapter for the sake of my brain..

The author said:

(Explanation of a digression, some people say that Bai Yu, as a mercenary, has such a bad personality, not like a mercenary at all. I remember that I should have clearly stated in the article that Bai Yu's personality will follow his original body every time he enters a world. The character of the owner changes accordingly. If you change to your own character, the world will collapse and the mission will fail. For some cuties who are still struggling with this question, I can only say, have you read my article seriously?)

So I understand why she does not even behave like what she was in reality but then:

I'm reading that game arc:


usually the author gave us some hint about the behaviour of the character MC poses (?) But myb she forgot in this arc.. and in this arc also author have said a little that the character was good in playing online game so I just think that MAYBE she can finally use her real skill since she pick assassin.. and USUALLY in the other qt novel I've read, game arc is when their talent show and how hardworking are they and so on BUT in this arc she just depend on ML (even if she doesn't know yet) and keep using recharge function and now recharging like crazy (at where I'm reading right now) really gave a HUGE disappointment.. oh whatever.. even at the begging of the arc it is already f*cked up already


So yeah.. the conclusion is I can't continue to read this anymore.. I originally come for some relationships btwn MC and ML since the novel I'm reading before does not put them up more TwT...

And yeah I actually try to challenge myself to read this since the review was not so good but yeah.. I regret this.. it just waste my time..

Well maybe i'll try pick this up again later if I want to but myb I will skip some arc..

Okay then sorry for hundreds of typo and grammar error since I just want to hurry up and write what I actually feel and get out of here..

I actually want to put this 1 star bcs of the game arc but taling into consideration of other arc.. yeah.. 3 star sorry.. if only I could make it lower uwu <<less
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ChookJJ rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: c158
Emmm its an ok novel f you want to find something to read when there is nothing else. I didn't like the first arc at all because it was too far fetched. However, the other arcs are not soo bad and are at times interesting. There is not much development in turns of the MC and ML relationship, they get together quickly, way too quickly actually, and the ending always seem rushed compared to the first arc. Sometimes, I feel like the author portrayed the MC as too vulnerable or... more>> s*upid, especially when she is a former mercenary. I expected her to be more badass than what was portrayed in the story. Overall, its not that bad but certainly needs improvement in certain areas. Though, I must admit the latest arc caught my attention but sadly enough, there are no more recent translations. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: --
Uhhh the plot points are pretty absurd & ridiculous tbh. ML's feelings are always very easily won, and MC doesn't really seem to have feelings but will reciprocate happily for her task.

Also, although the personality changes a lil in each arc, MC still has her own way of doing things that she sticks to. For example, arc 3 is school bully & top student, but rather than staying in her school bully vibe she goes for the low-key genius and totally revamps everything about her image except her personality too.... more>> Such a pity, it would've been much more interesting if she went with the original image. <<less
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