Quick Transmigration of a Rotten Meat


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R-18 love at first sight!

She’s clearly only doing her tasks, but why do all the male leads love to pursue her?

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cookieconquerer rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: c318
Yo, this is quite nice for what it is. However, I should warn you that it seems to actually have been dropped by the author. I read to the end of the 318 chapters and the FL's situation hasn't been resolved, nor has the final arc really ended (imo considering how the others before it ended).

So, it you want to go through 318 steamy chapters and are OK with being left hanging go forth my smutty friends~

... more>>

(although I have to wonder if a man's idea of a perfect woman would actually be for her to lactate all the damn time. Most of the 'ideal' characteristics that were added, if seen irl, would be associated with hormone disorders. Talk about unrealistic expectation amiright? Science aside, go forth and have some mindless fun my friends lol)

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FlowerPheonix123 rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: c327
For those who're searching 1v2 and 1v4 papapa scenes without any r*pe, then I would recommend this novel. I'll give 2 star for smut and 1 star for plot. Smut is repeated, and there's no detail description after 180+ chpts. So it's quite boring. I'm somewhat disappointed with the mc

... more>>

She's somewhat dumb and s*upid. (Intelligence:110/200) but she doesn't even know how to escape or lie for escaping from serious situations. And although her body is sensitive or weak, she can't even lift a finger to push the mls when they try to literally r*pe her, and she always blames it for having a sensitive body. For God sake, her strength: 115/200, what's the use?


And the novel focuses on smut,

So, you can probably expect smut after every 1st chapter of an Arc


Arc plots: It's so-so.

Smut: Scenes after 200+ are not detailed, they're very short. Ex: They rolled on the sheets that night. Characters: Mls sultry description are detailed and perfect, literally would give make us drool like hungry wolves. Grammar: (seriously, be careful when you're reading it in mtl) most of the time the 'she' would be translated to 'he' and 'he' would be translated to 'she'. But it can be understandable.

The reason y I give 3 star is because of the detailed description about the characters while doing steamy scenes and a star arc plot. <<less
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August 14, 2023
Status: --
World 1 : Forever young mom and her son

*Yes, in*est so if this is not your tea, move to next world.

World 2: CEO and step sister and the fiance gur

... more>> *Yes this is a 1 girl 2 boy story.

World 3: 4 princes and a rick second generation girl


World 4: High martial artist guy and the ugly MC due to make up

World 5: MC as tenant. Duke as landlord and non blood related young uncle


World 6: Supernatural world

*1v2 MC can see through invisibility and 1st ML has control over space and dimension and 2nd ml, fire power

World 7: Guy with space ring and MC

World 8: Monk, MC princess and King

*1v3, actually, Monk's soul was split into 2, once became the monk and another as a country king, so there were 2 souls in 1 body.

World 9: Emperor and maid

World 10: Chief inspector, rich MC, professor

This was dropped so story wasn't complete.


I feel like the author lacks experience or imagination. The smut was the same methodical order, you would know what's next. Either it was standing or on the sink/ table, same step by step on what's going to happen.

Smut is 1

Plot is 3 to 5, the idea was there, it was not executed properly as the author is lacking. <<less
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