Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes to Counterattack


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Meng Li wouldn’t tell others that she would join the big plane when she was dead.

She becomes a tasker who shuttles through various planes to complete tasks.

Counter-attack, abuse of scum, etc… After every task, she will get rewards. If she fails to complete any task, she will be sanded to death. For completing the task she must travel various worlds.

Yes, Meng Li said she likes it very much and agreed to do the work.

However, why are there so many wonders in the mission? Are they want to save the world?

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Quick piercing mission: cannon fodder comes back to counterattack
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YourSisSugarBoy rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: c300
So far so good. Our MC is quit similar to ning shu, where there is no clingy romance in this novel. There are face slapping events like typical chinese story but it can't be helped, as they love these.
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BitterDaisy rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: c2100
The MC is very similar to ning shu. Even the settings and counterattack are similar. Except this novel has a male lead. Though he appears very few times.

Overall it's good. If anyone likes badass MC who does not depend on the powerful ml, this is good.

The best part of the novel is the setting of the background is clear. It gives clear explanation about system, space time, world plot, plane's existence unlike other novel where they are vague about system and background and lord god just... more>> conviniently falls in love with some employée..... <<less
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Sheddy rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: c1951
Just finished the first arc, it's pretty good and feels realistic. The MC doesn't have a cheat, so she could only rely on herself. Seriously, no golden fingers at all, it actually feels sad. She's starting to make her own cheats now, so don't worry, she won't be weak forever, this novel is about weak to strong.

The revenge isn't too much, might be unsatisfactory for some people, but that's because she often consider from her client's POV, whether or not they are capable of doing what she did.

Issues that annoyed... more>> me :


in 2nd arc, she was transmigrated long after she married the scum, so the scum had already killed her father and married 2 other powerful women, the guy was already pretty much successful in life so there's not much to change besides killing him...i find it a bit sad, since for me the purpose of QT like this is to change the victim's life and give them a second chance, but the damage had already been done in the 2nd arc.

In the energy system arc, the MC feels like a villain in this one, it makes me feel uncomfortable, the villain of that arc had a system who forced her to do tasks of gathering likes and hatred from people, she wasn't exactly a good person, but it makes me feel uncomfortable how the MC just laughed it off when the villain got r*ped, I just skimmed through the chapters because I hate it so much. There are several times in other arcs where the MC was acting self righteous which feels a bit hypocritical for me. Sometimes, I also feel that she went a bit too far in her revenge. To me, some of the clients that got a chance to counterattack seems like they don't deserve it, like the client in I don't love you arc, because I feel that he and the MC went too far in abusing Shao Sichen. I feel that Shao Sichen deserve a counterattack as well, maybe let him let go of his love towards the princess and move on. Another character who I feel that the revenge on her went too far, Shixue from triangle arc. Her crime was drugging her best friend and bf and made them sleep together, the bf was tr*sh, Shixue was repeatedly r*ped and abused by him, he died in the end, but Shixue was forced into prostitution to pay off her parent's debts afterwards. That was cruel, the client did have sympathy towards her in the end but did nothing to help..i feel that this girl also deserve a second chance.

Meng li became more cruel and hypocritical as time goes on, especially after she woke up from her coma. In Deep palace arc, she easily used a concubine that didn't want to be in the harem and even enjoyed watching the drama, forcing her to serve the emperor despite the fact that she could help her escape.. she had no obligation to help her, but I find it hypocritical since she said repeatedly before that she didn't like methods that involves r*pe or unwilling s*x. I find it disgusting and I actually despised Meng Li in this arc..i think if she does this again I might drop the novel.

The more I read this, the more I realize that the MC is like a prisoner, do tasks or be obliterated, I'm not sure about her system, to say he's bad, he spent his points to help her before, so say he's good, he laughed when she got into trouble, sometimes he spoke very aggressively towards the MC as if he doesn't want her to disobey him or the organisation. It feels suspicious. I hope the MC could find freedom one day.


For translation, I give 1 star, it's just mtl, there's not even any proofread. It's hilarious how the "translators" are charging money for chapters after chapter 122 when you could just find the mtl yourself since it's pretty much the same. <<less
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Alexania rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c44
As with previous novelhunters novels I've read, it's fully unedited MTL. Pronouns are super fluid. Many dialogues makes zero sense and you kind of just keep reading in the hopes that youll pick up the plot thread again soon. Also the site is really annoying on mobile, the text keeps jump scrolling randomly.

So far there's no romance (and from other comments it doesn't seem like any is coming).

There's also no real face slapping, or I guess you could describe the face slapping as realistic. Mostly MC just prevents the hosts... more>> bad end from occurring, she might move against the main culprit but its so far very clean and they don't even know she did... there's no regret. And everyone carries on with their lives as a result.

Consequently it's also just kind of bland. No sweet romance, no villains regretting their life decisions, no continuous thread between arcs. Hell, the emotionless, AI-like system is probably the most interesting character so far. Guess Ill have to hope he magically gains a personality and then ship them.

The previous commenter who called it a slice of life is pretty spot on. <<less
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JaeckAnaquth rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: --
It's very boring and has no comedy the MC does not have any personality and is a coward but not like a funny nice coward.
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MrMah rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: c220
Although I'm only through 10% of it, I love it.
The only problem is that the way she does the mission is kinda boring I guess?

I think her interaction with the system is the best part tbh.. Kind of heartwarming for some reason like old friends.
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May 6, 2021
Status: c262
I am quite surprised at the low reviews for these novels the MC is very diligent and works to fulfil requests of cannon fodders she adapts well and knows to reinforce her boundaries. She cares and plans the future of the life of the entruster? And she has an actual partnership with her system they aren't super close but support each other when needed. It's quite slice of life, lots of face slapping though but the novel sometimes have a mundane feeling to it. The mc's original life was in... more>> wuxia? (Not sure how to use this word) so she usually has enough physical strength for combat and stuff. Though sometimes the antagonists are kinda dumb. She only kills to fulfill mission requirements and doesn't do it on a whim. I probably missed a lot but yea I would recommend this to people who like quick transmigration without like couple drama. She's adequately cautious and knows to plan ahead, she schemes pretty well I think. One funny point is that she's the type to take what you say at face value when she feels like it, for example if she meets with someone she doesn't like she's not pretentious if she doesn't like the other person she's gonna show it. She very straight forward and makes other people chocked when speaking lol.


Like this one arc with this girl that has another system. While the MC was the younger sister of this ceo. Like what why are you coming up with these weird schemes also I really don't like how the author wrote her being r*ped and framed it like she deserved it


Kinda confused by the romance tag cuz there's like none for the main character but I guess I'm just not far enough into the novel

also this is my first time writing a review so it doesn't cover a lot <<less
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