Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Be a Quiet, Handsome Man


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Xu Yin, a gay heartthrob, charming and enchanting, either captivating men every day or on the path to bewitching them.

— Then he died in a car accident and entered a series of quick transmigration missions or tasks.

The system coldly said: “What’s the use of being a handsome man? Men must be strong!”

Xu Yin: “I just want to continue being a quiet, handsome man, but you are turning me into a human weapon???”

So, Xu Yin had no choice but to start punching hooligans, kicking zombies, blasting through alien formations with a single shot, and sweeping away undead armies with a sword…

He became famous through social media platforms from being an 18th tier artist, transforming from a pitiful soul abandoned by his companions, almost dying in the jaws of zombies, into the guardian god of the base, and from the slums to the forefront of the interstellar federation army…

However, no one knew what that seemingly unattainable young man was like in private—

System: “Why is your breathing so rapid after a fight? Calm down!”

System: “Why did your skin turn red after a hot bath? Go get some fresh air to clear your head!”

System: “Who else gets scratched so easily like you…!?”

The system roared: “Xu Yin, put away your seductive charm!!!”

Xu Yin remained calm: “Sorry, it’s just my natural allure. I didn’t intend to bewitch those men.”

Until later—

He was grabbed by the legendary figure and pinned against the wall.

Xu Yin, “????”

With the man’s deep black eyes, he murmured softly, “Yinyin, I also have a scratch here, can you…”

Xu Yin: “…Sorry to disturb you!”

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Quick Transmigration: The Male Lead Belongs to the Second Female Lead
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October 12, 2023
Status: c2
I’ve literally only read 2 chapters so seriously take anything I say with a grain of salt, but the translations good so far and the chapters are fairly meaty in length.

I like MC well enough already. He immediately gets dropped into the middle of a cliche entertainment industry kept-man ceo love triangle plot and just... doesn’t engage. His system sanctioned tasks have nothing to do with it and while he’s pretty go with the flow the whole thing just reeks of pain-in-the-ass to him so he just straight up walks... more>> out lol.

It probably won’t become a genre defining masterpiece or anything but it has the potential to be a solid, humorous qt novel with an MC that has a distinct personality outside of the standard ‘utterly op’ or ‘literal doormat’. <<less
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Sugaminny rated it
October 29, 2023
Status: c95
Finished MTL. This is a very cute and quick read. I'd recommend it if you want a fluffy quick world-hopping story.

It's not anything amazing or special, but it does what it tries to do very well imo.

The relationship between MC and ML is extremely cute and wholesome. ML is especially extremely adorable. There isn't too much character development on MLs side though, since they mainly fall in love with each other at first sight. In each world they meet, fall in love, start their relationship and become a power couple.

The... more>> arcs are each quite short and not anything extremely special, the worlds mainly pick up common tropes, like school setting, ABO setting etc. Some of the settings had a more unique twist (like the zombie one), which I enjoyed. Because of the short arcs, there is mainly one conflict per arc, that is introduced at the start and resolved in a satisfying way each time.

If you, like me, don't want to commit to an extremely long novel and enjoy fluffy world-hopping stories, give this one a try. :) <<less
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Nicha010147 rated it
October 18, 2023
Status: c9
MC and ML are very cute! Their interactions are also very sweet and funny.
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Mishi98 rated it
October 13, 2023
Status: Completed
I read this through raws, it was pretty good, not anything spectacular or that hasn't been done before but the romance was sweet and healthy and all around enjoyable to read. I wish they included the pet dog that accompanied them through each world a litte more but otherwise there wasn't much to say about it. However, do be warned that after the first world the system missions are as good as absent which is a shame because they were a good premise that was fun to watch.
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Morfzine rated it
December 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I truly want to give this novel a 5 stars, but nah, I can't force it... After arc 1 everything is just a copy paste of the same cannon fodder and MC-ML's love story. I'm not even exaggerating lmao. Story of every arc is the f*cking same as it is down to the T. The same old white lotus, the same unwillingness to tell more after the antagonist has been put down, everthing. Just because author abandon every potential they have consolidate in arc 1.

The author seems to also hates... more>> writing the chapters for every arc for more than 10-15 chapter (which is much shorter than the average arc's chapter count for this genre, which is 20 to 30). It feels like there's no effort nor love put in this story. I prefer to believe that this is the author's own decision, because if it's actually the editor who forced them to change the story to the more mainstream QT tr*sh, then that just sad : (

A shame really, because in arc 1, I was just about to put every rainbow farts that I know for this novel. At first, I was f*cking mind blown by the concept of this novel. Unlike the other, MC task or aim in these world was not related to everything. By that I mean, his task was only for the improvement of his own being. Usually in the quick transmigration genre, it's either getting revenge, helping someone, or saving the world.

Instead in this novel, the task was more like the task you would see in Qidian shounen novel rather than a f*cking danmei. It was focused on the improvement of MC life: exercising his ability, making goals based on MC's life choice (example, if he choose to focus on finance, the system will give him the goal to build his own company and make it to the forbes list or smt), etc. There was even random task like helping a grandma pass the road etc. You can imagine how excited I am because this-is-the-sh*t that I want but has never encounter without having the harem bullsh*t that shounen tend to love.

*Cough* Back to the MC, he was living the wet dream of every college student with mid-life crisis or overburned. So in his first life, like all of us honestly, he has many hobbies and passion. But, just like us also, those passion dimmed as we faced life's many difficulties. In this case, MC really loves to draw, thus in his first life he took a fashion design major. But as time went on, drawing become more like the thing he did to survive rather than his favorite activity. Previously, he also has interest on theather back in school day.

So, in his new life AKA arc 1, his identitiy there was already an 18-tier artist. So, he can decide whether to try on this new career or the old major that he hadn't have the time to finish. Of course, MC can't decide it right away, so he tries both at the same time (acting in a film while also doing commision online).

So far so good right? How can this story be easily destroyed? Well that's because author won't f*cking writes further after MC confirmed his relationship with the ML!

Basically, MC and ML confirm their feeling rather fast, it's like in chapter 8 or somewhere near it. The s*x also came fast because just after the confession, they immediately rolling on the sheet. It came to me as a suprise, but it was not bad or anything. Soon that I realized that it was a sign, a sign that the author put to signal that they was a bout to end the current arc. Which is outrageous really, because:

    • At that time, MC has only filmed 1 film. I thought it's was only after 5 years that he would perhaps retire if he doesn't see acting as it fits to him? How did he decides so quickly when it is him who said it himself that he's gonna take things slow. Not to mention, author has already put showbiz typical foreshadowing where some eccentric OP director take an interest on the MC. But nope, just put that potential in the tr*sh can and let MC refuse the offer.
    • Isn't the point of the task is to reach the top on the path that the host choose? How the f*ck that when the journey had just started, author decides that nopes, this is it, this is a perfect place to end the arc, like what?? Why wouldn't author like to wrote more chapters when it gives them money and also consistent with the plot that they already wrote
*Sigh*... That's it. The point is this novel was a huge waste of potential. I'm willing to bet if the author took their time and actually wrote further past MC an ML romance, it's gonna get a 6-7 stars from me. Because really, the story in each could even do well as a stand alone, IF, again, author do write MC's journey as a whole.

Anyway here's more things that I think as a huge let down:

    • The system. Man, I love the system in arc 1. He's one of the biggest reason why I think this novel has such a beautiful hidden flower. Unlike typical uncommunicative system or selling meng system that danmei usually have. The system here is a straight man of steel (initially) lol. As you can see from the synopses, he gonna encourage the MC in his own way to do the task. I love how he stomp his feet (figuratively) when MC unconciously show his charm to other because he want just want MC to be a template of strong manly guy that he (the system) looks higly upon. He would've been a perfect grumpy grandpa or little brother to the MC, IF

      the author did not make him to be the secondary pair. Honestly the ship is so f*cking useless. How the f*ck the thinks this is a good idea? The other person of this pair did not even actually show ups until the end of the novel. What, did the author think that the system slightly homophobic attitude will make the readers mad, so they make the system gay instead? Nah, that was supposed to be the best part! It's like ying and yang: MC's confident, charming, and gay personality becomes a perfect harmony when paired with the system's definitely straight and actually a shy nerd personality (the system is similar to Shen Yuan if you read svvs)

    • Similar to the system personality, MC's "charming every person that he stare upon, even his enemies" skit was immidiately put down after arc 1. What, does the author or mainland reader think that it's just gonna mke MC seems unfaithful or something? Smh
    • Side characters would not be mentioned again after the have served their purpose. Even though by logic, they should still be significant to the story.
    • Abilities would also not be mentioned again after like, 2 arcs. Things like drawing, or even actual supernatural ability that MC going to get in further arcs would not last much longer past the arc where MC has gained them.
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Miggie rated it
November 9, 2023
Status: c17
So... this concept was pretty cute, but the actual story is bland. The MC, ml, every other character, all have a lack of big emotions. The system ends up being the most emotional of all the characters. The story isn't bad, but it feels like it gets stuck in uninteresting places. To explain, the parts in the plot that don't need any extra explanation can take up an entire chapter. Again, the story isn't bad, it should just be read when you have nothing else and want to waste time... more>> on a fluffy story of an op character. <<less
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Eurydice378 rated it
May 27, 2024
Status: Completed
I was expecting a strong MC or at least weak to strong progression, because of the system that wanted the MC to be strong. But we only get lovey dovey plot ಥ_ಥ. It's also very repetitive and the instant love at first sight with the MC and ML is getting tiring. At least don't make it so obvious, it's like they have a tracker with each other that the MC can instantly identity the ml. The only good arc is the first arc. At least we can actually see that... more>> the MC is strong. The most disappointing arc is the Omegaverse, I was expecting the MC to do things differently but we only got the damsel and distress plot (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `) ♡. <<less
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Elko rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: c20
I started reading thinking that here the author would subvert the clichés of the BL genre, of the beautiful and delicate Shou character, and although the MC wanted to follow this plot, he would be forced by the system to be a tough alpha male, instead, he Start completing missions helping people, it's not quite what I expected but... ok?

Now, one thing that I consider a problem here is the number of characters, there are many characters, I'll mention a few that come to mind:

MC and Ml, Ml's sister, 2... more>> of Ml's cousins, one of whom is the ex from mc's body, then we have Nu Yan who is the white moonlight of the ex, then we have the father, mother and brother from the original body.

Now, in the filming, there are 2 MC agents who don't appear much, so we have Bun Hao (or something like that) who is the protagonist of the series where MC acts, we have the director, we have a cannon fodder who is the second or third ML of the series, and we have the female protagonist, there is also Hua (or something) who is kind of the villain of the arc, but I skipped all of his part because I was bored, but it seems like he is the biggest celebrity in the agency where MC works.

We also have fugitives with a lot of screen time, mainly some people who MC helped as good deeds.

Like, all this in just 1 arc? Not to mention that we have several conflicts here, is it so difficult to focus on 2 things? Romance and the MC's career? There's a lot here, and that's not what I'm looking for when reading this genre, I wonder if I've been reading too many good novels recently and gotten used to it badly...

I'm going to give it two stars because the translation is good, and I'm going to try reading the second arc to see if things improve, because so far everything seems very boring to me (and because I currently have nothing to read). <<less
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User.948761 rated it
March 16, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s a cute love at first sight romance story using worldhopping to experience different things. Super fluffy and the antagonists are easily handled (and very predictable).

I thought the first arc would set the tone for the following arcs (and at the very least, there was continuity regarding how the worldhopping was happening) but the System was too present in future arcs. The whole “manly” thing was over after a few mentions in arc 1. It’s later briefly mentioned why but it was a bit disappointing as the reader since the... more>> summary made it sound so much more important.

The “plots” for each arc is just to set up the world (as explained in the story) before the MC enters it. So it pretty much is irrelevant after MC starts doing his thing.

Overall enjoyable as a fluff piece. Not the best I read for QT story but still fun. <<less
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talleigh rated it
January 29, 2024
Status: Completed
This is a sweet love story. This is a sweet love story. This is a sweet love story.

Important things must be said three times!

The novel has a lot of instances where the characters' actions touches a soft spot in your heart. The story focuses more on MC and ML's love journey between worlds, with enough background plot to keep you reading.

The worlds are shorter than normal QT, but the upside is you're not heavily info-dumped every arc.

Bittersweet spoiler for end of arc 1

... more>>

The end of the first arc when MC was ready to end his missions and give up ressurection when ML passed from old age is so bittersweet.

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Lovelivedieforyaoi rated it
May 4, 2024
Status: c56
There is no major role of system after first arc. Only lovey-dovey acts between MC and ml. After arc 2 the story goes in a fast pace mode. Everything happens pretty quickly. It's okay for taking break from those brainstorming novel or bloody novel. It's not bad but not good. An average novel.
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Xiu_er rated it
March 18, 2024
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.7/5

Generally, this was a light-hearted and humorous quick wear novel where the MC and ML are op and grow even more op with each world, making the task and story progression smooth sailing throughout. While not really innovative perse you do not get bored or at least I did not as the story developed quite quickly, almost too rapidly that it leaves some side characters with whiplash, questioning their world-view. But for us readers, the whiplash is dampened by our knowledge of the CP's past lives' existence, making the... more>> love at first sight and quick relationship development thereafter not as jarring.

There is a sense of continuity as some motives are repeated/come up in each world like XiaoHei (the black dog with a white spot) or the small pink flowers that they give each other to show off their love. Then there is the fact that previously learned skills and system rewards find relevance later on instead of being forgotten. A plus point for that from me.

Unfortunately, the daily tasks and random tasks lost their importance in the later worlds. In general, I feel like the system tasks and goals were kinda put on the back burner and lost their importance which is a bit disappointing.

But nevertheless, I did enjoy reading the novel as it was an easy read where I did not need to use my head nor my tear ducts. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
I recommend not giving up on the somewhat sluggish first arc even if the pacing of the story does not 'improve'. The author's writing style may be a little casual and not at the breakneck speed of most QT novels, but this allowed the author to explore further and deeper into the overarching story. The initial 'random' plot setup of the specific world is not very important beyond how the differences in each arc can tease out a few more clues about our protagonists' pasts.

This inevitably makes the plot of... more>> each individual arc a little less interesting. However, how these arcs interweave with each other and the main character's growth over time are prioritized and it shows. The pace may start and end slow, but it is very consistent throughout. Many QT novels seem to suffer from burnout where they start strong but then the author either attempts to extend the story further despite running out of steam or they have a very sudden or cliché ending that cannot match the previous momentum. This story sidesteps these traps and ends very naturally.

The unfortunate side of choosing to write a story so centralized on the characterization and relationship between only a few characters is that you will not like the story if you cannot get invested into the protagonists. That is not to say that other arcs skimp out on the side characters. I liked both girls that appeared in the final world quite a bit and learned enough about each of them by the end of the arc to feel that way. I admit I did not feel so strongly about the protagonist in the first few chapters. This is definitely a story where it takes time to learn enough about the character to warm up to them, which is why I recommend reading a little further if you do not outright hate Xu Yin. The end of the first arc is what hooked me to continue.


I was very surprised that XY would choose to give up the mission when his lover passed away. He seems to be a salted fish at the beginning of the arc but in actuality he just has nothing he feels strong enough about to work for. He is cynical. His lack of desire to 'act' mutes most of his personality. The system piques his curiosity with this second chance and he becomes much more lively by the end of the arc only to give up on returning to reality for his (as far as he knows) virtual lover. The world building of the first arc does not have much depth? The protagonist is very clear about this and knows from beginning to end that this is not a real world. This emphasizes just how much of a lack of connection he felt to reality. He felt he got a lifetime with the person (?) he loved and felt satisfied DESPITE this level of clarity.

This decision of his felt pretty revealing and the impact continues to echo as he chooses to follow his partner to the next world as his desire to survive ignites. From then on the couple continues to improve further in every arc. The system says the goal is to strengthen his 'soul' enough to handle resurrection. It's pretty clear the story delivers on this premise irregardless of how haphazard the mission objectives may be.


There is also something I really liked about the final extras, but it is hard to put a finger on the specific aspects I loved. They felt different from many of the other standard QT extras I have read. I just know that I enjoyed them and they made me laugh a lot at some of the unexpected antics of family and friends. <<less
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jiral rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: --
Well, if you take the protagonists f*ckt*rd lovey-dovey interaction out, the novel will be much shorter than it should be. Unfortunately, majority of the chapters are like that. That kind of interaction one or twice is enough but for it to be all over the place, that's way too much.
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