Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping


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Luo Qing Chen is a wandering spirit that died thirty thousand years ago, roaming the Chaos Space

In order to not turn into dust, she is bound by an ice cold system to travel through time and space to complete missions.

Girls that pretend to be weak?  Slap them without explaining.

A silly cannon fodder?  Helping them amass treasures.

Meeting a real male god?  All of them will pamper.

System: Dear masters, what do I do if my host even dares bully the heavens?  Waiting for an answer, it’s urgent!

A certain male god: Change systems.

System: ヽ〔?Д?〕丿

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honeybunny55 rated it
October 16, 2019
Status: c23
I think it's supposed to be comedy, but it isn't really funny. Of course one could simply write this off as humor being subjective, but I don't know man. Maybe it's also a cultural barrier. I find that a lot of CN based manhua and stories have really dumb heroines, because I guess it's supposed to be funny/cute?

Sorry, but I personally find that having to read about a dumb heroine is pretty annoying and boring. The MC is a ridiculously s*upid idiot that just makes the most inane comments all... more>> the time. Like if breathing wasn't something your body naturally made you do, she'd probably have died by now from forgetting to breath unless the System was constantly reminding her to do it.

I just - the first arc was unbearable to read honestly. The ML was a s*upid idiot, but they write it off as "silent love" or some s*upid BS like that. Like if he really loved her that much, why the hell didn't he bother to try and I don't know, show her? Nah fam gotta let her miscarry first and idk lock herself up and make her miserable and ignore all of the ways she blatantly shows her love for him. That'll show her he loves her, right!? And the MC made the most vacuous comments throughout the entire story. It's like the first arc is 20 something chapters and each chapter is incredibly short and is about 5% plot, 95% s*upid comments from the mentally deficient MC.

Anyways yeah, I usually have a pretty high tolerance for QT stories and their antics and I can usually excuse a lot that I wouldn't do in any other typical story. But I could barely even make it past the first arc.

Not worth it. Sorry, but vapid heroines with little to nothing but hot air in their brains are really tiring for me to read. I know that it's probably supposed to be comedy, but I never realized that a s*upid MC making s*upid comments was supposed to be funny. Guess I just prefer heroines who like, I don't know, have a brain and a logical mind.

Yeah. I'm not even gonna bother trying to go any further than the first arc lol. <<less
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Anasthesia rated it
February 18, 2020
Status: c17
While I was reading, this was the thought that flashed in my mind.

Was the MC really the female lead, or was she the villainess?!

I’m only in the beginning chapters and as much as I want the ML to pamper her, the f is with the quick rising affection just because of her looks?!

... more>>

Just one look at her cuteness and beautiful face and ding! Ten percent increase in affection. Soft voice? Ding! Ten percent increase in affection.


Also, the female lead always criticize the supporting female lead because she has a large birthmark on her face and looks ugly. That’s it, folks. Not on her personality, no, no, our FL doesn’t hate the supporting FL because of that. It’s because the supporting FL looks ugly!


Direct quote from the MC: Take, take, take, quickly take everything away. She looks so rough, she has no right to have any affection! Ha, ha, ha~


??? I’m sorry? Did I hear that right?? Just because she’s ugly, she can’t get the Emperor’s heart??


And this becomes even more disturbing. The supporting FL merely came to taunt the FL by acting like a little flower, and when she tries to take away FL’s maid, FL hits her with a mace on the face (a mace looks like a bat with sharp spikes). This isn’t even the worst part. Here’s another direct quote from the book:



The supporting FL: Her face was covered in blood and tears, mixing together, it was a terrifying sight. “Emperor, please make a decision for this concubine!” The decibel of her voice wasn’t reduced by a single bit. [Ding, Yan Wu Se’s (ML) affection has decreased by ten. There is 20% remaining.] Our vapid FL: This deduction was very reasonable! It was reasonable! If I was the male lead and I saw Yan Wu Se’s grim looking face, I would have it decrease by thirty!


If you want an ML that wholly focuses on looks and an FL that humiliates the supporting FL because she’s too ugly, then read this book. I’m disgusted by the superficiality going on that I won’t read anymore. Keep in mind though, I’m only in ch17. Who knows, this plot might redeem itself. <<less
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Hweianime rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: --
QAQ despite the bad reviews I ended up being tempted simply because of the number of chapters and update frequency (it’s so good like wut) but like previously said, the translation is good but the content... less so ah. It’s got the typical QT cliche but the MC and ML are ehhh subpar really. They characters objectively aren’t great and you wouldn’t want to actually date them in real life OR in your imagination tbh.
it really sucks because I love qt and I hate that every time I’m checking for new chapters this is the one story that keeps popping up ahhh the translators are so dedicated *sigh*
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July 25, 2019
Status: c9
This feels like a subpar quick transmigration story. There are all of the right elements, but things are progressing way too quickly.

To give some more background, the goal of the missions is to win over the ML using the identity of the FL. What this novel does a little different is that the protagonist is inserted after the "end" of the story (you'll see what I mean after you read it).

So, onto my issues with the novel. It's just a bit too unrealistic. The protagonist seems to have such an... more>> easy time winning over the ML, and the way the ML acts is just kinda off considering the background we're given. He literally sees her once after like 4 years and then becomes super possessive? And if I see ONE more mention of her beauty I-

Well. Translation is good though, so maybe I'll continue reading to see if it gets better. <<less
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Land of The Fallen
Land of The Fallen rated it
December 25, 2019
Status: c29
Alright, first arc annoyed me greatly with how fast the relationship between the MC and the ML progressed. Especially how the love between the MC and the ML didn't seem to be "love".


Actually, the most frustrating part is that the ML already liked the original, but later on, the ML was I like both the past and the current her. While that may sound sweet, essentially, the ML was exactly fully attracted to the MC which just really cheapened their relationship for me.

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January 2, 2021
Status: c340
maybe I was possessed or something but I somehow survived until chapter 340. (i stayed till morning lmao, maybe it's because I was sleepy that I was able to read this?)

it's safe to say that I HATED THIS. some parts are just so confusing? like in the gaming arc the ML has what, a super sharp vision? the ML having good eyesight might be good but this... it's a bit freaky. he looked out of his office window- saw the FL PLAYING A GAME. and he somehow saw her... more>> username because of his vision?? wha— it would be hard to see her username when she's in the middle of a battle even if you're a meter away. but ig for the sake of ML knowing the fl's true identity, logic has to be sacrificed.

and that wasn't even the worst arc.. the first arc was the one I disliked the most. the supporting girl was with him during all his hard times, but the one he chooses is the beAutiful girl who BULLIED him during his school days when he was blind??

and the reason being that she is a "nation collapsing beauty"

the supporting female can't get his love because she isn't beautiful? because she has a scar on her face?? even though she has been with him through thick and thin? and the worst thing was that the FL ATTACKED HER. use your words bruh. AND NOT ONLY THAT- SHE ATTACKED HER WITH A M A C E, ON HER FACE (woah that rhymed) which gave the supporting FL ANOTHER SCAR. the supporting FL was already insecure af. she really loved the male lead, and was applying medication, thinking that if her scar healed, would he love her even a bit more?

AND THEN WHEN SHE ASKED THE MALE LEAD TO GET JUSTICE FOR HER, he's disgusted by her appearance (???) and then tells the FL to be careful not to get hurt while carrying the mace. it's not even funny. I almost cried for the supporting girl.

i wish I could just slap this s*upid fl.

the only arc I liked was the weak king arc. he was so babie?? f*ck the FL lmao, I want him. the original owner trIED TO KILL HIM- but he saved her countless times._. <<less
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November 7, 2020
Status: c849
First word: messy. Second word: melodramatic. Third word: fanciful.

And that's me being nice.

All the arcs are melodramatic with big amounts of "ridiculous". For example, a pseudo-sibling campus romance story ends up involving political strife and a royal family? Just to add touches of tragedy and longing?? Although not all arcs are as overboard as this, still.

Also, it's pretty shallow. In almost all the ancient china arcs, ML as emperor easily gives up his throne. ML as a handsome president almost 30 never even kissed before. Literally just projection of... more>> schoolgirl dreams smh. Plus there's every troupe in the book. Especially through the little theatre / ML's perspective at the end of each arc, I get huge amounts of goosebumps because it's so embarrassing. He always ends up showing as the outwardly cold inwardly passionate man of preteen dreams, who's wholly devoted to MC and whose entire life revolves around MC. MC is the sun that shone in their dark night, the light of their glory, the goddess of their worship. *barfs*. Ya, that's why I ended up skipping them later one.

Furthermore, each time ML falls in the drop of a hat. At one point she's like "wow this world's ML is chasing me so rare" but it's total BS because almost every time she glances at him and he's interested. Affection meter also means almost nothing besides just showing accumulation of the things MC does because it might just become 20/100 but this ice-cold man somehow proposes. Fortunately, the MLs aren't very affected by the fact they've lived with MC before, so there is still some semblance of chasing (which I really enjoy in a story, except maybe this one).

The very best point about this story is its length. As a QT story where its arcs are all pretty independent, it means you can skip around which I did. Not all the arcs are absolutely terrible, my fav one is the current last one that's still uncompleted (ex-wife). At the very least it can still kill time.

Anyway, I won't vote for now. I'm really tempted to give 3stars, but in light of its sheer amount of chapters I would consider bumping to 4stars. Btw each chapter is pretty short, but still.

Btw the *way better* version of this story is QT: male god, come here. <<less
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Arrankai rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: c20
The translation was done well (+1 ⭑), but the story is not that great. Compared to all the other QT (quick transmigration) stories I've read this is just... not great.

Our MC does not give me an impression to like or remember her by. It's supposed to have comedy but I just don't find it funny. The main mission of the MC is to win the ML back btu all she has to do is stick to the ML and by time, she's already done with the task.

The building of feelings... more>> is wayyyy too rushed, and the story has no logic at all which makes it unrealistic.


Arc 1: If the ML really did love the OC (original character) why did he not do anything when he knew that she lost their child. If the ML did pay attention to the OC he should have clearly known how important the child in her stomach was.

Imagine if the person you love so much were pregnant and was happily waiting for the birth of their child, you would be happy for them (maybe not if you're possessive). But then she loses the child she loves and to another one of your woman which made her reclusive, would you not be angry??

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July 27, 2019
Status: c16
3.5/5, with 2 for the translation.

I won't officially rate it yet, but I agree with the previous reviewers that this fast wear novel progresses super fast... ML did indeed immediately get attracted to the FL after 4 years of bitter separation, BUT this early on, we haven't gotten the full story even if FL transmigrated into the "end" of the first world and received the plot. We only have the oFL perspective, in a sense, and we don't know completely ML's thoughts/actions/etc during those four years.

... more>>

From the current hints, it seems that over the 4 years after ML caused original FL's miscarriage or whatever dog-blood drama that took place due to ML's partiality to the second FL of that world, he felt regretful and remorseful and might have decided to use the second female lead as a shield for the oFL so oFL could live the rest of her life peacefully and without any more strain but I could be wrong. This is what I got from what was given so far. Not to mention, from the time she transmigrated, ML's affection for FL was already higher than his affection for the 2FL so I think it's not too surprising that he immediately feels attracted to FL when she finally "gives him a second chance" while not feeling too great about the 2FL.

Anyway, iirc author's note said something about the ML and FL being pure except for the first arc??? So if you want pure ML and FL maybe skip the first world?? (But there are still doubts whether or not ML slept with the 2FL in the first world imo) Personally, I am not really picky on if the ML and FL are pure or not, as long as it's written well and their characters are fleshed out. Idr and could be wrong about the A/N, though, so don't quote me on that. I'm here for finishing the first arc and seeing if it's worth the rest of the novel to read tbh. None of the characters are very distinctive, and the system is included in this list. Also, the first world's story so far is sub-par what with the unnecessary and seemingly forced relstionship (s) between both FLs and the ML in the original plot and the current one with transmigrated FL.

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Kozutan rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c202
It's really boring story, but even when I was bored I still got tired of this, skipping arcs to the ones I would like but they still disappointed me..

You guys remember what is Quick Transmigration stories are about?

It's to counterattack brainless novels where the plot is plain, cliche and have no logic, the protagonists have the novel's world revolving around them and plot shield, while other characters have no in-depths at all.

... more>> So I'm surprised this novel is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what a quick transmigration novels are.

So far the FL's cheat is her "beauty". She gets to win nonstop with her appearance, finish tasks without trying and win the ML's heart with it. There were countless time the ML looked at her and since she looks cute/pretty, the likeability bar went up. Literally just with one look the ML liked her better.. She never have to work hard, the ML does everything for her or the plot will for dumb reason help her.

Even their romance is boring! They have no spark, nothing.. They just exist. Like I said ML always fells in love without reason with the FL (for the plot), then they start to act like lovers, but they feel so fake and forced... Can't feel any of the romance at all.

Villains? Oh god, they are dumb and only exist for the plot, to bring the ML and FL together. Truly disappointing. Good villains always make a story better and exciting, but we don't get those here.

(Y'all can see this is a projection of the things the author wants in real life to have, also the writer is a author mom, don't be surprised of the lack of in-depth of characters and story being bland and boring.)

So in the end, this novel is so boring, even the bored me gave up on it..

My problem is whenever I browse for new transmigration stories this novel pops up, because the TRANSLATORS are so hard working it's literally spams my feed. Guys, I applaud for you working so hard, but I wish I could just block this novel appearing in front of me again *sigh. <<less
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April 12, 2020
Status: c300
The stories... I really thought that the FL would somehow evolve from being ridiculous. Each and every world, it seems like she's just bumbling around with no air in the brain.

If you like stories where the character is good for only fluff, you should read this. Repetitiveness is quite common, so expect it. Predictable, if you know your QT clichés and the tropes that give the character some power.
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maevalily rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: c234
Personally I enjoy reading this just for the fluff. There's nothing too complicated about this story, it's super focused on the romance of the main characters. If you like plot heavy, this isn't for you. It's a cute story of the main characters finding love again in different worlds, barely any drama.

I can't say it's a 5 but I'm giving a 5 because I honestly think this deserves more than a 3.2 (at the time of my writing this), I'd say at least a 3.7! I've read many QT translations... more>> that were rated much higher and were nowhere near as good (especially since the translation quality of this is quite good).

So please give it a chance guys, even if the rating is low I think it might just not be certain people's cup of tea. At least translation quality and fluff is assured ?

And Nian Nian ?? I love Nian Nian so much I wish the FL could have brought her back to accompany her forever through all the worlds <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c184 dropped
The arcs and the storylines are a bit silly, with a very messy writing style; childish and repetitive system/MC interactions. Same story in different arcs, just surrounded in different scenarios - ice cold ML suddenly felt the MC was cute and started falling for her, paving way for her - she completes her task way too easily! most of the times, she doesn't even have to make an effort besides being cute, and the task is completed... There is no tension in any story so far. ... more>>

Only 4% of the ML's soul has been captured, does one have to suffer another 96 arcs before the story comes to an end!???

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Ancient Bookworm
Ancient Bookworm rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: --
What started out as an okay qt novel was quickly over thrown by its brainless plot. The latest arc well its the absolute worse.

How I got this far it will remain a mystery. The villain characters are getting more and more brain less and there is 4000+ of this?

Honestly what grind my gears is the fact the latest arc kept on with the noble vs commoner thing and I'm like what?

I don't know if the author is an idiot or if I'm an idiot because it literally makes no sense.
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ivanlyw7 rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c4199
Completed the book.

There's very little character development in the MC outside of her love for ML. Most of the time it's the ML covering the sky for her

My main gripe with this story is that for most of the worlds MC and ML are too merciful to their opponents, which almost always comes to bite them back in the ass (aka death). You'd think after shuttling through so many worlds they would learn their lesson.

Even then, most of said deaths can be overcome..

... more>>

if only MC uses that one prop in her inventory she NEVER uses except for that one time after she bought it. Supreme healing skills and medical kit my foot.

Also, considering how many points she has and the kind of useful items the system has, it baffles me that after buying 5 props she totally forgets such a function exists and almost never uses it again?


The ending is just downright disappointing...


The identity of the system is never revealed.

She just dies peacefully in a mission world, gets the last identity fragment, and that's the end of the story. WTF.

Seriously the last sentence of the book is [Congrats on getting the soul shards 100/100]


The storyline is somewhat repetitive, with some scenarios occurring multiple times with very little differences. Antagonists are somewhat one dimensional (with more than half being "I DESERVE TO BE WITH ICE COLD ML INSTEAD OF YOU RAWRRRRR" *Plots mu*der*)

Its such a pity because the translations are actually pretty good... <<less
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hellokittz rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: c54
This is interesting


The only thing I am not sure about is. MF loved the MĹ in the first world and in the second it's like she completely forgot about him? Did something happen to her memory?


About the ML


Did he follow her to the next world or not. I mean I feel it's not clear


But the story itself, even if the feelings bloom a bit too fast. I find this interesting. It's a good read
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July 23, 2019
Status: --
I just.. Didn't seem to like this very much, the translation was done pretty well, that wasn't the problem.

It's just something in the story that I didn't seem to like very much, and because of it, I just couldn't get very far into it before having to stop.

In respect of the translator doing a perfectly fine job, I won't add a rating to this.
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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover Slytherine rated it
September 24, 2022
Status: c2043
I don't know why there is so much negative reviews (maybe they read the arcs I disliked and not read), but I really liked this one. I didn't read a lot of arcs. I read the one I liked, had a happy ending. It's like a big book with lots of stories. I just read the one I liked and skipped the one I didn't like. You can give it a try like me. Read the arc you like and skip the arc you dislike.

My rating is based on the... more>> arcs I loved and read. The one I disliked I didn't read. <<less
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Maple-Leaf rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: c973
Extremely cliche, pretty repetitive, 90% of the time the antagonist is absolutely f*cking brain dead, and it’s a nearly identical face slapping routine every arc. That said, it’s still entertaining to read this light heartedly and I’ve been following it for a while. In the end, what you go into this expecting and your personal tastes dictate if you’ll stay and keep reading. It won’t appeal to a significant portion of people, so to figure out if you’re one of those people or not is the most important thing. I... more>> happen to be someone who lives on an only fluff diet with a high tolerance for overused tropes, so it fits my tastes rather well.

Also there’s no smut.


There’s a f*ck ton of chapters so I may have forgotten. <<less
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Raebit rated it
September 22, 2020
Status: c75
I will write my thoughts, feeling and opinion here.

For me the romance is very convenient and easy to achieve, if I should I say plot armor.

It is like when feeling sleepy, the pillow was given by someone, that's the feeling I got when I read.

When I read the original host died miserably, but when MC came, hey! ML somehow in love with her almost immediately, and MC enjoy all the benefit.

In Arc 1

Tbh I feel bad MC conveniently using the original host sacrafice then enjoying the rest.

... more>>

At Arc 1 I feel really bad about original host, she lost her father, child, 'everything'.

The ML 'doesn't' like her, well he do like her but not too much until MC came.

He become super pampering, and MC enjoy all of benefit, she just play a little trick.

Cooking for him, here and there and then done! ML head over heels with MC.

MC reaping all the original host do (sacraficing everything), MC 'doesn't give the body back', she stays and enjoy the pampering.

How do that do justice to the original host??

Why bother changing original host life / achieving her wish if MC will use the body for rest story?

Which for me, not my taste.

If it is revenge QT and as payment MC will occupy until end I'm fine. But this is about original host wanting ML's affection! Isn't original host mad?!

And the hell ML ignored the fact MC smashing vicious FL with mace, he only think "is she feel unsafe, that's why she bring mace??"

The hell??

Even though vicious FL is a jerk, when you saw someone smashing someone with mace what you think is scared!


Anyway, her body are always pretty (I only read 3 arcs so far), and ML fall in love because of the prettiness! I mean... why dont they fall in love with original host if a prettyness is all they need? The chapter each arch is pretty long (30 chap), but the story itself is very fast paced (especially the affection easily goes up), ML also very easily become posessive and pampering toward MC.

Also another thing I dislike in Arc 2.

  1. Original Host say that she feel guilty not doing filial piety, MC acknowledge that, but in the end there isnt a single thing MC do to the original host parent!, she even ditch her parent in new year eve, go back for ML!, Did she even read original host wish?!, why it is 100% complete??
  2. Why original host liking ML??? that isn't explained.

The story itself not that bad, but just the romance irk me, the way completing quest also iritating.

Also this story basically about


Collecting each fragment soul of true ML by the hint I think



  1. Story is convenient
  2. ML's filter to MC is too high, easy to farm affection
  3. MC basically fulfilling yet staying (stealing) original host's body and ML.
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