Quick Transmigration: Fate Trading System


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Su Xin was a world-class hitman. One day, she died in a disaster and was bound to the Fate Trading System to change other people’s destiny and increase her own life span.

Brothel prostitute: I want to become the first beauty of the Four Countries!

Imprisoned Mermaid: I want to return to the deep sea and become queen!

Adorable Loli: My elder sister is not human, kill her!

Miss Republic of China: Don’t let older brother be extremely infatuated with third aunt!

Su Xin: Your circle is really messy…

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SovietWeeb rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c9
I say there is potential for this to be a really fun story. But usually, these types of stories end up getting dropped by the translator. So hopefully this one will continue for a while at least.

I like the main character. She is fairly fun and I feel the story manages to have a nice balance between her being calculating and smart. Usually these types of stories we will have these character be overly calculating or smart and kind of takes you out of the story. This one manages it... more>> in a more natural way.

I'm not sure if I like that there are two people that have transmigrated. It might be interesting and I do like that the MC is hiding it from the other women in the story. Kind of funny how the other girl is assuming the MC is just someone from this place while the MC is just plotting behind the girls back.

I'm also not a fan that the MC was already apart of the system at the start of the story and how it's setup. I think I'd prefer it more if the MC had died then we got introduced to the system. I also kind of dislike and like that the MC will be on Earth tell she accepts a quest. On one hand, I dislike that she is still a mortal and bound to those rules but on the other, I like that it's not just her stuck in some empty void tell her next mission.

The story also has a nice slow burn type of pacing, unlike most Chinese novels. Nothing seems rushed or premature. I do hope it doesn't take too long though for the Yuri to actually come into action though.

Overall I like this story and hope we get more some time. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: c21
I'm excited to see a decent yuri series on here. There are plenty of yaoi and het series available, but yuri is like a mythical unicorn. The MC is an assassin who has learned things in the modern-day world. She is not an OP protagonist who is also a master of ancient poisons or bizarre face masks or body-changing magic, unlike many other series, which is a true delight. She is intelligent and calm.

The story is still in the first arc at this point, but it's been interesting so far.... more>> The protagonist is clever and works hard.

My biggest complaint thus far is that the set-up and opening are weak. The MC's history is summed up rapidly without showing the readers what her life was really like or making us feel her motivation.

For now, I'm rating this series as a 4/5, but it has a potential to reach a 5/5 based on how it closes each arc. <<less
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Sweet Food
Sweet Food rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: --
I am current MTL this novel. Finished reading first arc and got hooked up by this novel. Its best novel so far. MC is cute but naive to feeling, female lead is tyrant cold emperor, everyone is afraid of her. She is quite pitiful and lonely who is craving for warm and love. Her own mother was abandoned on cold palace left to dead. She kill slag emperor and ambitious scheming brothers. She become tyrant and dangerous indifference emperor. I like most part is that MC and female lead sleep... more>> together and kiss. It's so cute and sweet😍. Poor MC, she had weak body, after deed, she stay bed😁 <<less
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Lucilius rated it
November 13, 2018
Status: c3
Oof! A story that isn't using 1st PoV?! A yuri one and transmigration one at that?! My heart! On a serious note, while I am still Ch3 in so far the story is pretty good so far other than that nothing much to say until there's more updates, so I can give a more concrete review. I enjoyed it but 3* for now cause who knows the plot might either go down or up. I have to say thanks for picking this up the translation and editing is done very... more>> well. <<less
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chocolatechipcookie rated it
July 26, 2019
Status: c62
3stars for now, even tho I'm on chapter 62_ (._.) _

MC is dense. FL and MC are both ruthless and well I'm doubting that they could stay together for a lifetime. Two cold and ruthless people together... is there even room for happiness? Maybe at first but in the far future... it's incredibly uncertain. But maybe, ... more>>

plot twist FL isn't actually the female empess in the first arc. Female lead maybe Shu Juan, or Yunshao or even the system lol (considering the system because MC acts spoiled only towards the system, she just acts different. System for some reason is adorable lol, maybe system can be a girl who knows?)

But Female Empress Qingqing is in the cover so it's likely that she's the FL


This was pretty nice at first, but now I'm kinda doubting, hopefully it would get better. Just not the best yuri I've read. oh well <<less
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