Questioning Heaven, Desiring the Way


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A piece of animal hide made him give up becoming immortal.

Millions had to die just for him to catch a glimpse of the Way of Heaven.

The Earth shattered just as it was formed

Immortals and demons disappeared

The age-old tale of Nuwa creating mankind

Is this the revolt of his predecessors or a scheme of the Way of Heaven?

He does not cultivate for the sake of becoming immortal or for the sake of longevity.

He only wants to know the answer to only one question: What lies above the Way?

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Ask the Heaven's, Regard the Way
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March 15, 2022
Status: v1c128
The TL did a good job of picking this novel up. Firstly, this novel isn't a direct journey of a man just becoming more powerful through different arcs. But a main character, who gradually uncovers a veil surrounding the cultivation world.

It feels like as time goes on, that you are also discovering the mystery, including the uniqueness of how it all links back to the beginning. This means that it allows the reader to subconsciously connect the dots as time goes on. Which a lot of novels cannot do due... more>> to the endless info dumps.

So compressed info with minimal effort = Good structure, realistic dialogue, good pacing etc.

Now, the MC...

This main character is extremely driven to uncover the truth, that he will sacrifice anyone or anything. So the reader will see the tough decisions he will make throughout the story, that steels his will even more than before.

Character development for this MC is exactly like this. Tough decisions make him tougher and straying from his path is not an option. <<less
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NothingIsEternal rated it
April 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I've read a lot of books, and I think this one can easily rank in my top ten. This is a story that mixes many elements of Xianxia culture, with a completely ruthless protagonist. The author did an outstanding job at describing an immortal, which is rare, this MC is ruthless and self-interested he will do anything to seek the dao.... more>>

At the start, as a prologue, MC did pretty much did slaughter the entire earth for his cultivation path.


The book is composed of two parts, and this book is the first part.

Finally, the author is remarkable, for keeping a pure dark novel and he does not hesitate to play with the 404. It is a book that is far more than worth seeing, with many twists and turns I will not say more, I let you enjoy reading it.

Alignment : Neutral Evil (Ruthless, emotionless) <<less
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LoneDK rated it
May 14, 2023
Status: c94
Saw this novel has high rating, not too long, so decided to give it a shot. After 94 chapters I can confidently say I hate this novel. It just hits on so many of pet peeves.

  • The author goes out of his way to make fun of other xianxia novel for their cultivation system, that they are all mumbo jumbo and doesn't make sense. After this he explains the cultivation system in this novel which is unsurprisingly, mumbo jumbo. It's not even that well explained and that interesting. He basically threw in as much Chinese mystical term as possible to confuse the reader into thinking it's somehow deep. But its not.
  • The MC is setup as this near-immortal who have destroyed the world, and he is extremely arrogant and looks down on people. But he doesn't back it up with anything. Every major event in the story, he gets out by the skin of his teeth. Almost dying several times to essentially mini bosses. I get that the author doesn't want to setup the MC as a Mary Sue but giving your MC max level arrogance, and then not backing it up with anything just makes him unlikeable.
  • Adding on the point above, the MC likes to think he's smart, and the author spent paragraphs saying how he's like this thousand years old cunning monster but he's dumb as f*ck. He supposedly has thousands of cultivation techniques but the one he chose almost killed him and he had to switch to another one. Most of his plans were seen through by literal side characters. And when you read about his plans, you can see how people could easily figure this out. It's grade school level planning. For example, a huge event is coming up and he wanted to avoid it. So how does he do this? He takes an assignment that last 10 years to get away from the main sect to guard one of the sect's property. And what does the sect do? They sent people to recall him and he just went back with them,............
  • When fighting, every single characters shout their moves, even the MC. What is this, a shounen manga?
  • Every single character in this novel is evil. Like every single one. While I have no problems with evil characters, making everyone in your story an evil character is just dull.
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Sothethingis rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: c15
This book is extremely meh at times and at other times its the best thing written. It avoids needless bloodshed, not by having the MC take a bunch of needless hits, but having him maneuver in smart ways. This becomes more and more apparent, and it doesn't devolve into useless slaughter. Something of note, is that the author is an outspoken critic of wuxia tropes and other tropes in general. This at times makes the writing new and very interesting, but at other times really makes things overcomplicated for no... more>> reason.

There are also times when four wall breaks a little bit and the MC rants about certain tropes in wuxia. In one of the beginning chapters the MC rants about how swordsmen are basically third rate martial artists that are broke. Pretty funny.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Odorico rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: --
Honestly, I don't understand why this novel has so many positive reviews, the story is average at best with the author writing something supposedly smart, but when you think about it for a few seconds you realize it's pretty s*upid, not to mention the MC who supposedly lived for more than a thousand years and conspired against an entire world but still has the level of planning and conspiracy of a child, it seems that the author after praising MC so much in the first few chapters did not know... more>> what to do to make the story interesting, so he it just nerfed him to the point of making the MC almost die several times when fighting teenagers which is pretty depressing <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SpicyJesus rated it
October 23, 2022
Status: c130
Read all the way to the latest free chapter on SkyDemonOrder in about a day and a half. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who wishes to read something with a ruthless/evil main character.

The novel is very self-aware and inside is a dark story where characters constantly scheme against one another and the main character constantly schemes and plots back. The MC is an old monster, which rids any naivete out of his character and he does things in a rational and heartless way.

The author breaks the 4th wall... more>> a few times speaking of how common troupes are literally just bullsh*t and explains how more logical events are actually what takes place, so you can count on there being no common tropes like in other novels.

The world-building is phenomenal and the main character has a far-reaching goal that is worth sticking around for. There is a good plot with mysteries to be found and I find myself constantly intrigued by the progression of the story.


Just hope releases speed up <<less
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thecursedone rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: c128
Haven't read such good world-building with characters that feel real and a proper plot for a long time now...I'm rly happy that I found this novel and I hope it keeps its quality till the end.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
joseyvega rated it
September 2, 2022
Status: c100
Really neat cultivation novel, our protagonist is actually smart. Not like the other protagonist who portray being smart but it's just their enemies also being really dumb, also. Enemies here are no joke, even an old moster like MC has some difficulties against them.

If you like Characters like Fang Yuan, Leylin or an evil/driven MC then this novel is for you. Good translation quality and there's almost no jarring flaws, one of the best novels i've come in a long while.
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Afm rated it
July 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Not the best.. but still intresting!!


As the author said; to read the same repetative tropes of contain as;

E.g. the MC is a weak/or in tr*sh-body but getting stronger later.

E.g. the MC is a transmigration.. an alien soul.. but the 'world/nature' didn't reject-hate him/her.. and become it's darling.. also the winner in every turn.

E.g. the MC has to have some Ultimate-CHEAT-Technique (easily learn about weapons-making/medical-concotion/setting-formations..&ect) PLUS.. Ultimate-Mumbo-Jumbo-Cultivation-Technique

E.g. because of CHEAT.. the MC must good at EVERYTHING.

E.g. the MC must Level-Up as easily/frequently as drinking water.. AND Also become OP.. taking down enemies easily as cutting the cabbage.

E.g. the enemies tropes always the same repetative; [enemy come to slap MC.. MC DIDN'T KILL, only can slightly HURT them.. SO they ALWAYS COME BACK with their elders/ relatives/ clan/ organizations/ kingdom/ect.. To come & try their hardest.. to kill the MC.. BUT they still FAILED..]

E.g. the MC always get away from danger easily..

E.g. the Male MC must get some COLLECTIONS of super pretty women (even the girl was an enemy at the begining) added into harem-collection. For Female MC, they must have bunch of '2nd/3rd/4th/ect-male-leads'-collections..

E.g. the MC easily get some heavenly treasure or heavenly medicinal plants..

E.g. the MC keep on shout out like; "Me strong. Me Fight Heaven/Destiny. Me win. Me A God & live forever & forever & foreverrrrr...."

E.g. As for some female MC.. they always bring along their bunch of families, friend, pets. ect.. (even their friend/family/pets were DEAD in the plots.. but they always hv 'the ways' to 'create/bring' them back alive again) To Level Up together.. like.. they Cultivating to become immortal/gods.. as easy as CULTIVATING Some Grass On SidePath (?!)

SERIOUSLY!! Im tired of such books..


Dark Fiction!! The MC, previously half-immortal.. an Arragon-Crule-Cunning-Scheming-
Bloodlust (which means.. MC always breaking all conventional moral standards.) And Unemotional/Heartless Character..

NO FL & Romance!

and more..

IF u all DISLIKE such MC.. u better skip off..

As for the story plots;

It's NOT about; weak-become-strong/ or/ Cultivation-Journey Stories..

It's about Unsolving The Mystery of.. dao (?).. the will (?).. how/why the cultivation-world started (?).. who started it (?).. What happen before (?).. who become the chess piece (?).. who will win (?)

ALSO... it is NOT author Fault for making fun of other cultivation-system as tr*sh.. but insted.. it is the reader them-self 'believe' in those tr*sh.. lol..
tbh.. all these wuxia/xianxia/ect stories has Nothing to believe to begin with..
IT's just a Past-Time-Stories to enjoy.. Nothing serios.. lol

As for the mc-scheming-plot stories.. Although it's a 'fail-plot'.. but a bit intresting and unpredictable..

The ending.. it's cut off.. just like that (??!)

.. as the MC died in the end..

(Mc) his existence was a plan by the will of heaven right from the start.. so everything he thought, would lead him to an answer, which it did lead him closer to the truth... but also closer to his destruction/death.

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November 18, 2022
Status: c4
It looks good but I always disconnect when the MC mentions the earth, since there seems to be many worlds out there, why not just say that he came from another random world or similar to the earth? Does it need to be exactly the earth?

Imagine if Lord of the Rings took place on Earth? It would be a beautiful piece of shit... And yes I know that Tolkien was inspired by Christianity, and The Magic Word is: "inspired".

I think I would easily read it if not for this issue... more>> (at least for me) <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cpzombie rated it
November 2, 2023
Status: Completed
MC is described multiple times as a "man without a heart", and it's pretty accurate. Totally ruthless, slaughters cities for fun and constantly eats souls.

The bad part is the combat. MC's strength varies a ton for no reason... one chapter he's easily slaughtering people a bit above him, the next he's running away. Fights in general kinda suck here too, it's just a bunch of people yelling technique names.

There are some other problems too, but overall it's pretty good. The ending is super sudden (I like the concept though) ;... more>> it feels like the author got bored and just decided to skip 100-200 chapters. If you're desperate for an evil MC, this works. Not the best, but definitely not the worst either. Gave 4 instead of 3 because evil MC is too rare. <<less
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kirtil rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: --
I did not like this one bit.

At the start it tries to sell itself as a very serious, deep novel that takes on some heavy questions. The MC keeps reminiscing his old life and tries to continue his thoughts about heaven, immortality, cultivation, etc. At the same time trying to solve the mystery of his current world to decide how he will continue his quest of finding the way.

All this time he keeps making fun of classic xianxia tropes saying they are ridiculous. The system that the author uses after... more>> this? It is no different than the stuff you see on classic xianxia novels.

We are told the MC is this near invincible, top of the top on power scale, incredibly cunning and intelligent person who knows nearly anything about cultivation. He is very arrogant, looking down on people because in his eyes they are no different than children.

He is then shown making rookie mistakes and all his cunning and brilliant schemes seen thru by anyone.

It was like I was reading a parody that was too serious and didn't work. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lelmyleague rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: c7
I only read up to chapter 5 and I already hate the author. From his writing, I can already tell that the author has a big ego. He keeps making references and comparing his view of a certain topic to other novels, which is really annoying. And what's even more annoying is that he disses other novels and his opinion is always correct. This novel isn't your usual cultivation novel. It's more philosophically fiction. So you will be reading a lot of sentences mentioning "the Way" which is pretty much... more>> just one's Dao, but they insist on making it sound mysterious. One thing I also am confused about is why don't the MC just cultivate by himself, he was already at the peak in his previous life? He mentions many times that he has all these techniques that he can just cultivate. And his excuse for this is because the cultivation world he's currently in is different. How is it any different from his previous world? They don't mention any of it. The author's excuse is just forcing the MC to join a sect to see how different the world is. I hate novels that force the MC to join sects even when he doesn't need to because it's like saying you have to go to college if you want to be successful. The novel is pretty fast-paced. Most things the MC does is summarized into 1 paragraph, making the novel seem dead af. Overall, this novel isn't for me. I will admit that is novel is pretty decent. Just because a novel is good doesn't mean it's for everyone. <<less
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