Pushover Extra Trains the Villainesses


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Somehow, the protagonist Kim Jin possessed a rich pushover extra in a novel who was exploited by the villainess and then met their demise together.

But there’s no way Kim Jin would let that happen! He immediately defeated the villainess and locked her away. After that, the only thing left was to steadily enjoy life in this world while investing and extracting profits using his knowledge.

But why… the more he punished her, it seemed that the villainess he had captured began to cling to him too much?

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Pushover Extra Trains the Bad Girls
엑스트라 호구는 악녀들을 조교 합니다
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Novel Casanova
Novel Casanova rated it
April 16, 2023
Status: c6
Here is an informed review after having read up till chapter 6. I will try to keep it brief (no promises)


The good parts-

    • It seems the characters (3 heroines) are decently written. Its not one dimensional at least. The MC is cunning if morally bankrupt, this is explained away by saying that even in the modern world, the MC faced terrible injustice for which he never saw retribution happen to the perpetrators. But... we'll get to it again later.
    • The world is thought out. There seems to be a proper overarching plot and storyline and the MC has plans.
    • The writing is descriptive* with some attempts to start the chapter with weirdly philosophical takes by the author as if its a self reflection by the MC. This would make more sense if the novel was written in first person but its not. its written in third person.

Now let's get to the criticisms.

    • The characters aren't one dimensional yes, but their emotions, motives, aspirations, experiences, none of these are properly written. I mentioned the MC has a tragic backstory, but i've basically described it all. The author never even attempts to go in-depth about this backstory and why this left the MC disillusioned. Its just stated in 2 or 3 lines and done. Marked as 'completed' in the checklist and move on. The emotional weight behind any of it is scarcely lacking, since the author doesn't even try to dwell on it.
    • Did I mention the MC's backstory isn't well written? Prepare yourself because its much, much worse for the heroines (villainesses). The author keeps repeating this magical word 'villainess' as if it'll give us all the context behind why it is justified to lock her up in the basement and torture and assault her. The author gives us one single line that in the future (?) she would directly result in the deaths of multiple people, but for now it just seems like she's a scammer / gold digger. She wanted to take the MC's properties but we are never even explained how she scammed the rest of the populace which includes 'the hero' (the original protagonist), which is supposed to be some great detail because this whole series of events leads to the hero becoming like a renegade hero/ anti-hero in this dark fantasy world. But nope, you get absolutely jack all as description about the court case that the novel literally starts with.
    • The second heroine is a prostitute and I'm sure there was a lot of mental anguish and misery that led to her deciding to do that but none of it is ever expanded upon but just meant to be done and dusted with a single line.
    • The third heroine

      is a widow and I haven't reached that far but I can already picture how it would be depicted.

    • The weirdly philosophical takes are well-thought out only on the surface, equating 'investment' to 'gambling' in a pseudo-intellectual way and saying that its a zero sum game where if someone gains then the other loses, misunderstanding what makes 'investment' different.
    • The MC literally goes "I'm just an extra so I probably wont have any skills thus there's absolutely zero reason for me to even try and exercise" as an excuse for exercising even the basic bit of fitness. I would not have mentioned this point if the author didn't bring this up again later on, saying that he joined the gym once and then quit cause of laziness.

TLDR: Anyways that's it. The second heroine being a prostitute is uncomfortable yes, but what bothers me even more is this tell-dont-show approach and severely lacking any sort of buildup or justification or backstory.

I'd rate it a 5 out of 10. Readable but quite frustrating. If you don't believe me then feel free to read the first chapter and just observe if at any time its explained what this 'villainess' even did (in the present, not in the future) because I feel half of it is just me piecing together random information and tropes to make sense that she's a scammer (the word 'scammer' is never mentioned in the novel itself).

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Thousandswords rated it
July 31, 2023
Status: c26 part1
I have read upto 26 chapters of this novel, and I can only say that this novel is pretty good. It's a lot better than most ero novels on NU.

I don't understand why it got such a low rating on NU. I've seen worse novels get higher ratings than this. I guess it just goes to show that you can't trust ratings, especially if they do it after reading only 6 chapters. It deserves better.

Anyways, I came for the ero, but I stayed for the plot. I mean, the plot... more>> is nothing new, but it's very well made.

What got me hooked were the female characters, or the so called villainesses. They are not paper dolls, they all have some kind of backstory and they all have personality.

Even after the MC conquers them, they don't just blindly follow him like some mind broken dolls. They evaluate his potential with logic and then they choose to follow him.

And, it's always a treat to see their characters develop for the better. I really enjoy their journey.

Of course the ero scenes are also a bonus.

The witting is very good, and the translation quality is satisfactory.

I highly recommend you read it. <<less
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Brasdf rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: c10
Okay, so expectations need to be set correctly. This is mostly a wish fulfillment kind of story. It isn't going to have more depth than is necessary. If you are looking for greatness, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a guilty pleasure kind of a thing, then it might be up your alley.

The MC isn't a genius, but he is fine. Since this is an adult novel, he also isn't a wishy-washy Japanese protagonist. You won't like him or anything, the novel isn't written well enough for that. For... more>> example, his tragic backstory is pretty silly and is almost glossed over. Pointless detail:


He complains that that the driver that was involved in the car accident that killed his mother wasn't put in jail, because he was very badly and permanently hurt in the accident himself. It isn't even clear whose fault the accident was.

Then he complains no one did anything after his brother committed su*cide due to, and I'm quoting, "pessimism about the future". I don't even understand the complaint. Did he want someone to start a scholarship in his brother's name or something?

Also his father was scammed and lost all their money with no recourse. This part is legit worthy of being called tragic as far as we know.


The harem members are:

A. Beautiful but evil red-head that is slowly being dominated by the MC.

B. Moe sword wielding mercenary that has never been shown love before. She is there for fluff. Does it make sense? Nope.

C. The third seems to be a cunning, roughly 30 year old widow leading a large merchant group. Exact role unclear.

Translation for this is readable, but not good.

Scrapes a 3/5.

About 20% of the content thus far involved smut, and it wasn't very good.

Only 10/170 chapters were translated thus far, so I will optimistically assume it gets better with time and give it a 3 for now. If it doesn't, this is more like a 2.

Some inaccuracies in the review by Novel Casanova, ignore if you haven't read it:

    • The first FL did already ruin the lives of many people, but torture as a punishment is hardly ethical anyway. Not that kind of story.
    • The second FL isn't a prostitute, but a mercenary/adventurer. She sometimes sells her body due to lack of work. This is a dark world and the female leads needs to be villainous, but not completely irredeemable. Having a tragic life is not surprising in this context.
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March 31, 2024
Status: c8
I shouldn't really grade it so soon (hence I decided not to score the novel), but what I've seen so far already let me understand some things about this novel - understand that it is not to my taste.

I think the summary and other reviews give you some idea about the novel, so I will just focus on saying why I don't like it.

Long story short, this story reeks of a virg*n author.

    • He thinks it's okay to r*pe a woman and abuse her if she's bad
    • Captain Save-a-hoe
    • MC does the second female character in eight chapters, and behaves like a virg*n with her
    • Blatant wish fulfillment
The first point is about principles. The MC is a bit of a hypocrite. While the reason behind his attitude is explained and is compelling, bad is bad. MC says bad people should be punished, and the first female character who was about to do a lot of bad things but only did some minor bad things and was using him is treated like Adolphina hi*ler by him, while the second female character who would do a lot of bad things in the future but didn't do any yet (not that he actually investigated her in detail so he's only assuming things here) is pitiful and cute.

Yes, it's not that bad, but I don't really like MCs who don't have principles, and if the author is already being so morally flexible in the first 10 chapters, that tells me enough - that the MC (and probably the author by extension, because I feel that MC is almost sure to be his self-insert) is the type to eat 10 kg of dog poop if someone pays him 10 million for it.

The second point is MC's attitude to the second female character. She got ran over by many men, but he feels like he's a groom and she's a bride (literal quote lol) when they're about to hook up, and he treats her like she's pure and immaculate. Also, typical BS like it's okay because "it's the first time she did a fellatio" or because "MC has bigger dck than any other dude that fcked her." Like bro, have some dignity. It's okay to do a village bicycle like her, but don't make her out to be some kind of noble lady.

A big problem with Captain-save-a-hoe is that these dudes don't understand the degree of emotional trauma run-over chicks have within them. They also don't understand that such chicks often have low self-esteem, so if you treat them like a pure princess, all you get in return is cold disdain (because it shows them that you're 1) s*upid and 2) unable to get any decent woman since you're so desperate for a hoe, and women treat you as more attractive the more popular with women you are). They'll just use you until they find someone they can feel "tingles" from, and you'll get cckolded in an instant. At least in the vast majority of cases. When they are around 30, they will just think you're a good loser to marry to have a cozy life after screwing around with Chads (and mind you, she'll probably cheat on you in the future if she thinks she can get away with it). In summary, these dudes are just like a dumb chick that sleeps with an unemployed good-for-nothing convict that beats her and drinks, but she stays with him because "she can change him."

While this isn't necessarily a big problem in the novel given the setting, it becomes bigger when coupled with...

... the third point, which is MC's virg*n-like behavior, such as asking for permission and validation in bed, being unconfident, not only not leading in bed but even preferring to be led - and it's an issue because the love interest would be put off and her psspss would dry out. And that's despite the fact that he isn't a virg*n (but the author is lmao).

The fourth point is based on the above points because we have a guy whose behavior should put off women having a good time, yet we have a female character not noticing any of those points and not reacting to them, nor is the narrator or MC showing any awareness of the same.

Also, honestly, I expected the first girl to bite off the MC's dck when she scked him lol, it's funny how it didn't even occur to either of them (and s*upid given how supposedly vengeful she was).

Overall, it isn't necessarily a bad novel, but it will make anyone who understands women and s*x at least somewhat go on a rant and/or struggle to suspend their disbelief to read on.

Read only if you like wish fulfillment novel that challenge logic and common sense.
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OrangeJuices rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c30
It's alright but I think the pacing might be too fast for most people. The author writes the conflicts and payoffs pretty close to each other, and I think the only relatively interesting character progression is with the first heroine Isolde. Instead of having multiple character stories happening, it's all segmented so that each character's arc starts and finishes with mostly no interruption. Once it's over, the characters don't really develop much further. It's nice to pass the time, but not too much to get invested in.
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c_263 rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: c29
The arc with the 1st villainess was good, the first two reviewers just didn't give it a chance, seeing how far they read. I guess this is/will turn into a misunderstanding novel, hoping the MC can have some development too, as he's the weakest character at the moment
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