Pushing Down the Male God


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As a woman past her marrying age, before Lin Mengmeng died, she was most unwilling to die as an unmarried woman.

The most unexpected thing is really those fake friends of hers who made unlucky remarks saying she would die a virgin.

Even more frustrating was that her first kiss and her first love never even came.

During the last moment of her consciousness, she thought bitterly: If there is an afterlife, I will definitely push all the male gods down, down, and down again! Ravage, ravage, and ravage again!

Ding! The system is scanning the contractor candidate.

Ding! Pushing Down the Male God system is generating.

Ding! The system is generated.

Ding! The system is merging with the contractor.

Ding! Merge complete.

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FEMA rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c16
If you where looking for the very rare species of FL thats actually likes and starts sex, you will be dissapointed that summary its lies and exagerations, so far as in arc 1, the s*x was super dubious with him being "drugged" and her wanting to run away and being "tossed and turned all night" until she fainted over and over all night long, only having some pleasure (until the damage was just too much) due the system "gifting" her a sensible lustful physique.

The ML later being unapologetic about all... more>> the ravaging and damage he did to her body and issuing a half assed non apology to what he saw as a minor sulk on the part of the FL. The prick actually got offended that the FL did not wait in the hotel room for him to get off work after he r*ped her like he ordered her in a note a f*ckING NOTE.

The smut was okay. <<less
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