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Sentenced on false charges, Kamiya Kyousuke was forced to enroll in the “Purgatorium School of Rehabilitation” where juvenile convicts are gathered. His surroundings include pretty girls with beautiful legs or fluttering hair… But they are actually convicted murderers.

Attracting extra attention in school as the special ‘Mass Murderer of Twelve’, Kyousuke is also drawing the advances of the unidentified gas mask-wearing beauty with the giant rack, Hikawa Renko. In order to graduate safely, will Kyousuke be able to resist temptation laced with death!?

Every single classmate is a murderer. LOVE=KILL! The deeper the love, the greater the risk of death, a hardcore romantic comedy!! Let the lessons begin!

Winner of the Excellence Prize in the 14th Enterbrain Entertainment Awards.

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DeathStroke96 rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: Completed
Where to start?

its a boring love comedy that is unique only in the aspect of the school being for psychos, however the author trying to force it down your throat as you read is really destroying a persons mood to continue reading.

Characters, they are poorly created, reading how the MC is such a stud that every hot or loli or sister either falls in love with him or is already madly in love with him is another thing that just ruins the novel, whereas as some of the side characters... more>> are somewhat interesting, for example Bob, and their little crew, if they were expanded on that would have been pretty cool. Also I do get that most such novel are aimed at no life otakus that fantasise about being in a harem, however at times having an awesome best mate or another guy that you can just hang out is would be pretty cool, however all the male side characters are either categorised as masochists that you want to stay away from (mohawk) or rapists, which is annoying because the MC has those female friends but having a male friend wouldn't hurt but would improve this novel in a major way. Who knows maybe also creating a romantic side for the best mate instead of focusing how every girl, just find the MC perfect who in my opinion is just a hypocritical annoying MC without any balls!

Story - 6 major arcs in each volume with build up leading up to just a similar ending (aka Renko) I enjoyed actually some of the build ups in certain volumes whilst in the others it was just a chore to continue reading, there was some character build up but in the end it was the MC becoming a knight in shining armour, and the females becoming enchanted with him, and beginning to compete with Renko for his love...

Overall I don't suggest reading it, for me it was a chore to get through each volume, the only reason I managed to reach the end was because I was waiting for each volume to be released by Yen Press, which made it bearable toward the end. if you don't have anything to do and want to try this love comedy go for it if not try something else, but being fair I can't recommend any other love comedy as this is my first one and I am unsure whether I will try any other. <<less
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October 29, 2016
Status: --
The premise could have been interesting but it turns into something s*upider than your average rom-com. If you want psycho harem, the manga Abnormal-Kei Joshi is better.

Edit: never mind, AKJ was dropped by the author I think.
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fireutsie rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: --
This is a romcom, so a lot of actions won't make sense. I get that because it's a romcom, but why then did you need to make such a setting where the murderer part is completely irrelevant? I expected psycho's, wicked, mental people who kill eachother for fun during the breaks. But I got none of that.

According to the setting there are no human rights in the "school", you can also obtain guns and other weapons through the "black market" which basically means that there is close to 0 supervision... more>> in this so called rehabilitation school for murderers. Even the teacher said that it was ok to kill her during a confrontation in volume 1. But apparently nobody kills, none of these psycho's actually are capable of murdering anyone, just a bunch of barking dogs. That is the feeling that the characters give off to me. If the school actually had psycho murderers with these lax rules then they would've already murdered everyone. What kind of "prison" runs like this?

I'm surprised that nobody has shot up the school already. Since according to the rules you won't get charged with anything anyway. Society won't miss murderers and it saves tax money too.

Aside from this criticism, nothing in the novel stands out particularly. The characters aren't even that interesting. The story goes nowhere. For a romcom, the com part is very bad too. <<less
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Mahesvara_ rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: v2
This is so childish and so cringe. It's probably something you might enjoy if you still did not graduate from your eighth-grader syndrome.

The moments for MC to show off his skills is done very badly and very disappointing. I thought I was in the climax of the story but the action scenes is so f*cking lame and anti-climactic. Instead of full-blown badass moments for the MC it turns into MC screaming his lungs out like a sissy little bit*h who only knows how to run his mouth. The action scenes... more>> doesn't have any decent descriptions, the author seems like he has no knowledge about fights at all it really disappoints me. Add to that the Focus of the story doesn't seem to be the MC, he is like a character that was just inserted in a completed story to be the love interest of the female characters. The only bit different is that the MC isn't a full-blown jap-beta MC, he's a bit bearable but still nothing special about him. If you're looking for a psychological novel with crazy characters in it then isn't what you're looking for, this story is too s*upid and doesn't even have the dark psychological mood that I'm expecting. Although it has the Crazy characters in it, I'm more inclined to say it's just a story of crazy chunni kids infatuated with the words "Kill" "Death" "Slaughter". It just makes me laugh how s*upid the whole thing is. Plot: 2/5

Characters: 1/5

Concept: 3/5

Enjoyment: 2/5 <<less
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cleesus rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: v3
Had to drop it after the second volume. I really wanted to like it and the premise sounded interesting but it really couldnt have been more boring and uninteresting.

The characters in this ln are pretty flat and generic, you will find it hard to care about them or anything they are doing or saying.

This ln is just a generic rom com that doesnt get either right, I didnt find it funny and the romance was instant love.

I really wanted to like it
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Darkrend rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: v2c1
The MC Kyousuke, as you know is falsely charged with the murder of 12 people, the highest kill count of his entire year of students in the academy for killers. That being the case and being surrounded by nothing but killers he becomes the center of attention. What is the school's real purpose?

To turn them into professional killers. As many know many are scared to kill other people like how some people will hesitate to pull the trigger even on the enemy and overcoming this can be extremely difficult. Now gather people who have no problems with killing others, train them and now put them where you want them to kill others and you know they will kill and if they die you just replace them.


Why was he framed?

He has an abnormal amount of strength, being able to flaten aluminium chairs with a single stomp and send grown men flying several meters with a single punch, and he possesses a sturdy body. They wish to turn him into a true killer, by giving him no choice but to kill and turn him into a top killer.


He is strong but when faced with true professionals he is unable to match them, but compared to most if the students there he is one of the strongest of them. If you ask me the Mohawk dude is volume 1's MVP, hes dumb as bricks but he has unintentionally saved the MC by pissing off his teacher so much that after she is satisfied by beating Mohawk dude into a pile of meat she completely forgets about what she was about to do. And Mohawk dude is very persistent, so much in fact that when he claimed that he will always revive while completely covered in medical tape I kinda believe him.
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zaneith rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: Completed
The premise was interesting. It somehow turned average midway. But as the title states, it's a rom-com, so there are probably many other series that would be more enjoyable and better written in the same genre. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air, it's likely a good idea to try this though.

This series could have been better if only there was better variety of male characters. Heck, even the generic MC's best friend would probably work and give the series more depth.

The end part was especially meh and... more>> felt quite rushed, and the author was throwing bombs here and there. But well, I read somewhere that the series didn't do very well in Japan so there's that.

Overall, a nice, average read. <<less
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