Protect Our Patriarch


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Transmigrated into a xuanhuan Patriarch, this novel portrays the xuanhuan world as realistically as possible from the perspective of the Wang clan.

There’s planting spiritual fields, raising spiritual fish, and the comprehensive development of various family industries. The Patriarch also raises salted fish elders (people who have no intention of doing anything) to become ancestors who assumed roles of protective umbrellas while inspiring his juniors to brave The Holy Land Palace of Learning in order to excel.

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Protect our clan leader
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12 Reviews

Dec 14, 2021
Status: --
It's a very interesting story of dad's almighty power. Wang Shouze, a transmigrator, becomes the newly-appointed patriarch of a minor cultivator clan in xuanhuan realm. Despite his young age, he has to defend against other cultivator families, provide enough funds for the whole family, also educate his cousins, siblings, nephews/nieces, etc. He then make use of modern knowledge and applied psychology to enrich his family and elevate their collective cultivation level (that xuanhuan world apparently has backward technology and productivity).

This novel is an antithesis (or parody?) of cliche transmigrated xuanhuan/xianxia... more>> protagonists that are usually easily forgetting their pasts, lone-player, and disconnected even from their own wives and kids. Shouze is extremely loyal to his wife even after he has grown into an extremely powerful and influential figure (for a very good reason, hehe 😏). He emphasizes familial connection and collective efforts to drive regional and national economic development (we would probably recognize it as the idealized Chinese socialism). He also positions himself as "the player behind the scenes" who leads his clan with advanced schemes and grand plans rather than fights with crude strength.

All in all, I would suggest this novel for anyone who would like to read about non-harem xuanhuan with non-cliche smart MC. But this novel is largely slice-of-life with overpowered family, a lot of time skip, and recurring dry humor (remember, it's a daddy novel). So, this might or might not suit your taste.


Additional notes: In response for later reviewers who complained of the lack of gender equality in the novel, I would like to emphasize that this novel presents COMEDIC OPPOSITES of most xianxia/xuanhuan cliches.

So, xianxia/xuanhuan MC loves to marry a lot of pretty girls? Here we have monogamist MC. He also forbids his descendants from polygamy (with very few exceptions).

So, xianxia/xuanhuan MC can only get stronger by dominating their family's resources? Here we have an MC who require all of his descendants to contribute to the family. Either by gathering precious resources, working in family's business, or have lots of kids.

So, most xianxia/xuanhuan MC crush their opponents by power and trickery? Our MC's family could gain everything either by pure luck, political maneuvers, spy network, money, or family connections. Anything but power (they're rarely go all out in battles, so most people don't grasp their actual strength).

So, most xianxia/xuanhuan loves male superiority? Here we have countless strong females who could easily crush their male counterparts. The society is still dominated by men, but MC promotes "equality" by giving more advantages and tolerance for females than males. Again, contrary to the common xuanhuan families who prioritize the cultivation of their male progenies.

And so on. There's still some aspects of cliche xianxia/xuanhuan stories, such as the highly respected male MC (although, yeah, his wife could beat him to a pulp), finding treasures in ruins, turning losing position into winning advantages, talent over hard work, etc. But don't expect to see the usual storylines you see in this type of stories. <<less
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Apr 11, 2022
Status: v5c142
I have read many, MANY worldbuilders but for some reason this one has been one of the most satisfying.

For anyone skimming the reviews and seeing all the rants about "WAH the MC is so sexist toward females, WAH he shows sooooo much favoritism toward A or B instead of C and D!" you can safely assume they dropped in volume 1 or 2.

For the whole seeming sexism and favoritism: ... more>>

In the first few arcs of course there was a skew toward females. The girls in the MCs generation had gotten ahold of some elixer that leveled them up far beyond their male counterparts and that was what he had to work with at ground zero. He was also using them as an example against sexism showing that girls deserved equal consideration so long as they had the qualifications and put forth the effort.


As for there being no talented males in the family

In the later arcs all the focus is on his direct decendants from his eldest son. His great granson Anye, the overpowered ditzy Himbo whos luck stat is so disgustigly broken that he finds treasure literally everwhere he goes. Anye's grandson Fugui who is basically Shouze 2.0 being just as scheming as the Patriarch himself. Theres also the engineering supergenius great great etc nephew NingXi who makes even seasoned weapon refiners bend the knee.


For Shouzes BAMF Waifu:

its heavily implied WAY later that she houses 2 souls. One the sweet but stern docile housewife, the other a reincarnation of a Battle Goddess of the Seas. The reincarnation being the reason that as long as the resources are avaliabe she just autolevels. Shes also super possessive of her man (even against her other personality) so every time another woman rolls up on her man looking to be a side piece she enacts some death by Snu Snu. LOL


In the Wang Clan that Shouzhe built he emphasized that the young men had to be stable and intellegent to be the pillars of the family, so its understandable that the boys seem to fade in the background in the first arcs. Pariarch Shouzhe is the ultimate schemer and player behind the scenes so most of the boys emulate his behavior. And because he is a transmigrator his standards for education are much higher than basically anywhere else so when they leave home they are treated as geniuses even if they were borderline dropouts at home. The most talented girls tend to be unruly because their standards are overinflated; all the brothers and cousins at home are the creme of the crop and the senior generation is full of fierce fabulous fem fatales that dont need no man to boost them up.

If you enjoy this enough to mtl this, its very readable and you get to a point were you almost feel bad for the poor unsuspecting suckers that Shouze and Clan mown down in the name of family security. <<less
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Feb 01, 2022
Status: --
I felt like eating a really good apple pie, but the more I bite into it, the less sweet and more bland it becomes, then suddenly, I bite a pickle.

... more>>

It started really good and enjoyable for me, slowly accumulating strength to heighten your family up to the heavens, to be able to finally spoil your poverty struck relatives.

But when the first stone is removed, we have a time skip. I really lost some desire to continue reading, but for the sake of my curiosity, I still tried to motivate myself to read the rest.

It was really bland.

The MC is always the last one to show off and he is always the strongest, the most amazing bla bla bla, whatever.

There is just so much needless exposition, not of details, but of random characters who will never again appear. And they will mostly be foil for the MC, and maybe "friends" or "someone to look up to".

I was okay-ish reading till then, the writing became dryer but was still bearable, but then, something I just cannot accept kept happening.

Overly blatant favoritism towards one child over the other. Yes, the MC spoils his child who is a girl and neglects his other child, the same age, a boy. And worse even, even if the boy doesn't do sh;t, if the girl does something awful or irresponsible, the boy is at fault for some reason, taking the beatings and scolding of the father and mother. Excuse me? YOU guys are the kids parents? Why is a kid at fault if you guys failed at parenting at all? Htf is this child not yet a huge withdrawn little villain at this point?

I knew early on the fact this novel had blatant feminism, I was fine with it, but scolding your little kid because you don't like boys is just... Ugh, leaves a bad taste.

And don't you guys ever come to defend this sh;tty attitude, this isn't teaching anything to kids othen than the fact they lost at life because they don't have a vag;na or a d;ck. It is unforgivable both ways, they are your kids, treat them with the love they deserve.




MC wins sect fight, time skip, lost interest, everything is for the MC, the world is for him, feminism is okay but neglecting and scolding your child because he is a boy is disgusting.

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Jan 29, 2022
Status: c132
From chapter 132 where I will stop here.
I will only talk about what bothers me


I don't know why, but the author focuses a lot on girls and ignoring boys, maybe it's part of the comedy? Where all the girls around the hero are either strong or have amazing talent and potential and above all a rude personality. Their behavior may have been funny at first, but it is no longer funny.
The MC is the head of the family and he should be given due respect for his position and his accomplishments. At the MC's wedding and on the important wedding night the little girls gather to annoy him until he had to drive them away by force, that's not really funny. Even after his marriage, his wife is stronger than him and he mentioned that he is afraid of her after they quarrel once
Whatever it is, the author has yet to put a talented male character in the younger generation, all girls are talented and strong and so on, as a big family you're telling me no male has a good talent? There must be a balance.


I've read it mtl so there may be some differences but in general that's what bothers me, if you don't mind it's a good read
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Jun 15, 2022
Status: c132
One of my least favorite parts about generic xianxia/xuanhuan harem novels is how so many of the side characters are made from the same mold - powerful men, comic relief, and hot women. Why?! Where are all my hardworking middle-aged uncles, my grumpy insecure loyal grandpas, my naughty little girls, my serious little boys, my pragmatic middle-aged aunties, my plump average-looking young ladies?

Anyhow, this novel really scratches that itch for me. It's so normal. I love how the MC leads a huge family of all ages who are all working... more>> together and stuff, it makes my inner Disney+ subscriber happy.

Other people have mentioned the bias in power toward female characters, and it can certainly seem as though all the strong ones in the younger generation are female (due to a certain potion incident). It doesn't bother me much, though, because there are also a huge number of very three-dimensional male characters from the older generations who play big roles in the story, and having plenty of fleshed-out characters from both sexes is all I really care about. Also, most CNs have the bias going the other way around, so it's kind of a fresh feeling going the other way for a change.

That said, I have only read to the end of the first volume, so I can't speak for future volumes. <<less
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May 15, 2022
Status: v5c183
I like this novel for the fact it is mostly about clan building (administration, clan management) etc

Tbh it’s kinda refreshing reading this novel from the matriarchal POV masquerading as a novel catered to mostly male readers... there are some complaining about this whilst others are justifying it well here’s my two cents

1. The male family members have no say in their relationship or marriages whatsoever and forced to marry to act as a stallion (and it is passed off as a joke) whilst the females have their right when to... more>> marry and whom to marry (because it’s their choice)

2. I get that having his wife being equal or better than the MC is the trope here but it’s kinda lazy writing tbh with the potential FMC’s either reincarnated immortals just to justify having better talents than the MC (which is the only positive aspects going on for the potential FMC’s) other than that they are just empty shells, with no thought process of their own saying yes to the MC without a fraction of a thought

3. The male members here are only shown as smart in schemes and nerdy (wimps as others have called it) and gentlemanly to the point that they can be considered simps while the females are just dominating outright left and right (forcefully r*ping the MC even when he begs no to it and then passed off as a joke... (wonder what others will think if it was the other way around)

4. basically every girl that is related to the MC will get something without doing anything to deserve it (author justifies by luck or being a reincarnated immortal, that a lazy writing tbh), and the girls push the MC around so another minus for me, sometimes the POV will change to the girls making them the protagonist of the story (more than they already are), and they are always more talented the MC, example if the MC talent is at 4, the girls are at 5, if MC talent gets promoted to 5 the girls talent get to 6 (and MC needs more effort to raise it from 4-5 than the girls from 4-6),

5. world building is quite okaying with the good guys world “immortals dynasty” being led by the women and the bad guys “demons dynasty” being led by men, the other new continent on the other side of the ocean and the outer battlefield hasn’t been introduced yet. The clan building and management are okayish, but nothing worth, no harem till now, 1 lackluster main wife with two personalities (who is also stronger then the MC), BTW his daughter is the most op talent

Other reviewers said that this novel is an anthesis to male dominated xianxia novels but I disagree because even in those “chauvinistic” novels, the male members tend to have the fatherly instincts in protecting their own children (male or female) whereas in this novel this is pure feminists propaganda bs in which the male members are treated like shite just for having a different genatalia by their own parents <<less
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Aug 13, 2022
Status: c21
Nice novel. It's rare to see a novel with strong women and a Male MC. Also rare that the side characters are growing faster than the MC in a cultivation story. A shame that the translation has been dropped.
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Jan 17, 2022
Status: c23
I've ready too many martial arts and grand fantasy stories so at the moment I'm currently interested in slice of life stories.

I have to say, this novel scratched both the cultivation and slice of life itch for me. It's more focused on family business and clan management but also includes concepts of cultivation, both mixed in the right amount for me. It's an easy read so I highly recommend this novel!
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Nov 06, 2023
Status: c102
Eh, the novel is kinda fun for a little bit only.

I saw people praise that this novel doesn't have the usual cliches, as in super op harem collection face slapping MC.

Thing is, it does actually. It's just a different set of cliches. It's one of those were women treat the MC like sh*t for most of the novel which is supposed to be funny by virtue of them being women so it's okay.

And if not overdone it can work. The problem is that the author has to find a balance... more>> of them just being kind of naught (in a not s*xual sense) instead of just flat out being rude/abusive.

And this author fails at that. <<less
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Feb 20, 2022
Status: c616
It started out really well then progressively got worst. You know those bad Xianxia where every female is worst than their male counterparts? This is basically the opposite. Every male in here is unremarkable to the extreme, even the MC, who despite being the protagonist, is much weaker than his wife no matter how fast he progresses because she effortlessly progresses faster. The novel is sexist to a point that if the roles were switched it would not have such a high rating cuz of the constant domestic ab*se we’re... more>> supposed to find funny. The plot is repetitive and dry. Every time I try to feel excited for our MC working hard to increase his power but then we’re told his younger wife who basically never cultivates is three stages higher than him...

And the blatant favoritism MC has for his female children compared to the males is just sad. But it’s even sadder when the author decides to make every female clan member geniuses focusing on their cultivation while the males are just expected to be breeding stallions.

Oh, and don’t forget the female lead with a second personality who hates the MC despite being married and beats him up repeatedly whenever she comes emerges.

I don’t know why that was expected to be funny, but If you can ignore the jarring lack of equality or the repetitiveness for the hints of plot in between, then it’s an okay read. <<less
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May 24, 2024
Status: c403
This is a slow slog world building story. It’s helpful to keep track of the numerous relatives from the beginning, especially what generation each of them are from. It’s the cultivation equivalent of modern business building stories. There’s some funny bits, and some rather large time skips as the story goes on. The central male characters tend to be henpecked, so beware if that’s not your jam.
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Aug 08, 2022
Status: c21
I will avoid leaving a score because I was only able to read up to chapter 21 and this seems to be a slow buildup and it definitely hasn't had enough time. Unfortunately, I read this back in May and it is now August with no updates so it seems that this has been dropped.

From what I read the story has a lot of potential. This is a story about building up a cultivation family from its foundation and the author is paying attention to small scale shops and the... more>> acquisition of cultivating materials, which is a good sign. In addition to that, the MC's family is in a bad state so he is making careful moves and decisions that seem actually intelligent and well-thought-out. If this gets picked up again I will definitely take another look because I honestly have some expectations. <<less
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