Promise You a Life Full of Love


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Xu Zijin had loved Fu Sinian for 20 years until she finally got herself killed.
In fact, Fu Sinian also deeply loved Xu Zijin, but in a morbid way. In order to love her, he secretly suffered from dissociative identity disorder.
However, there were so many obstacles between their love, such as deep-seated hatred caused by blood-debt and Mu Anan…

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07/15/19 Flying Lines c2
07/10/19 Flying Lines c1
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New CrazyApple rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: Completed
The title of this novel is very misleading. Or more like the title is a promise that was never fulfilled.

Call me a sucker but it did make me shed some tears in angst. It pulled at my heart and j was really excited for how it would end but then... they dropped the ball. The story is an emotional tug of war that was never fully completed. So if you like constant heartache and a unfulfilling ending then this is your jam!
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