Prisoner of the Library


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Uzukai Minako, the new librarian who just graduated from university this spring, was the secret idol of patrons because of her innocent beauty and kind working attitude towards everyone.

However, on a certain evening right after closing the library, Minako, who was organizing the returned books by herself, was suddenly assaulted by the boys who were hiding in the study room.

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Toshokan no Ryoshuu
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2 Reviews

Jul 11, 2020
Status: --

Well if you want to read it for smut read it, it's nice. But for anyone with morals it is not good cause she is been r*ped by someone who liked her (but is younger) and his friend. They also have recorded the whole show so they can blackmail her later.

I mean from smut point of view it's good read. Its not too much like bd*m, whipping, urination, abuse type of thing like in other novels. If you bear the r*pe it's a pretty good read for you.

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Apr 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Please note that this novel contained of the actual rap* scene, not just "my mouth said no but actually I want it" type but the real rap* type because FL resisted it till the end. The offenders even recorded the scenes just so they could exploit FL more in the future. It's so painful to read. I wish police would arrest them and lock them in jail for good.
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