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Owing to certain unavoidable circumstances, the book-loving protagonist had to change careers from being a butler to a prison guard.

For reasons unknown, the former female hero, who was once idolized by all, finds herself imprisoned.

When these two characters meet, a tale of love, adventure, and mystery begins to unfold.

A romantic fantasy mystery tale that depicts a forbidden love between a prison guard and a prisoner in a world of swords and magic.

……What the hell is that!

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kangoku Urufu
Kangoku ōkami
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    Rustbin rated it
    July 5, 2023
    Status: v5c7
    The 'love' and 'mystery' elements mentioned in the sypnosis have been incredibly light so far. There's mainly been a mix of adventure and SoL with some worldbuilding and intrigue mixed in. There's barely been any romance so far, and it seems like any progress in that department will be glacial.

    From where I've reached, the story seems to mainly follow our MC's misadventures as his slightly curious nature leads him to get entangled in prisoners' circumstances.

    I happen to like the kind of story this novel turned out being, but people going... more>> into this expecting a romance-focused novel will likely be disappointed.

    The writing and plot of the episodic adventures are simple but above average for the stuff you usually find on NU and the translation's reasonably high quality too. It's worth giving a chance to see if you're into it. <<less
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    sonablu rated it
    November 7, 2023
    Status: Completed
    The only real flaw of this novel is that it's too short.

    Everything is well written, I love the conflict of morality that the main character goes through in the beginning, the world building is also interesting.

    Even with it's short length it managed to potray an interesting story of a prison warden's daily life.

    I would say that it is unfortunate that because of the short length and kind of broad focus, the romance between MC & FL turns into a backdrop/addition to the slice of life.

    ... more>>

    They interact, call each other's names, and boom he confessed, and boom prison break. With a rather unsatisfactory break for me too.


    All in all, I would 10/10 recommend it if you're looking for a short well written world building story, but not so much for if you want to be fully immersed and boiled and involved in a story, emotionally, and if you're looking for romance.

    The couple is cute, like very cute, but just doesn't meet my fluff quota. But since it is a short story, I think that there's no fault in just reading it. Your time is not wasted, that's for sure. <<less
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