Prince, I Don’t Want To Be Killed by You This Time! -The Poor Lady Who Was Framed by the Saint, Avoids Being Skewered the Second Time! ~


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Liesel Crow was executed by the Crown Prince, Ulysses, who was supposed to be her lover.
This was all because she was framed by the evil saint.

Where did I go wrong, and what did I do wrong?
I never want to live like this again.

Liesel thinks about this in her fading consciousness, but before she knows it, she’s back to her six-year-old self!

I’m not going to make a mistake this time. I’m going to live a peaceful life! Determined to do so, she continues to choose a different path from the last time, but…
The saint’s childhood friend, Gideon, a duke, gets involved for some reason.
I’m trying to keep my distance from you!

“Liesel, help me quickly!”
“Do I have to help you……?”
“What are you talking about, ……? Of course you do! Come on!”

 Also, is it only me who feels that the personality of the crown prince is strange this time?

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Outaishi-sama, Watashi Kondo Koso Anata ni Korosaretakunain desu ~Seijo ni Hamerareta Binbou Reijou, Nidome wa Kushizashi Kaihi Shimasu!~
王太子様、私今度こそあなたに殺されたくないんです ~聖女に嵌められた貧乏令嬢、二度目は串刺し回避します!~
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    ceirhi rated it
    December 18, 2021
    Status: Completed
    I went ahead and mtled the rest of the novel. The romance between the FL and the ML is super sweet and pure! The story had some obvious moments but there was a twist towards the end I didn't expect. The storytelling is well done, and I could tell that the author had an idea of where she wanted the story to go right from the beginning. Compared to a lot of other stories that drag on for hundreds of chapters and lose their main point, it's a breath of... more>> fresh air.

    This is also the same author as the Archbishop is searching for a marriage partner! <<less
    5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    May 26, 2022
    Status: --
    Won't rate because I dropped it because of personal annoyance.


    the most likeable ML was literally deus ex machina'd to the romance, and the 2nd male lead seems to be tr*shy obsessive manipulator who doesn't seem to be likeable at all.


    I couldn't continue after


    they revealed the time travel mystery and I could foresee yet another deus ex machina romance that felt even more forced than the first.

    It doesn't help that you can skip multiple paragraphs after any sentence describing the looks of any ML without losing anything.

    2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    Nahte123456 rated it
    May 1, 2022
    Status: c24
    It's mostly good, decent beginning but nothing you haven't seen before if you're into the subgenre, good writing, decent setting and characters.

    That being said the story feels like it's afraid to commit. Just as the most extreme, and non-spoilery, example the MC is traumatized from being stabbed. So much that even seeing swords kind of makes her "feel weak". Just a few chapters after this she's going back to the place that traumatized her, she thinks how she doesn't want that, then just goes. There isn't any pay off to... more>> this, at least not in the next 10 chapters and not in the place that clearly mirrored her issue. I was expecting her to fall to her knees or have nightmares, something.

    That being said it's not a HUGE issue on its own, staying in the lane can be fine. But not enough happens to make it worth that. The twists aren't that great, little action or drama, not even comedy or anything. It's just a good story with good writing and nothing else. Perfect for if you got some time to kill, but not something to seek out on your own. <<less
    1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    maenochka rated it
    August 21, 2022
    Status: c45
    Very decently paced time travel romance with all our favorite tropes. I appreciated how it handled the FL's regression trauma, even if I saw the way it would fix itself (because regression trauma always fixes itself) from a mile away. I also liked that the story gave her friends equal screen time and importance to the ML, that's not always common in this genre.

    Unfortunately I have to deduct points for the story's inability to carry the tension after wrapping up it's main conflict. It became a chore to read the... more>> happily ever after and couples cutesy moments because the story feels like it should have ended 5 chapters ago. <<less
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    wizarch rated it
    August 2, 2022
    Status: c43
    It's a decent read and marked under shoujo. I tried to rate 3.5 but idk if we can do half stars.

    The shoujo is on the tamer side as in the not so adventurous and more sweet, innocent side.

    It's not super descriptive and reads plain and simple.

    The introduction of the plot was interesting but it all rather reveals quite quickly with no build ups and even when revealed it's in a non-dramatic way. It's straight to the point and predictable which makes it a quick read but rather un-invested as a... more>> reader.

    I only wonder what the last 10 chapters will be about now that everything seems to have been resolved. <<less
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