Prince, I Don’t Want To Be Killed by You This Time! -The Poor Lady Who Was Framed by the Saint, Avoids Being Skewered the Second Time! ~


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Liesel Crow was executed by the Crown Prince, Ulysses, who was supposed to be her lover.
This was all because she was framed by the evil saint.

Where did I go wrong, and what did I do wrong?
I never want to live like this again.

Liesel thinks about this in her fading consciousness, but before she knows it, she’s back to her six-year-old self!

I’m not going to make a mistake this time. I’m going to live a peaceful life! Determined to do so, she continues to choose a different path from the last time, but…
The saint’s childhood friend, Gideon, a duke, gets involved for some reason.
I’m trying to keep my distance from you!

“Liesel, help me quickly!”
“Do I have to help you……?”
“What are you talking about, ……? Of course you do! Come on!”

 Also, is it only me who feels that the personality of the crown prince is strange this time?

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王太子様、私今度こそあなたに殺されたくないんです ~聖女に嵌められた貧乏令嬢、二度目は串刺し回避します!~
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    ceirhi rated it
    December 18, 2021
    Status: Completed
    I went ahead and mtled the rest of the novel. The romance between the FL and the ML is super sweet and pure! The story had some obvious moments but there was a twist towards the end I didn't expect. The storytelling is well done, and I could tell that the author had an idea of where she wanted the story to go right from the beginning. Compared to a lot of other stories that drag on for hundreds of chapters and lose their main point, it's a breath of... more>> fresh air.

    This is also the same author as the Archbishop is searching for a marriage partner! <<less
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