Prince From Another Dimension Becomes an Idol


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Imperial Family, who chose to flow instead of staying still.

In a world where you either dominate or be dominated, the Korean Empire survived as an independent nation.

But was that truly unfortunate?

Lee Dojae, the third prince of the Korean Empire, couldn’t even dream of becoming a singer because of his royal bloodline.

“Always maintain dignity, be honorable, and beneficial wherever you are.”

This single line of belief constantly pierced Lee Dojae’s heart.

“A life where you can’t do anything by your own will.”

Lee Dojae’s pale face reflected on the darkened TV screen like an afterimage.


Seeing his own face on the screen, a surge of emotions welled up within him.

Living like he was present yet absent, like a floating debris—nobody else understood this, but Lee Dojae, who had dreams, did.

For the first time since he was eighteen, when he was whipped by his emperor father, Lee Dojae voiced the words he’d kept bottled up.

“I want to be a singer… I want to be a singer.”

At that moment, someone who looked exactly like him said something completely different from beyond the TV screen.

“I want to die.”


“I don’t want to be a singer anymore.”

Who is this?

Who is saying such things with my face and voice?

As Lee Dojae tried to stand up, unable to believe what he was seeing,


He collapsed right there and when he opened his eyes, he had become Kang Dojae in the Republic of Korea.

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Idol from another Dimension
차원이 다른 아이돌
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New Novirp13 rated it
July 12, 2024
Status: Completed
Real score: 7.8/10

Out of the four idol novels that I've read, this is the only one that's purely slice of life without any supernatural elements whatsoever...

Well, there was still a bit of a supernatural event. But it only happened once, when Dojae transmigrated into someone else's body. Then it became a normal, everyday life. He doesn't have a System, nor any cheat skills. He could sing and dance because he practiced hard. The story really focused on the life of an idol. There were no side missions like in the... more>> "Debut or Die" novel, where if he doesn't become an idol, he will die. Or the "tr*sh PD" novel, where if he doesn't become an idol, he cannot return to his old world. Or like in the "Grab Regressor by the Collar" novel, where if he doesn't become an idol, he'll be trapped in a time loop forevermore.

... man, when you compare it like this, you can really see how dramatic those 3 novels that I've read before were, huh hahahah 🤣

Anyway, this novel is about the story of two young men named Dojae. One is Lee Dojae, a prince from the Korea Empire (an alternate universe of real-life Korea) who really wants to become a singer but wasn't approved by his conservative father slash emperor. The other is Kang Dojae, an idol trainee who got bullied relentlessly by other trainees just because he's poor. Both of them suffer in their respective lives. So the world decided to swap their souls. Where Lee Dojae can finally fulfil his dream of becoming a singer. And Kang Dojae doesn't need to work hard for a speck of money anymore because now, his financial situation as a prince is more secure. He doesn't have to endure bullying from other people, either.

Like I said, this novel is really a slice-of-life novel. It tells the stories of MOST, the name of the idol group Lee Dojae was in, holding concerts, making songs, having fan meetings, or becoming product ambassadors for ads. You can clearly tell that they're celebrities, unlike the previous three idol novels that I've mentioned before. The lyrics of the songs are good. The dance choreographies are pretty clear, although some parts are still a bit too vague. And their costumes were not fully explained either. But the personalities of the idol members are diverse, none of them feel like NPCs. From the beginning to the end of the novel, you can see how this group developed, and it felt really satisfying to see them go from being looked down upon to becoming a famous group, to the point where haters often try to bring them down.

(That sounded counterintuitive, but it's a sad reality. Because the appearance of haters means you're famous enough that someone feels jealous 🥲)

But this novel almost had no drama. Even when it appeared, the problems were resolved pretty quickly.


Like when Louis sprained his ankle. Luckily, it was just a bruise. Or when Gyuseong lost his voice due to illness. Luckily, his voice returned by the time of the concert, so he could still perform. Or when they had a scandal. Its truth was then explained within just two chapters onward. The problems come and then they're gone. Cough, it's not very realistic because, in the real world, these problems would drag on and on, cough. I'm not saying I don't like a novel with no drama. Sometimes, angst can become tiring real fast, and I just want to read a story where the MC and his friends are happy. But that doesn't mean the problems should be resolved in the blink of an eye, either. Here's an example. When Louis sprain his ankle? Well, imagine if the injury was more serious. So MOST tried to create a new dance choreography and modified the song a bit to match Louis' condition at the time. It would be a bit more dramatic, you know. Even though it's a slice-of-life novel, if there was no tension, the reader could get bored pretty quickly 🫠


And some of the songs MOST made didn't get the attention they deserved. I mean, when they first made their debut, they made an album, not just singles. So there must be a lot of songs inside, right? The problem is that only one song among the others got the spotlight. The rest were just mentioned by title alone. No lyric. No concept. Sure, 2 or 3 songs from that album were explained, but that was after 100 or so chapters. While they made their first album at chapters 20–30 or so. It was already too late. And again! The explanation was very brief. We don't know how the dance choreography was, the lyrics were only sung halfway. So it was clear that those songs weren't that important. They were just here so the author can write a sentence of 'MOST released an album, not singles like any other rookie idols' in their novel. And I felt like... that was such a missed opportunity.

I don't really like the Debut or Die novel after the story became monotonous and repetitive, but I admit, the songs they made left an impression on the readers. Heck, I still remembered some of them until now, and I read that novel a while ago.

It's not like MOST's songs didn't leave any impression in my mind at all (cough KAIROS' songs from 'Grab the Regressor by the Collar' novel were even more forgettable than MOST's songs cough) but I'm a little disappointed that the songs in that album didn't get their deserved spotlight. Even though it's your very first album :/

As we approached the ending, the pacing of the story was starting to get a lil bit faster as well. Even though they just finished holding a concert for the awards party, two chapters later, they hold another awards concert? Or that time where Dojae was just finished shooting a movie, and in the same chapter, the movie was then released? No breather whatsoever? A prelude trailer to that movie or something? Maybe, according to the author, if the flow of the story gets interrupted by unimportant 'cutscenes', the story will become unnecessarily long. It's a slice-of-life novel, after all. Sometimes, it's hard to manage the pacing of the story. But...I'm still wondering why the story telling went doubled in speed like that 😅

So, will I recommend this novel? If you like reading a pure slice-of-life novel about idols and not just a cover story for the author to hide the 'drama' inside like the previous 3 novels I've mentioned? Sure. It's a peaceful novel that you can read if you wanna relax your brain, and that's okay. 7.8/10. I couldn't give it an 8 because their problems were resolved way too quickly, making it seem trivial. And the pacing of the story was a bit too fast in the last couple of chapters. <<less
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