Prime Assassin: the Evil King’s Wife


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In life, I will protect you forever!

In death, I will accompany you to the underworld!

For the greatest love, I shall transcend time and space, just to meet you.

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Jīng shì dì yī shāshǒu fēi: Xié wáng kuáng qī
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04/10/18 ShadyTranslations c2
04/02/18 ShadyTranslations c1
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April 2, 2018
Status: c1
First chapter and so many mistakes ! Two names throwed our way without explaination (or one name and a mistape) and how can a 7 years old girl can be renowned in the capitail for her foolishness?! How absurd !

First, she is too young, secondly, why in every story of this kind, the unmarried girl have reputation in the city, capital or country ?! They are not supposed to be known !

I wish that the story will show me something different ! The synopsis attracted me. Seems more like a... more>> reincarnation love story that your classical full of cliche (revenge, super power, etc...) transmigration like story.

Let's prau for something refreshing ! <<less
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