Primahibernal (Chu Dong)


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His wife cheated on him, Wu Yue came to retrieve his biological son.

His beautiful, quiet, and incomplete child. Chu Dong.

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Early Winter
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erialolita rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Please read the tags before starting this novel, if and make you uncomfortable, do not read.

This story was meh to me, just not my cup of tea. The ML is mentally twisted from years of living in an orphanage and the 1 time he was adopted, it didn't end well.

the person who adopted him died from a car accident, was hit by a drunk driver. The drunk driver went to jail for a year then the ML kills him by pushing him into a ditch when the guy is drunk


The smut scenes were not my thing either, I don't mind stories were 1 has both equipments but


this is not BL really, the ML never uses his m**t stick, MC never touches it, it's not mentioned at all. This story is basically a BG smut where everyone thinks the ML is a boy


I honestly felt bad for the MC more than the ML. MC is simple and sweet but everyone around him is manipulative and mentally unstable. The sweet bright father gets broken in this story.


MC tries hard to resist ML advances but like I said even though he is older he is simple and the ML manipulates the MC into starting something, then if course after having a taste the MC falls into depravity.

The ex wife tries everything to get back with MC including trying to run over ML

The guy the wife cheated with tries to r*pe the ML, due to ML's scheming. This is what breaks the MC into having a relationship with ML

The best friend of the ex wife tries to get closer to MC even though she is married with a family, she becomes obsessed with MC, loved him since high school. Then she kills the ex wife and tries to blame the ML


On a side note when I MTL'd the novel, it took me longer than I would like to admit that "early winter" is the ML name translated, but I kept reading thinking why does the author keep stressing it's early winter 🤣 took me until about chapter 14 to figure it out. Other than that it was really easy to MTL
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ylial rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Has a balanced story and smut. The smut is also good, but the content is not really my cup of tea as there are some plot holes.

This is about Wu Yue who searched&found his son Chu Dong in the orphanage after his wife abandoned him in the hospital due to being inter**x. Wu Yue is really silly and it is chu dong who is cunning (planning the revenge and seducing his silly dad). Chu Dong also had a leg disability as it was amputed when he was a child.... more>> I found it unreasonable as his dad to eventually gave up his reason and touched his son. The villainous chara here are really shallow minded and unreasonable that u'd really hate em, esp the ex wife. <<less
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