President White Moonlight


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Every overbearing president will always have a coquettish, pure, or lively white moonlight in their hearts. They are the vicious female partners in the novel, the stepping stones of the heroine, and the tool to promote the feelings of the hero and heroine. In the end, because of jealousy, run-down and decay she became a coquettish bit*h that everyone hated. However, one day-after Su Luó , who is unreasonable, indifferent and calm came… the domineering president of every world would be desperate, heartbroken, and desperate to make a living. Love is like poison, making people crazy and go crazy…

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04/20/23 White Moonlight74 c92
04/19/23 White Moonlight74 c91
04/18/23 White Moonlight74 c90
04/17/23 White Moonlight74 c89
04/16/23 White Moonlight74 c88
04/15/23 White Moonlight74 c87
04/14/23 White Moonlight74 c86
04/13/23 White Moonlight74 c85
04/12/23 White Moonlight74 c84
04/11/23 White Moonlight74 c83
04/10/23 White Moonlight74 c82
04/09/23 White Moonlight74 c81
04/08/23 White Moonlight74 c80
04/07/23 White Moonlight74 c79
04/06/23 White Moonlight74 c78
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New Humbledaisy rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c92
While I enjoyed the MC’s over the top revenge side, I really liked her “Fie on romance” side. The author stuffing her into romance storylines really just made me feel bad for her. Hard to recommend this novel.
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Alexania rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Really more of a 3.5/5 but we'll round up to be generous.

It's no literary masterpiece but it's short and enjoyable if you don't think about it too hard.

MC is your stereotypical calm and probably OP MC. I say probably because the villains tend to implode basically by themselves so Im not to sure how OP she is exactly.

... more>>

In the first couple arcs she takes the romance very casually since she doesn't consider the worlds to be real.


ML is actually not as stereotypical, at least not in the first half. He's pretty much a dumb, frivolous 2nd generation going through late stage middle school syndrome. And no it's not a front while he's secretly a cool collected underground CEO. He was very cute, I enjoyed it.


It's the same ML throughout.


The villains are as dumb as they get and the plot is nothing new. But because it's a QT and it's short, it still makes for an slightly dumb but entertaining read. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
January 23, 2023
Status: c8
Novel not recommended to read.

MC is a super ultimate actress who crosses into a pitiful woman crushed by evil greedy reborn woman. MC immediately goes OOC and everyone is shocked and amazed by MC. She easily smites dumb fodder idiot reborn woman. There’s a system but it’s useless and has zero presence and basically no lines.

The ML (according to author notes) is the supposed scumbag in the original plot line and a rich playboy character who broke up with the MC. Seeing transmigrated very different MC he notices nothing and... more>> is super in love with MC and just watches her all day. He also talks to her and is trying to get back with her now that she’s changed.

After 8 chapters, there’s no signs of an uptick in quality, just boring fodder bashing and a super easy life where the idiot jealous reborn woman is super jealous and bad etc. Not a pleasant read story wise, and the world itself seems very empty (all that is described is some netizen reacts or fodder). The ML is a little annoying in his constant pursuit and the MC also is unusually harass with the ML. Don’t think there’s any worthwhile romance here.

-300Quintillion/10. <<less
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