Pregnant With the Villain Uncle’s Child


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Tang Xinyu transmigrates to become the worst female cannon fodder in the novel.

Scumbag fiancé derails with the hypocrite friend. The father hides his wild seeds and the only mother who loves the original owner goes crazy, and she goes bankrupt and commits suicide … Fortunately, she came through …

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Pregnant with the Child of the Villain Uncle
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Well its the typical revenge story of a transmigrated person along with a rebirth ml. The chapters are long.

I wanted to rate it 3.8 because some stuff drags too long that it makes me impatient to read without skipping some dialogues. Nevertheless, I really love the extra chapters

It's just the title doesnt suit the story, I was hoping for her to get pregnant in early chapters and I didnt expect for it to happen at the end. It's misleading for readers who also expects it like me.
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whynotsmiletranslations rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: --
The rating is entirely for the translation. This is an unedited MTL which is horrendously unpleasant to read. It's better to directly google translate the original than to read this. At least that way, the original author will get some benefit.
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hybridiris rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This story was very tedious and draggy. Like the other comments, I think the MC is very reckless and does a lot of things that are not in line with the character she is set up to be. Some of the things the MC does really feel like they are lucky to work rather than rational strategies. Also the ML was a much more interesting character. I wasn't a fan of MC's friend either who seemed incredibly childish and ends up with someone who I think must be a masochist... more>> because that relationship was really awkward to read.

Don't read this novel if you are looking for a sensible romance... it's the typical female power fantasy of an enthralled ML for no reason I can discern. The novel seems to be just revenge plot after revenge plot and while I do enjoy some revenge plots here and there, it gets tiring when the whole book is like that. I won't fault it for that though, this genre of novel is typically revenge galore on every page... I just found it tedious probably because I didn't like the MC and I never got to like her even until the end.

If you don't mind a MC who is emotionally numbed, somewhat low EQ, takes unnecessary risks, and has a ML who caters to their every whim and tries like a dog to win their heart throughout the whole novel, feel free to try this. Honestly it's not that the writing was too bad but the characters, the plot just dragged and has several holes and moments that just felt illogical from a strategy point of view. I kept hoping it would get better and it didn't for me. That's not to say some people won't like this kind of story. It's just not my preference. Give it a chance but if you find it's not your cup of tea by chapter 40, I guarantee it won't change by the end of it. <<less
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Laviie rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Pros: Short and not dragging. I gotta say, the ML is very cunning and his moves are very satisfying. The author wrote his side of the story very well. The face slapping on his side and the clean up of his family was very nice to read.

Cons: The FL is smart but very impulsive. Unlike the ML’s side, the FL’s side of the story was meh. There’s face slapping too but not as good. Also, if you’re in it for the baby, the baby only appears at the end and... more>> extras.

Bonus: The FL’s best friend is ADORABLE.

MTL is easy to understand. <<less
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199sweetheart rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is full of scheming and plotting. The MC is awesome!! She is too powerful, I love it!

Other than the MC there is a lot of supporting characters that I love. Her best friends (love her so much), her mother, her maternal family, the Ml's secretary (leader of the MC and ML CP, LOL) to name a few. The relationship between MC and ML is good, no unnecessary drama and they make an awesome power couple.

The antagonist is not two dimensional and provides a good opponent against the MC... more>> without being annoying like a c*ckroach unlike villain in some other stories that don't have any brain cell and just find trouble for others.

Reading this is a bit tiring because I don't understand all the manoeuvre and the scheming in business (- 0.5 star) but it stills awesome to see the MC as an iron business lady. Too awesome! If this is turning into a kdrama I will definitely watch it. <<less
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August 9, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is general

The face-slapping is general.

The story is very sad. Cheating cheating cheating. Hurting one heart.
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Kaylee rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: Completed
This MC personality is so traushy. Why? She and ML make agreement to help each other with marriage, while ML is in fact said to her he wants to marry her, period. She's also the one who counts the pro and cons and even drafting agreement for him to sign. Now if she really doesnt want to marry, she could refuse him, but because her situation that needs strong powerful support, she agrees to marry him.

The problem is she never helps him willingly, and even thinks after her problem is... more>> solved, she'll get divorce without lifting a hand to help and understand ML. I understand if you want benefit and not willing to suffer, but when you have mutual agreement you need to abide it, and not only taking what's good for you and abandon the ship after you're done. What a traush.

Another thign is the MC is over estimating her own brain for scheming and plotting revenge. She's underestimating her enemies. For example, after she dealt a blow to one, she'll forget them, and then will surprise if they retaliate to her with new enemy.

If ML is not there to help her pick up the pieces and support her, she alr dies several times. Half the times, she is helped with ML's support, his people, and even his enemy (and the enemy wont even notice her if she's not ML's wife).

In one scene, she kissed a supposed passerby coz reason, but she never feels guilty, or mind abt what ML might think. The problem is she's alr married and a wife. That's why I said she's also scvum of her own. However, they're together in a sweet and slow way.

I dont even understand the title for this novel. No child care or child birth happens here, the title there is just a decoration for the ending. But yes, she did give birth by the end of it, but it didnot go along with the plot and title at all. Big laugh. <<less
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gzd132 rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Sweet romance and a cute couple. They work hard to overcome all obstacles in order to finally be together.

... more>>

The divorce of Lintong and the coming of her second spring was a nice touch.
Also the Mo family clean-up arc was good and I’m happy the company fell into Mo Yifan’s capable hands. He deserved those shares after the pain of losing his mother.

Dong Wang’s arc was kinda annoying and felt half-baked. The resolution was kinda wish-washy, but I guess it’s fine. That’s the only reason I lowered this book to 4 stars.


Ultimately it was a nice and fluffy read to pass the time. It definitely is one of the better “transmigration-into-a-book” novels. <<less
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BobChan rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c4 part1
So far in the story, nothing out of the ordinary happened. It runs with the typical setting of 'waking up in the body of another' and the tragic story backstory/future. I don't have anything against that, it's just the way it is written, it's a little bland.

The MC's ability to adapt to the situation of transmigrating is rushed and just doesn't feel like it could happen. She transmigrated, comes to the assumption that she transmigrated into the novel she read, is faced with a pretty big ordeal, and then she... more>> started to scheme against those that are going to harm her. I understand that it may be boring to write the little itty bitty things but currently, everything just seemed to be too fast-paced and would benefit if there were more time inserted in.

Overall, it's the typical trope of novel transmigration and the translation is only in the beginning, so there's not much to see. Will edit later, but so far, if the synopsis interests you, I would say wait for the translation to either be complete or reach halfway as there are lots of cliffhangers. However, seeing that the beginning already gave me an iffy feeling, I wouldn't recommend the novel unless you have time to spare and have no other novels to read. There are other stories that are strikingly similar that are much further in translation that have more intriguing factors in them.

Also, I'm thankful for the translator's effort and willingness to translate and share this novel with us, but the translation is rather hard to follow and I would suggest if you can find an editor, to help make the sentences flow better, it would be great. I sometimes found myself unable to understand who was speaking and many of the sentences were choppy/ sounded not quite right. <<less
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Gushishi rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall generic story but this one is annoying. The fiancee. The father. The misttess. All of them are scum.

So, for reading scums story is not worth reading!!!!! Angst!
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