Powerful Skull in The Last Days


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A small skeleton in the undead world inadvertently passed through to the end of the world. His limited IQ found that his boss seemed to be weak. As a good value, he decided to protect the boss first. When he was annoyed, he would do it directly. Turn the boss to his own position. Gao Shuo inadvertently encountered a strange encounter. At first, he used this skeleton as a combat partner to raise it. Until one day, this skeleton became a man, and Gao Shuo made a new decision. Don’t hesitate to rush to eat. Meng pet sweet text! ! ! (Little Skeleton) The Lord is accepted by the Lord! ! ! The important thing is that the protagonist can be transformed between the monks and the people three times.

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05/21/19 Higanloveschrysanthemum c8
05/20/19 Higanloveschrysanthemum c7
05/19/19 Higanloveschrysanthemum c6
05/18/19 Higanloveschrysanthemum c5
05/17/19 Higanloveschrysanthemum c4
05/16/19 Higanloveschrysanthemum c3
05/14/19 Higanloveschrysanthemum c2
05/14/19 Higanloveschrysanthemum c1
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Just Another Spring
New Just Another Spring rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c7
The story is really cute so far. Will definitely keep this on my reading list. I'm a sucker for these kinda transmigration.
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