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Chi Xiaoduo is a single man who seeks after a high intrinsic quality of a person in love. At the age of twenty-six, his love history was still blank. In his endeavor to increase his experience, he met Xiang Cheng, who had come from the countryside and entered the big city in an awkward situation.

Chi Xiaoduo, a mola fish, was instantly subjugated by his lofty and handsome image and worshiped this man as a male god. After several encounters, he surprisingly discovered that this male god was not only extremely handsome but also had an unknown profession – an exorcist.

Right now, Chi Xiaoduo felt somewhat ruffled by the spring breeze of love.

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Ming Wang Huan Shi Lu
Thầy Trừ Tà Số Một Cấp Quốc Gia Đi Theo Thông Cáo Huấn Luyện
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Likalily rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Very nice! Hidden treasure! It's amazing that this novel was written in 2014. At first I didn't want to read it because I didn't really like the nature of MC and ML. But the more I read it the more amazing it became! MC (Chi Xiaoduo) and ML (Xiang Cheng) are really good! They don't become lovers too fast and it all flows slowly, and what I like here is that they can go through the flow of such distrust, the main anxiety has to do with their relationship and... more>> they learn from it to make their relationship stronger. Both MC and ML have never been in a relationship so they are still shy a few times, which is great because usually in most ML novels they are not shy.

ML was very shy and nervous when he sent a chat to the MC on their first day of dating. ML was also very nervous when the MC kissed him, he was also very embarrassed when he said love to the MC. MC is also aggressive, he is not ashamed to seduce or kiss ML first.

Vol. 1 1-23 Longtong (Yan Kiss)
Vol. 2 24-57 die Xian / Yan Feng
Vol. 3 58-86 nine-tailed fox
Vol. 4 87-113 Zheng Qu (end of main story)

Qi Wei & Jiao Xian: 114-121
Chen Zhen & Chen Lang: 122-126
Da Da & Feng Li: 127-130
Xuan Henzhi: 131-134
Chi Xiaoduo & Xiang Cheng: 135-138
Monster Mobilization: 139-141

142: Cao Bin
143: Zhou Wanyuan
144: Lang Dog <<less
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sfarraday rated it
October 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a wonderful novel with the right amount of mystery, adventure, comedy but also hear-felt and emotional moments intertwined in a wonderful plot. It is about overcoming ones shortcomings and growing beyond the expectations of others with the help of love and friendship.

Fist, I need to make one thing clear - The MC (Chi Xiaoduo) is not a mola fish. He is a human - the description confused the f out of me in the first chapters of the story. I expected something and could not grasp why and... more>> how. And to add to the confusion, his friends and even himself refer to Chi Xiaoduo as a mola fish. But this is just a lovingly/comedic way to address him/himself.

OK, back to the novel. I did not expect it to be that good. I clearly do not understand the review system of some readers.

But have to admit that the first chapters are a bit disjointed and maybe frustrating due to some misunderstandings and some forgetting. But it is still not bad, just a bit confusing. After the first few chapters the author gets a hold of the story and it gets so much better. Also I get why the author used the voice of others to test the MC's determination. To some, this might also touch a soft spot as we sometimes wish to have trusted our instinct instead of listening to the others' "good advice". It doesn't last long, take it as a joke and move on.

The style of the author is as such that they give very few details, letting the reader unveil the curtain bit by bit, then changing the setting and reviling the curtain again until it all makes perfect sense.

This will not be a novel to spoon feed you all the details and thoughts of the characters. It is not about cute stuff and pink bubbles without any substance. The main mystery revolves around appearances and trust. And at the end, in the extras there will be a lot of cuties and fluffy stuff. I marvel at how the author still found meaningful and super funny plots for the extras.

You will get to know the world of exorcists together with the MC (maybe this is why it might seem confusing at first, because the MC is also confused :))))) From the mundane world that was the only thing the MC knew, to the fantastical world he steps into. The settings are wonderfully created and very imaginative making the reader become a part of the novel as it unfolds.

As for the characters, they are wonderful, I love them all! OMG their quirks and personalities are gold!

The MC is smart, open-minded, cheerful, the back-bone and the beacon of hope for the ML. He is also the core of the team and when he knows what he wants no one will make him step away (I wish I were like that).

The ML is strong, decisive, very intelligent and a lot head-strong. May appear pitiful and unfortunate at the beginning, but he does a lot o growing both emotionally and psychologically. Learning to become the best he can be. This attracted me quite a lot in this story, an ML who is flawed, emotional, cute and strong at the same time. Do not trust what he appears to be in the beginning (did I mention about deceitful appearances yet?)

Both will learn what it means to rely on each other unconditionally but also to trust others when the situation gets serious.

I also like that there are no unhealthy behaviors (controlling, overbearing, one of the partners trying to distance the other from society and friends, emotional blackmail or manipulation). The MC is more emotionally mature than the ML and the ML will never try to control or abuse the MC.

As for the side characters, this team of misfits, they are wonderfully created, each different from the other, with background and growth. I have my favorites, but still like them all. Will not go into much details since I do not want to give away much of the mystery. As I said, not all that appears at first glance is true. But as a hint, you will know relatively early on, maybe, who they are.

On a closing note, since the novel is not fully translated, I will caution against MLT if you are not experienced in this ordeal. The translation will change the names of the characters into incomprehensible gibberish. Some funny jokes and meaningful reference will not come though and some important details will be lost if you do not pay attention. So do not say that you were not warned :) <<less
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kai0.1 rated it
July 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I came across this novel as a recommendation from a friend.

I started reading the exorcism saga starting 2021. I met this girl, we had the same tastes. One day she wrote me a message telling me to read MingWang.

I always avoided talking about MingWang because I had never read a modern novel plus the exorcist saga is kind of popular and it seemed strange that people didn't talk about MingWang, I seriously thought it was bad.

... more>> One day I got bored and decided to read it.

This novel is about Chi Xiaoduo, after meeting Xiang Cheng he finds out that he is an exorcist. After a while he is involved.

Xiang Cheng at the beginning of the novel can be described as a miserable character, he has been through a lot and the other characters don't find him trustworthy.

At the end of the novel we can see that many of the characters have grown and matured.

The reading experience of this novel was excellent, every one of the characters are well and realistically written.

I definitely recommend this novel! <<less
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August 29, 2022
Status: c1
MTL up to chapter 75, readability 90%.

It had a nice rhythm, the character and plot development was introduced in a way that easy to digest and not overcrowded.

Background of the story was a mystery of previous generation vengeance. Up till my current chapter (75) it was still unclear whether ML would turn to the dark side (?) or stay with the mankind. Even tho the human side was kinda shady too 🤭 (the leaders reluctance to explain the past deeds to ML and most of the people (?) at the... more>> exorcist department ostracize ML but still let him do the heavyweight tasks.

Moreover, MC was repeatedly got flashed with amnesiac powder thus forgot everything time after time was so pitiful 😔. <<less
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