Possessed 10 Million Actors


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One day, a ghost possessed me.

The younger brother donated his kidney to his older brother and chose death over living with only one kidney.

A high school girl tried acting in front of her father.

A Korean military police officer from the Japanese colonial period belatedly tried to protect his country.

A con artist attempted to steal his partner’s heart but ended up losing his own.

I could vividly portray their lives.

Their experiences were akin to a theatrical performance, almost theatrical.

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빙의로 천만 배우
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AwwGasm rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: c30
MCs acting power is literally 0 to 100. He goes from nobody who has a hundred failed auditions to acting god in literally a day.

He forms connections with powerful people who then help him out at no cost entirely by coincidence.

The translation is also not great, likely AI edited MTL. Expect to see genders being swapped, 1st and 3rd pronouns to be swapped, onomatopoeia like hahaha being translated literally into laughing, Korean typos from the original might be left in romaji, words being left out and changing context, affectionate titles... more>> like hyung or oppa to be translated literally to brother which is weird in English.

You will need good critical thinking skills to read and not get confused, basically you will have to realise something is wrong in the translation on your own and fill in the blanks. <<less
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cookiesArDaBest rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: c71
It's a decent novel, but there's a lot of filler. It makes reading some bits feel like a drag. The author spends more time talking about the MC's acting than him acting. Also, his acting doesn't feel earned, which is unsatisfying. He was unable to land acting jobs before, but now, all of a sudden, after being possessed by ghosts, he's become this awesome actor that everyone wants. There's no comprehension or real analysis of his roles. It's like he's borrowing the emotions of the ghosts as he acts. The... more>> ghosts' stories can be heartwarming, and this is a good slice of life novel. Unfortunately, it falls short of an acting novel for me. The translation could be affecting my reading experience, but that's what I think. The wording is a bit awkward, and it almost reads like MTL. Not that this isn’t good, but there’s room for improvement. <<less
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