Population Control


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The simulation theory―― a theory that claims the world is a simulation program running on a computer.

When Kageyama, an engineer, was called by the owner of the computer running the simulation that is our world, and asked if he was willing to reduce the human population by more than half, the choice seemed obvious.

But that was before he realized a much harsher fate would be waiting for mankind if he refused.

Associated Names
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I was asked to reduce the number of humans since there are too many of them
Jinrui ga Fue Sugitanode Herashite Hoshii to Tanomaremashita
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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: c14 part2
This is the best Japanese webnovel I've read in months. The premise is pretty much what the title says - a man is given a mission to "control the population" of humanity on Earth and if he refuses to comply then the "god" handing down the power will just throw random catastrophes at the planet until he gets the numbers he wants.

It's a bit debatable if it's morally superior to directly kill a bunch of people yourself versus not doing anything and letting an even greater number of people die...... more>> but since there would be no story if the MC refused he, of course, agrees to give it a try.

The story that follows is, I think, really good. It's clear that the author (and the translator) did a fair amount of research in an effort to make the world feel more "real" and often references various scientific principles... and goes into more detail than is probably necessary about living conditions in Nigeria. Point is that it reads like something that has been well researched, which is cool. Another cool thing is that the MC is a working adult - so even though he gets imbued with godlike power the story manages to sidestep a lot of the nasty pitfalls common to various isekai stories that stem from the protagonists often being, like, 10 years old lol

It's also clear that the author put a lot of thought into what would happen if a random guy got magical superpowers one day - like what kind of realistic consequences that person would face from society at large if he was ever noticed using his powers. Strangely for a JP webnovel, those consequences don't involve a bunch of random busty girls falling into his lap left, right, and center - which I really appreciate.

All in all, if you aren't immediately turned off by reading the title/synopsis here on NU I would wholeheartedly recommend checking this one out. <<less
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Gin_Hindew rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: c14 part2
Strange and promising

The MC is given the task of killing half of humanity to save the other half, and he is given powers based on altering reality to a very small and specific degree, so far he is doing small experimentation while looking to refine a method to work with

While he has technical knowledge of engineering and computers his social knowledge and cunning are average, this makes him relatable in an unusual angle as he and the readers both wish he had cooler powers but we both know the key... more>> to his mission lies on finding how to make the most out of those powers and he has to make connections with other people if he hopes to make any grand plan

The writing wastes no time and the pacing is good, so far no extra fat while we wait for the story to catch steam but it seems to be full of potential <<less
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