Poor Lady


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Before she was reborn, she regarded herself as noble and hated ghosts.
After being reborn, she changed her bitter past and was happy.

Fight with heaven, fight with earth, fight with fate, fight with talent, and fight with opportunity.

Change your destiny and create a new life.

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April 26, 2022
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Please please don't ever read this novel if you want something new, its same so called Maru sue novel, Where FL is typical FL, all men love her and females hate her
Tbh, it was good novel at start and its has good potential but author made this love triangle and then abusive one with Mary Sue charcter of FL. but the worst was FM sympathy and continue to be friends with ML2 who tried to r*pe her, not just but twice. when he tried to r*pe she had harmed... more>> later when she saw him, she was caring about injury. Can you imagine how disgusting it was? In last life She was arrogant she didn't even put her husband in her eye but in this life she was so kind, humble that her rapist was forgiven.. just Wow! To author to write this dog blooded drama and same way her parents were disgusting many times specially towards ML and but was normal with 2ML, woh humiliated thier daughter because 2ML has higher status

Only character I was fond of was ML, my baby ML was such a good boy, who got entangled with business problems, drug, memory loss, abuse and what not only because he fall in love with wrong women and that women was so "kind" that she wanted to help the man who poison her husband and tried to r*pe her... it was so disgusting to see FL and abuse of my ML...i dropped this novel after 80 chapter because I couldn't read anymore even though trying hard, I was feel so angry I can't describe <<less
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