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“ Your curse, I’ll solve it. In exchange, please accept me as a bloody traction.”

From the information of the original story she learns the reason of her mother’s death. Lobelia realizes her own situation, deprived from her everything and driven her into becoming a villain, decides to take revenge.

She escapes out of the hands of an uncle who wants to control and tries to get back her share.

She went to Duke Ferrado, who is known to be dangerous, and made her suggestion

“I know a better way. I’ve been thinking about a contract relationship. How’s it?”

The man comes up with an unexpected reverse proposal. Lobelia shakes off the money line of her uncle with his support.

In front of her, the heroine of the original story and the daughter of the enemy appears as her rival.

“Sister, why in the world did you change like this?”

Will Lobelia be able to complete her revenge?

She said, “When it’s all over, I still want to be with you.”

And can she have a happy ending with the man she woos?

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Please Sponsor My Revenge (Official Manhwa)
Please Support My Revenge
복수를 후원해 주세요
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1 Review

Feb 06, 2024
Status: c119
This was a decent enough revenge story.

FL has had a rough time in her life, and it shows. She has a hard time accepting favors or kindness and doesn't believe in things life faith and trust. The story follows her journey to revenge, and how the people she meets along the way help to thaw her frozen heart.

ML started out as a good counter to the FL, he's sly and sarcastic while she's cold and cunning. It was great until he realized his feelings for her, but then idk what... more>> happened, he just started appearing less and less as time goes on. The ML ends up practically being a side character, while the FL romances her revenge instead.

The story overall started out intriguing enough to catch my attention, and the middle was good enough, but wow everything feels repetitive and meandering towards the end. I tried my best to make it to the end, and I did. But I couldn't push myself to read all the side stories, the characters somehow ended up feeling really flat. I think it's because 98% of the story is about FL's revenge, and once that disappeared, there's nothing really holding the story together. Still an okay way to pass the time. I'm giving 4 stars because I did enjoy it up until the 2/3 point, I'd give it a 3.5 if I could do half points though. <<less
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