Please Marry Me Again, Husband!


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Being born as an illegitimate daughter of the Duke, Seria was never loved by anyone. Afraid of being abandoned by her own family, she finally finds a way she could be useful.

It is to seek the interests of the family through a political marriage to the monster prince, Kardi, who is known as the ‘Nightmare of the Battlefield’. However, to Seria, Kardi seemed a little bit different when she met him…

“Do you really need to be a monster’s wife?”

It was the first time someone cared about her opinion. Perhaps that’s why. That’s why she was happy even when she died for Kardi.

When she opened her eyes again and realized that their happy memories disappeared like a dream, she decided.

“May I ask the Grand Duke for a dance?”

To be unashamed of herself as a person, and to be Kardi’s wife once again.

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Please Marry Me Again!
남편님, 다시 결혼해 주세요!
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January 3, 2022
Status: c10
Okay, so I've only read the beginning, but this novel is so lovely and heartwarming. The first few chapters show how the FL and ML first met and how they got married, and it's so wonderful.

Their married life was a quiet one, but they enjoyed it and felt comforted in each other's presence. You can't really use the word 'love' to describe it since they were not super affectionate in that way, but they shared a bed every now and again, spoke kindly to one another, and clearly felt some... more>> level of fondness for each other. It was probably closer to companionship.


However as time went on, their feelings grew. The FL discovered her love for the ML a year after they were married when he gifted her a flower field for their anniversary and blushingly asked if it would be alright for him to hold her hand. It was then that she thought she loved him dearly. However, things are a bit more complex for the ML from what I've read. Everyone he's ever cared for has died, so using the specific words of 'like' and 'love' is hard for him. However, it's obvious he loves her. When the Emperor made threats to dissolve their marriage and potentially hurt the FL, the ML obeyed the Emperor's every word to prevent that, including winning multiple wars.



It was ten years into their marriage that he found out the FL was dying, and he never once left her side, unwaveringly caring for her and supporting her. It really hurt him to hear that she loved him, especially since she was saying that right when he found out that she was going to die. It's so sad that he had to just watch her waste away while completely powerless to stop it from happening.



The way she died was also so sad. She was so weak towards the end, and couldn't even get out of bed, so she asked him to lay down with her and hold her while she slept. He obliged and she fell asleep, whispering to him how much she loved him and how the ten years she spent with him were the happiest she'd ever been. And then he just held her, all through the night as she passed away peacefully in his arms.


I want to give this novel 5 stars based entirely on the chapters I've read, but it was only 10 out of 231 total chapters, so it feels a bit early for that, but honestly, I hope and pray someone picks this up because the opening alone made me want to cry. <<less
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